Elf On The Shelf And Other Family Christmas Traditions

family christmas traditions

Last year Jingle the Elf joined our family, for a short time in the lead up to Christmas. He got up to lots of mischief as you can see…

We’re about to welcome him again for the second year of this new family Christmas tradition (If I can find the box I safely hid him in!).

We love Family Christmas traditions in our house and Elf on the shelf is just one of many we’ve created together. Along with these ones…

Putting Up The Tree

We make a big deal about putting the Christmas tree up, it’s a bit of a ceremony of sorts complete with train track underneath. We play the Michael Buble Christmas album, pour a glass of something and decorate the tree together then the kids both get lifted up to put the star on top together.

christmas tree

Santa Photo’s

We do a Santa photo very year at santas magic cave at David jones. We go in November as soon as he’s there to beat the crowds.

Christmas Lights

The huz (aka Clark griswald) takes immense pride in the house lights and the kids get to flick the switch for the first time

Craig Griswold

Christmas Movie Marathon

And during the whole month of December we hold our Christmas movie marathon, something we’ve been doing since before our 2morrows came along.

So as Jingle will be coming back from the North Pole to help me discipline my kids to bring some festivities to our household,  I’m busy putting together a bit of a plan for the month ahead.

Before he makes his return, he will need to visit the Northern Beaches Elf Hospital where they will make a small incision and insert special wire into his arms and legs to make him more flexible and more fun! This will open up a whole new world of Elf fun. No more scratching our heads for new Elf on the shelf ideas.

A local mum makes these adorable elf on the shelf costumes and I couldn’t resist buying a couple, so Jingle is going to be a pirate and Mickey Mouse.

As for the rest of the month, I’ll be hitting up Pinterest for some ideas – an absolute gold mine for all things Elf on the Shelf. I’ll also be borrowing some ideas from Kirsten. I can’t believe how excited I am about an Elf!!

Do you do Elf on the shelf? What’s your Elf’s name? Got any Elf on the shelf ideas for me? What Christmas traditions does your family have?

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31 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf And Other Family Christmas Traditions

    1. Arent they adorable. Some people are so clever! I can’t wait to think up a scenareo for the costumes. Thinking a disney disco party for the Mickey mouse costume! xx

    1. We usually wait too but this year We did out tree on the weekend. House lights this week end… tis the most wonderful time of the year!! xx

  1. Eeeep!!!! I love Christmas although we have a self imposed ban of no decorations put up before December 1…. We haven’t done the whole Elf thing, I don’t think I’m that creative!!! I do make & add to our Christmas playlist each year though that becomes the only soundtrack for the next 4 weeks!!!!! xx

    1. Snap… I’ve been listening to my chrissy playlist on the way to work this week. Love me a chrissy carol. Is your playlist public? If so can you share? Would love a listen xx

  2. Our elf just arrived this week so we will be joining in for the first time this year, the girls are still deciding on a name. Have to wait until 1st Dec to get Christmassy though as we have a birthday party on the weekend for Miss Now 7 before we can switch to Christmas mode! How cute are those elf clothes – I’m off to check out Pinterest for Elf on the Shelf antics too!

  3. We have the same family traditions as you – tree, lights, christmas movie marathon, except Em is a bit too old now to pick up to put the angel on the top of the tree ;) We still even manage to get some Santa photos, but only if the dogs are involved as well. Elf on the Shelf arrived a bit too late on the scene for us……but I love watching all the antics he gets up to. So much fun x

    1. As much as I’d love a photo of our dog with the kids and Santa I think it would be quite the challenge. You’ll have to share yours… I’d love to see that!

    2. As much as I’d love a photo of our dog with the kids and Santa I think it would be quite the challenge. You’ll have to share yours… I’d love to see that!

    1. Santa sends one of his Elves to watch over the kids and report back to the north pole every night while they are sleeping to tell him if they’ve been naughty or nice. So every morning the kids find him in a different scenario as he returns back from the north pole and gets up to mischief around the house before morning time. Its tonnes of fun! Xx

  4. I know I’m 44 on the outside but I’m 5 on the inside. I want an Elf on the Shelf, preferably in a Mickey Mouse outfit. Perhaps I should come for a sleepover at yours just so I can get in on the Elf action! LOL! As for traditions, we always put up the tree with Christmas music and a glass of something too and we have his and hers advent calendars, they’re cloth ones, a reindeer and a snowman and we swap them over each year! This year we have Christmas jumpers too – hubster is less than impressed!

  5. I hope you can find Jingle! Looking forward to seeing what adventures he gets up to in the lead up to Christmas. I love seeing the creative things people do with their Elf – have fun down the Pinterest rabbit hole as there’s so many ideas! Our traditions start this weekend with dinner at my folks house so all 6 grandkids can decorate their tree (a sneaky way for my Dad can get some extra hands from his son-in-laws to help with the outside lights!). On Sunday we are putting up our own tree at home with the tornadoes and then Handy Hubby will be going all Clark Griswold with our outside lights. Only after the lights go up will it really feel like the festive season! Have fun with your preparations xx

  6. Yay for Christmas, I love it too, it’s just so much fun, getting out all the decorations.
    Enjoy the elf, we have one too, it was fun and I think it helped with being good for the month too.
    We are putting up the tree on Tuesday, but getting all the stuff ready this weekend. Happy tree trimming. x

  7. Love Elf on the Shelf! Ours got up to a fair bit of mischief last year :) Our Christmas tradition is to buy a new Christmas tree ornament for the kids each year, representing something they have enjoyed or been interested in and we write the year underneath it. So far we have trucks, planes, zoo animals (as well as the traditional baubles) and this year, I’m pretty sure there will be a Star Wars one!

  8. We do the DJ windows and ride the train, most years head to the Hunter for the Hunter Valley Garden xmas lights spectacular and make a gingerbread house. We decorate the tree and get advent calendars…so it’s all go here!

    1. Oh wow Lydia… sounds busy but oh so fun! I’ve never been to the Hunter Xmas lights but its on the list, looks amazing! Enjoy every second of the silly season! xx

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