Show & Tell #2: Karin O’Grady

Show & Tell

It’s no secret that I love beautiful ‘things’, I mean who doesn’t right!

But something I love more than just things… are when these ‘things’ have a story behind them. A personal story, an historic story, a happy story. I just love a damn good story!

Miss 6 has show and tell once a week at school and it’s taken me right back to my school days and it’s got me thinking… Why don’t grown ups do show and tell? I’m sure we all have fascinating ‘things’ and stories to share, so why not start a Show and Tell series, for adults, right here on the blog!

So, whether it’s an object, a piece of jewellery, a letter, a song, a book, a tattoo, something hand made, a special gift, a person or even a pet… there are personal stories just waiting to be told and today I’m super excited to introduce you to my gorgeous friend and fellow blogger Karin O’Grady from Calm to Conniption to share her’s.

Show & Tell #2: Karin O’Grady

Karin Calm to ConniptionTell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Karin. I am a Mum to two little ones, FIFO wife to one big kid and a chick simply trying keep a piece of herself in the mix. I have a little blog, Calm to Conniption, where I chat about this thing I call my life through sarcasm and humour in the hope that I can be relatable to others in the trenches and brighten their day.

What’s your Show n Tell item?

My Show n Tell item is super special to me. My fat monk cookie jar was my Nana’s. He is straight out of the 60’s and according to some websites (the quality of these websites may be disputed) a collector’s item. He now lives in my pantry looking down on me with his commandment “Thou shall not get fat”. It is very hard to obey.

Fat Monk

What’s the story?

The fat monk sat in my Nana’s kitchen for as long as I remember. She never actually put anything in it that I can recall. It kind of highlighted her relationship with food but not in the way you might imagine. Nana was a heavy smoker and loved her Kettle chips and Mars bars right up until her final weeks. She was certainly no health nut. Her actual meals were tiny to make up for all her “good” stuff. She would make all her dresses so always kept an eye on her waist measurement. I remember how a lot of her dresses had a matching skinny belt so she knew exactly when the buckle was going in or out. Not that she was a tiny lady or paranoid about her weight. She just kept a firm eye on it.

Karin & Nana

On the day of her funeral I grabbed the fat monk, filled it with Mars Bars and carried it around handing out chocolates to everyone at the wake. Also, while I got quite boozy, she wouldn’t have liked that part though.  Sorry Nana.

Like everything in Nana’s house, the fat monk was covered thick with tobacco gunk. When I was cleaning him up I thought I might get to the point that he would just crumble , that the tar I was scrubbing off was keeping him together. He is now very fragile, hence being far away from little hands on the top shelf.

Fat Monk Cookie Jar

There was an episode of Offspring where someone was all depressed (probably was Billie) and was on ebay buying random naff things from the 60’s. Her current bid was with a fat monk cookie jar. I was so proud.

Where can we find you?

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Thank you Karin for playing Show & Tell and sharing your sweet story!

Want to get involved in Show and tell and share your story? Or do you know someone that may have a great ‘Show and Tell’ story to share? Head over to the ‘contact me’ tab above and send me an email.

I’d love to hear from you!





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43 thoughts on “Show & Tell #2: Karin O’Grady

  1. Snap! Growing up, we had a monk cookie jar too. A nun cookie jar sat beside him on the kitchen counter. They had “thou shalt not steal” on their fronts. We didn’t use them for cookies either – just keys and coins and other bits and bobs.

  2. He’s so lovely, Karin! What a charmer and such a beautiful story to go with him. He deserves his precious top-shelf spot. Is it good luck to rub a monk’s tummy or is that just Buddha? x

    1. I’m not sure Bron, but I’m sure a tummy rub wouldn’t hurt ;)
      Glad you enjoyed Karin’s sweet story. xx

  3. Shannon, this is a brilliant idea for a series. Such a fun way to get a glimpse into someone’s life. Karin, it sounds like your nana had a rich life. As a Kindy teacher, show and tell is always good for a bit of a giggle.

    1. Thanks lovely! I do love a good story and little glimpse into people’s lives. You will have to come and play! I’d love to share a show & tell story of yours. Email me at if you’re interested. xx

    1. My absolute pleasure. So great to get a little glimpse into your life.
      Nanna’s are so special. Wish mine were both still here so I could tell them that! xx

    1. Thanks Lovely. You will have to come and play ‘Show & Tell’ sometime too! I’d love to share a story of yours and take this series overseas!

    1. It was so nice to learn something new about Karin and share such a sweet story. You will have to come play ‘Show & Tell’ sometime V! I’d love to share a story of yours too! xx

    1. Karin is the best… so excited I actually get to physically, in real life meet her next week! And so glad you love the series. Would absolutely love to have you come and play ‘Show & Tell’ sometime! I bet you’ve got some fabulous stories to tell! xx

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