I Heart Music: 5 Favourite Christmas Albums & Playlists

i heart music 5 favourite christmas albums & playlists

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Christmas Movies so it probably goes without saying that I also love Christmas music. Even the daggy carols they play in Woolies. I love it all.

So given its the most wonderful time of the year, I thought I’d share 5 favourite Christmas Albums & playlists. Bookmark this post… these are the only Chrissy tunes you’re going to need these holidays!

*To listen you need a Spotify account which is free or you can subscribe to Spotify Premium. Once you  have a Spotify account, just click on any of the songs below, then be sure to follow the playlists/album so you can listen at any time.

I Heart Music: 5 Favourite Christmas Albums & Playlists

1. Michael Buble – Christmas

Hands down, my favourite of them all! This album kicks off Christmas for us. We pop this on, pour a glass of something and up goes our tree. And it then gets a thrashing for the whole month of December and I never ever get sick of it.

2. Bony M – The Christmas Mix

It’s Christmas, Bony M style. Love this so much!

3. Weezer – Christmas with Weezer

One of my fave 90’s bands doing Christmas. Guitars and all! Needless to say I was pretty happy to stumble across this one!

4. Christmas song list by Astrid from Adore Re Mi

My blogging friend Astrid put together this playlist last year and I love it. It includes some of the classics mixed in with some Kylie Minogue, Katie Noonan & Jessica Mauboy.

5. Michael Buble’s Holiday Favourites

And if you just can’t get enough of Buble, here’s his Holiday favourites in a playlist. This is the one to put on repeat during Christmas Lunch. Featuring Elvis, Frank, Nat king Cole, Otis, Bing,  Ella, Stevie AND… Wham.

What’s your favourite Christmas Carol? And what’s your favourite Christmas Album or playlist?





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11 thoughts on “I Heart Music: 5 Favourite Christmas Albums & Playlists

  1. It’s Buble all the way every Christmas but I am so excited to see Weezer have a Christmas album! I’m such a fan, have 4 of their albums and seen them live twice. I’ll have to hunt that one down – thanks Shannon!

    1. Oh yay, a fellow Weezer fan! They are one of my all time faves. We saw them last time they toured… such an awesome show! I can’t tell you how excited I was to stumble upon their christmas album. They have such a familiar sound, even when playing christmas carols! Enjoy lovely xx

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