Dear Master Four

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Dear Master Four,

Four years ago, over four kg’s of you arrived into the world after ten hours of labour. It was one day after your due date. We thought you were going to be right on time, just like your sister was, but we were sent home from hospital on your due date. You just wanted a few more hours on the inside {and a thai curry}. Then at 1:37am it was game on and we were back at the hospital at 6am the following morning. {Mummy thanking God we’d missed peak hour this time!} and you were born at 11:51am.

The first moment I saw you, you were red and puffy and I thought you were the most handsome thing I had ever laid my eyes on! From that moment I was smitten. My friends with boys were right… There’s just something special about a mummy’s boy!

dear master four

As much as I enjoyed our hospital stay, I never caught up on my sleep because you were so hungry… and four years later, I still haven’t. Life has been pretty chaotic since your arrival, in the best kind of way. Which is why you were given the nickname ‘Captain Chaos’.

That name has stuck, and in true Aussie style, we sometimes shorten it to just… Chaos. You also get called Buddy, Buddy boy and occasionally just ‘Boy’ if daddy’s mad at you.


You are the captain of chaos but you’re also such a gentle soul, a sweet as pie little boy who still just mostly wants his Mumma. I’m not sure how much longer you’ll come running to me when you hurt yourself, when the only person who can fix it is me. But I’m taking it all while I can. I know it won’t last forever. But I do hope when you’re a really big boy, that you’ll never be too big to hug your Mumma. That’s the special thing about boys, always Mumma’s boys!

mummas boy

Just after Christmas last year, we took you for a much needed haircut. We walked out of that barbers shop and it seemed that from that very moment, the toddler was left behind and you emerged a big boy, more active, more boisterous and more determined than before. Where did my gentle cuddle bunny go?

Of course he’s still there… you’re just finding your way in the world, learning and growing everyday and showing us who’se boss. And keeping up with your big sister, who you absolutely adore. Seeing you two play together, conspire together to steal the treats out of the pantry and even sit together while you’re watching TV is just so precious. You could sit either end of the couch if you wanted, but you always sit side by side right next to each other. Our peas in a pod.

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You will overtake her in height one of these days. People have thought you are four for about a year now and I often get asked if you and your sister are twins.

You can now swim on your own, you play little kickers and you’ve got your core group of little mates at pre-school, your little crew.

little kicker

You make us laugh Every. Single. Day. I never expected to laugh quite this much at the stuff my kids come out with… but damn you crack us up with gold like:

“Mummy stop kissing me or I will have to kill you”

“Mummy I just saw a spider and it’s got Daddy’s long legs”

“If you touch spiders or snakes they will come and take all your toys away”

“I’m just kitting” (kidding)

“I know dat” and “I already know dat”

“I’m not a Weet-Bix kid, I’m just a kid”

“Thats acause” (because)

When I asked if you missed me while I was away, you said “Yes… I missed your eyes, I missed your ears , I missed your cheeks, I missed your forehead… I just missed everything about you mummy!”

There’s never a dull moment with you around Buddy.

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Every night before I go to bed, I tuck you in and steal a moment to just look at you, so peaceful, so precious. I study the faint freckles on your little face {sorry buddy you got my skin} and those long black eye lashes. And in those moments, the effing-fours and the challenging days disappear and I’m in complete awe at how amazing you are.

So Captain Chaos…  Enjoy your Forth birthday and your Spider-Man super hero party.

Keep being hilarious, gentle, sweet, active and oh so determined.2015-05-15 16.14.43

You are my super hero, my sunshine!

As you say… I love you BIG!

Mumma x






18 thoughts on “Dear Master Four

  1. Aaawww that’s made me all teary Shannon. My small boy is rapidly approaching four too so I can relate. My big boy is almost seven and he’s still a total Mummy’s boy as much as he likes to hang with Daddy. If he needs comfort it’s straight to Mum. You’ve still got a few good years to go. x

  2. What gorgeous little guy!! Happy Birthday!! There’s something very endearing about 4 year old. It must be seeing them grow out of the Threenager and blossom into a chatty and funny mini version of your husband. Haha! Enjoy the celebrations xx

    1. haha Jo! You’re onto something there! He’s a chip off the old block that’s for sure!
      Thanks for your lovely comments xx

    1. Aww thank you sweet girl! So glad you enjoyed it. The stuff they come out with huh… so so funny!

    1. Thanks so much Shari! These posts are the reason I started blogging in the first place, so glad you enjoyed it. Means the world, thank you! xx

  3. So sweet. He is just adorable. My Mr 5 is such a loving cuddle bunny and, like you, I’m trying to soak it up for as long as it lasts. Although I may possibly have made him promise that he will always let me cuddle him.

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