10 Cult Beauty Buys

I love to experiment with beauty products and I could easily get lost in Sephora or any department store for hours trying different products. But I do have my faves that I love and simply can’t live without.

So today, I thought I’d share my 10 cult beauty buys. 10 desert island beauty products that I find myself buying again and again.

1. Garnier BB Cream

I’ve tried them all. CC creams, BB creams and all the rest. But this is the one I always come back to. But recently in my quest to go low tox, I’ve been alternating the Garnier BB Cream with this one. I really love it, it’s just a little more expensive.

2. Palmers Rapid Moisture Body Spray

Palmers has been a fave of mine for years and this spray is so quick and easy.

3. Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Concealer Primer

I’m a huge fan of benefit and use many of their products daily. This one keeps your eyeshadow in place all day and all night!

4. ModelCo Turbo Lash Wand

I just had to buy a new one of these because I dropped and smashed my old one. Devastating! I’ve used this product for years and I simply cannot live without it! Mascara goes on first then curl those lashes.

5. GoTo Properly Clean Cleanser

Big fan of Zoe Foster-Blake’s skincare line Go-to. (Just quietly also a big fan of her huz). This cleanser foams but is gentle and smells divine. Oh and no nasties!

6. Urban Decay Naked Palette’s

I bought mine in the USA but you can now buy Urban Decay here in Australia at Mecca. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I got both, Naked 2 and Naked 3. And I use them both all the time. Best eye shadows ever!

7. Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Another one from the benefit stable that I can’t live without.

8. Mac Face and Body Foundation

The make up artist that did my wedding make up used this and I’ve been using it ever since, when I need something a little heavier than the Garnier BB cream. It’s dewy and if you want more coverage, you simply layer it.

9. Bert’s Bees Lip Balm

I keep one of these in my handbag, one in my bedside table draw, one in my work bag. They have a great range like pomegranate, acai, vanilla and more and no nasties!

10. Body Shop Camomile Gentle Make-Up Remover

My mumbala got me onto this one years ago. It comes in two sizes, a larger one and small one which is perfect for travelling. It’s so gentle and not long ago came down in price! Gotta love when that happens.

What beauty products do you buy over and over, again and again? I’d love to know!

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41 thoughts on “10 Cult Beauty Buys

    1. I’m a lazy moisturiser too but this spray is such a time saver. And in summer I love the Palmers spray moisturizer with a little bit of fake tan in it. Huge fan of benefit too! Xx

  1. I love your favourites! I haven’t yet tried the Go-To skin care range but I’d love to try this cleanser.

    I hope Jess doesn’t mind me saying this here, but if you’re interested, don’t forget about the Monday Makeup Madness link up party which is open on my blog for linking any beauty posts to until Wednesday midnight ;)

    1. Thanks for the reminder Ingrid. I don’t often blog about beauty so I’ll definitely come and link up. I think you’d love the Go-To range. I’ve tried them all and love them. Was hard to pick just 1 for this post! Xx

    1. Haha. Thats why I end up with so many bottles of stuff! I just can’t wait to open the new stuff! Xx

  2. I have a Garnier BB Cream and have never used it. Must actually try it out. I rarely wear makeup, and when I do, it’s a Clinique tinted moisturiser. So I’m imagining it’s the same light feel as the BB cream. Thanks for the suggestions. #teamIBOT

  3. I needed to read this post. I am in need of new foundation and make-up in general. Love the Benefit mascara and definitely need to get more. I’m also wanting to get the Goto skin care range. Thanks for sharing these. I like to know what beauty products others recommend. x

    1. My pleasure Bec. The Go-to range is definitely worth a try. Let me know what you think I’d you do try it! Xx

  4. Hi Shannon – great list hon, love seeing what other gals love! I’m intrigued by that Turbo Lash Wand – didn’t know anything like that existed, I MUST get one lol xxx

    1. Glad you like the list lovely. The turbo wand is something in just can’t live without. Mascara or not it just opens up your eyes and makes you look awake. Thanks for popping by xx

  5. I was using a Loreal BB cream which was the bomb, but Coles stopped stocking it, and you know what Lincoln is like. The Garnier, thankfully is a close second. Tinted BB cream is a daily thing here!

    1. I think it’s part of the mum uniform! I don’t think I ever tried the Loreal one, will look out for it. xx

  6. Ooh I love Palmers’ stuff – it smells so good. I haven’t used a spray moisturiser before so it would be good to check out something new! That Garnier BB cream is the best I’ve used and I simply MUST try that lash curler!

  7. I’d love to try the Palmers spray moisture. I’m a big fan of Palmers and am using their oil on my very pregnant tummy and it’s fantastic. I also have the Benefit I’m Real mascara too and loved the fullness it gave to my almost non existent lashes!

    1. Oh congrats lovely on your pregnancy! How exciting. Oil is a must for a pregnant belly and yes the Benefit mascara is the bomb! xx

    1. Oh so hard to pick one… which is why I had to buy both. But I’d say I probably use Naked 3 more often. I love the pinky hues. xx

  8. Love the sound of the Zoe Foster Cleanser. Might need to try that and I’m dying to get my hands on Urban Decay. We have a Mecca store in Perth now but it is over an hour away. It would be worth the trip though.

    1. It would totally be worth the trip Raych! Have you checked online? You may be able to order online?? The Go-To cleanser is good enough to eat I swear! xx

  9. Oh this list is well timed Shannon, you must have known. I’m just about out of many of these things. I’ve had my eye on Zoe Foster’s range for awhile now. You’ve sold me on that. And my foundation is running low so I might give this brand awhirl. Thanks so much lovely xx

    1. My absolute pleasure Jo! Glad I could be of service ;)
      Let me know what you think when you try them… I’d love to know! xx

  10. Shannon, hello! And thank you very much for the very kind words on Go-To. I’m thrilled you like it, and so lucky you want to share the love. (I had a huge bunch of bribery diamonds to send you before you posted this, but now it looks like I’ll get to keep them. Win-win!) ZFB

    1. Diamonds!! Damn! Oh, it’s ok.. the hubby says I’m not allowed any more anyway ;)
      Thank you so much for popping by Zoe! Totally made my day. Loving your whole range and super excited for the big reveal of your new product. I’m like a kid-waiting-for-their-birthday-excited! xx

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