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For my birthday last year my mum (aka mumbala and known as ‘Shu Shu’ to some of her friends because of her love of shoes), gave me the most perfect pressie… a Shoes Of Prey gift voucher.

Shoes Of Prey are an online business that allows you to design your own shoes. Within 2 weeks your very own custom designed pair of shoes can be delivered to your home. How cool is that! It’s the brain child of Jodie Fox who started the business in her lounge room and it’s now grown it into a global success story.

So I was pretty excited to be able to design my own shoes. It’s not something I’d ever spend my own money on so it made the perfect gift. Mumbala you did good!

So away I went, designing shoe, after shoe, after shoe. The more shoes I designed the more confused I got about what I actually wanted. Heels, sandals, flats??!

It was decision torture for an indecisive Libra like me. But in a good way of course, because… SHOES! There were many nights spent in bed with the ipad… just designing shoes. The huz would ask “what are you doing?” And I’d answer “Oh, I’m designing shoes” and he’d roll his eyes.

I designed twenty-ish different types of shoes, then Christmas and New Years hit, so I took a break from my shoe designing career. I needed to clear my head. A big decision like that could not be rushed!

Then I finally decided on ‘THE shoes’ and placed my order. Here’s just a small selection of some of my designs.

The whole process and the customer service was some of the best I’ve experienced anywhere. Every step of the way I was kept informed with emails of where my shoes were in the production process, cutting, quality control, etc, which only added to the excitement. There was no doubt that a very special delivery of the best quality would be arriving on my door step.

And then, they arrived…

And I unwrapped them…

Shoes of Prey bow

Shoes of Prey seal
Oh the small details. Look at that wax seal!

shoes of prey packaging

And I fell in love!

The shoes of prey
THE Shoes Of Prey!

Shoes of Prey shoes

And I’m now totally a shoe designer!

I just need the perfect occasion to wear them!

Have you ever designed your own shoes? What sort of shoes would you design?

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43 thoughts on “Shoes of Prey

  1. I think you should totally give up your day job and become a shoe designer, clearly it’s your vocation in life! Those shoes are the business! I had to scroll through the last few pics super quick because I couldn’t wait to see what was in the box – how exciting!

    1. Oh I wish I could become a shoe designer… I’m not logging back into the SOP site, it could be very dangerous for the credit card! xx

  2. I love Shoes of Prey and have designed/bought at least 5 pairs from them – including one pair that was identical to a pair I’d already had – I loved them so much that I completely wore them out. Such a great business and I have a few pairs sitting there waiting for a cash injection. Such fun!

    1. Thanks lovely. It’s such a unique business idea isn’t it! Great to see an Aussie business doing well globally too! xx

  3. These are just divine and the creative Art teacher in me loves the ability to have creative control. However I would need to design flats because there is no way I could walk in those super high heels.

    How does returns work if your designed shoe doesn’t fit?

    1. They accept returns if you are not 100% happy Michelle. Incredible customer service. I could not fault them. I’m tempted to design some flats next time too! Just need to save some $$ first ;)

  4. Wow they are pretty special! I love this concept, I might have to investigate! I’m unable to wear heels due to an old ankle injury, but I’d love to have some custom flats designed to my own specs. Very cool!

  5. Amazing Shannon! I did this last year for my 40th and absolutely loved it! How good are Shoes of Prey, such a great concept! Amazing design too lady xxx

    1. That’s a perfect occassion to splurge Jesse! I may have to do the same in a couple of years for my 40th. I’m hooked now and so wanna do another pair! xx

    1. I absolutely promise ;) And I hadn’t even thought about what outfit I might wear them with! Oh my, better get onto that! xx

  6. How fabulous! I’ve played around on their website many a time. My problem is that if I was going to drop big money on custom shoes, I’d feel like they had to be really serviceable and boring to get the best value which is just so not the point! Love that you designed something fierce – look forward to seeing where you take them on debut!

    1. Thanks lovely. Yes, I totally agree… and I think that’s part of the reason why it took me so long to decide. I kept going back to the practical designs thinking I should go with something plain that I’m going to wear with everything. But somewhere along the way just went “bugger it”… let’s do something a bit more special! xx

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