Mindful in May and beyond

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So…  I’ve been taking part in Mindful in May!

Mindful in May is a global initiative. It’s about creating a habit of mindfulness… 10 minutes of meditation a day for 31 days. You learn to meditate with guidance from experts in the field while raising funds for clean water projects and this year’s MIM raised over $275,000. How awesome is that!

I so needed this! I had dabbled in meditation here and there, mostly via yoga, but had been wanting it to become part of my every day for such a long time and this was just the kick start I needed. I signed up in a heart beat.

I started out keeping a bit of a diary of my progress, but after about day 5 or 6 just kinda forgot. Truth be known, I was a bit sporadic with my mindfulness. My2morrows both got sick, then I got sick and some days I just struggled to get ten minutes to myself without the kids or dog jumping all over me.

But one thing I learnt is to just be kind to yourself, pick it back up and keep on keeping on. So, I redeemed myself towards the end of the month and can honestly say that I plan to continue Mindful in May into June, July, August and beyond. Ok, so not every day, but I’m completely hooked. Here’s why and some of my learnings;

  • I loved the idea of using technology to bring about positive change – both in myself and also making a difference in the lives of those without water, something we take for granted everyday.
  • The daily emails were something I looked forward to every morning, especially the interviews MIM founder Dr Elise Bialylew conducted with various experts. I’d listen on the bus on the way to work which made for a positive start to my day.
  • This quote from Dr Barbara Fredrickson’s interview is one that really struck me, “Its not just about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet but also about the importance of having a daily diet of positive emotions.”
  • The clarity of mind, particularly straight after meditating as you go about your day-to-day tasks is quite amazing. I was able to better focus and not be such a scatter-brain.
  • MIM expanded my awareness of what mindfulness really is and how there are so many different ways to be mindful, even in the simple things like brushing your teeth.
  • I noticed my sleep improve over the month, both falling to sleep and staying asleep. Huge for an insomniac like me!
  • I  was much calmer when my2morrows pushed my buttons!
  • I loved connecting with my team, sharing photos on Instagram and keeping each other motivated.
  • 10 minutes is so do-able. I struggle with 20, but 10 is perfect for me. And on the days where it was tricky to find 10 minutes to myself, I’d do the quick 2 minute meditation, perfect for the bus ride to work.

I’m so grateful to have taken part. I look forward to keeping it up and I can’t wait until MIM next year. If you are interested in joining, let me know in the comments below and I will touch base next year to invite you to join the team.

And if you can’t wait until then, here’s some great resources to get you started:

Do you meditate? What benefits do you experience? Know any great resources or apps?








24 thoughts on “Mindful in May and beyond

    1. It is tricky to find the time Nicole but gosh I’m glad I did! It really got me started. Give it a shot, I’m sure you’ll fall back into a rhythm and start to see the benefits really quickly! Xx

    1. Thanks Nicole! I struggled here and there to find the time but so glad I did it. Was the kick start I really needed. Now to keep it up! Xx

  1. Hey Shannon! I’m so pleased that you’ve enjoyed Mindful in May too and that you played along as part of the team. I’ve learnt a whole lot about meditation too (didn’t realise there were so many kinds) as well as benefitting from the actual experience. I’m publishing my take on it tomorrow (2 June) and linking to this article as well. Thanks for including my link. Looking forward to MiM 2016! xx

    1. Thanks again team captain! And for linking to this post too. I cant wait to read your MIM wrap tomorrow. So glad you got so much out of it too! Bring on MIM 2016! xx

  2. What a lovely initiative and it sounds like you really enjoyed it. I am currently learning to meditate as well. I use the Headspace app on my phone and it’s the best thing I’ve ever tried. I’m can be an outwardly calm, inwardly anxious person and am finding meditation very helpful to calm my head a bit. I am hoping it will become a life habit.

    1. Oh good stuff Radhika! So glad to hear its helping you. Headspace is a great app. I tend to move between that one and simply being.
      Thanks so much for popping by! xx

    1. I was no good at it either Lucy. It really took practice and dedication which is why I signed up to Mindful in May in a heart beat. I would love to study it in more detail. Sounds fab! Did you do teaching then psychology? Interesting combo. xx

  3. Love meditation, it gets me through so much. With the little ones I find it hard to have a mediation routine, but I try and sneak in little pockets of meditation throughout the day. I’m definitely interested in MIM next year. Thank you for the introduction x

    1. I’m the same Bele… little pockets of 10 mins to centre myself.
      I’ll give you a reminder next year, would love to have you join our little team. xx

  4. I saw this pop up in my newsfeeds from a few different people and I was excited for you all. I would love to be able to do something like this but to be honest I know that I wouldn’t be able to do it every day and by the end of the month I’d probably feel pretty bad that I didn’t give it the effort it deserved. So glad it worked for you, that is inspiring. #weekendrewind

    1. Thanks Malinda. I definitely didn’t do it every single day and knew from the get-go that I wouldn’t, but still got so much out of it anyway.
      Thanks for popping in from the wk end rewind! Hope you are having a fab week end. xx

  5. I’m not a good one for flat-out meditation, but many years ago on the advice of a yogi friend, I started practising mindfulness in everyday living. Selecting particular tasks each day that I would do with care and absolute attention, the more mundane the task the better. This works beautifully for me. I hope you keep going. I can’t imagine that you won’t with so many big wins happening. x

    1. Thanks Bron. That’s great you have found a way that mindfulness works for you. And you are so right, theres something to be gained from it even with the simplest of tasks, hanging out the washing, brushing your teeth and sweeping the floor to name a few!

  6. Just catching up on my reading now after my holiday and funnily enough I wrote about the same thing this week (well in a much shorter fashion which much less information – unlike your useful post here!). I’m so glad you enjoyed it – this gives me inspiration to keep trying x

    1. Oh so glad to hear Kristy! I will have to go and have a read of your post. Hope your holiday was fabulous!

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