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10 on 10 July

It’s school holidays and we’ve had a ball being tourists in our own city with my Brother, Sister in law, Niece and Nephew who were visiting from interstate.

We stayed in a hotel in the city and got out and about exploring our beautiful Sydney. We went to the top of Centrepoint tower, hung out at Darling Harbour, went Ice Skating and saw Minions at the movies. And that was just week 1. How I managed to fit in going to work amongst all of that, I have no idea! But it was tonnes of fun.

My nephew is a lego head, so off we went to The Brickman Experience – An Exhibition of Lego works.

Imagine going to work to build lego things all day! It’s actually someone’s job! A very clever guy called Ryan McNaught. We saw 60 of his lego works and it was awesome! The kids were captivated, as were the adults and I’m totally imagining the hot air balloon hanging from my ceiling! And check out the detail in the Titanic model! New York is always a good idea, even in Lego! So hard to pick a favourite!

1. flower 2. Opera House 3. Colesseum 4. Titanic 5. Titanic back 6. NY 7. Toms restaurant 8. plane9. hot air balloon10. Kids & lego

The Brickman Experience closes in Sydney July 12th so book online if you want to go!

Now pop on over and see what the lovely Steph, from Steph’s Joy has been up to!

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30 thoughts on “10 on 10 July

    1. haha! Yes, dads are definitely better at Lego than mum’s, least in our house that’s how it works. I just dont have the patience for following all those instructions! xx

  1. This looks awesome and Ryan, what a guy! It’s amazing the things you can make out of Lego, when we went to Disneyland, there were life sized lego characters, I was totally awestruck! Some peeps are just so clever, aren’t they? And it looks like you and your peeps had so much fun!

    1. lifesized Disney Characters? Wow! I so want to see them! Disney land is on our list, just waiting until the kids are little bit older so they appreciate it a bit more. I went when I was 7 and it was the best thing ever! xx

  2. Ohmigosh! Those are AMAZING! I wasn’t much a Lego kid when I was younger, and I don’t remember my brother being a Lego kid either. However, my husband’s godsons are. They love them some legos. We were going to take them to a traveling Lego play experience last year for Christmas but they didn’t get a chance to get down to see us. I just don’t think I would have the patience necessary to create those things. They are lovely, though!

    1. I’m the same Jen. Whenever the kids ask for my help, I always say go ask Daddy. I just dont have the patience for those pages of instructions. Its pretty cool though and keeps them entertained for a while. How clever is Ryan! Amazing. xx

    1. Thanks Diana! I tried to get more of the kids with the lego models but they’re not real good at staying still and smiling at the camera yet ;)
      Definitely check it out if it goes to Canberra, its super cool! xx

  3. How incredible is that Lego Exhibit – I bet the kids loved it. My son is too little for Lego and my daughter isn’t crazy for it yet. I love the cruise ship creation.

    1. Thanks Michelle. The cruise ship was pretty incredible. We couldn’t believe it when we walked around the other side to see all the detail. Some people are just so clever arent they! And its a good thing your little ones are not crazy for lego yet… no pieces to step on! Ouch! xx

  4. WOW! This exhibition looks AMAZING!!! I love the restaurant and the cruiseship! How awesome. I must show my boys and my brothers this. We were huge lego nuts. I had a lego cafe (naturally)! What fun school holidays for you guys. You’ll need more holidays to recover ;) Great photos Shan xx

    1. I totally need a holiday to recover from the holidays Jo! I’m exhausted and very happy to see the start of another school term today! xx

  5. Oh wow!! I wish I knew about this earlier! My little man is Lego MAD!!! I’ve been kicked out of my office so he and hubby could make a Lego room! Great photos and isn’t Lego amazing! It blows me away!

  6. How amazing is lego! I just don’t have the brain for those bricks. It’s mind boggling to what people can create. Great idea to capture this because your shots are so interesting and bright. I have a soft spot for QANTAS… those shots are my fave followed closely by that hot air balloon. JT x

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