10 on 10 June

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It’s 10 on 10 time again!

If you missed last months 10 on 10 post… I’ve joined a group of my delightful Clever Cookie School of Blog friends in a photography project called 10 on 10, where we take 10 photos and share them on the 10th day of the month with a link to the next person in the circle, who links to the next person and so on.

You then follow the links winding around the whole circle until you get to the end. You’ll be inspired and may even discover some new blogs to add to your regular reading list. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to document family life as my2morrows continue to grow like weeds!

10 on 10 June

Party season is in full swing in our world. My2Morrows birthdays are 3 weeks apart {cue stress} and all their little friends have their birthdays around this time of year too. Our social lives are basically our kids social lives. Which is great because… Fairy bread!!

Our little Mister turned Four and chose a Spiderman theme for his party. My clever friend Tess made his awesome cake because she’s super talented and kids birthday cakes are my biggest source of stress!

Photo 6-06-2015 11 14 08 pm Photo 6-06-2015 11 16 01 pm Photo 6-06-2015 11 16 15 pm

The next day we celebrated a little friend’s fourth birthday where the kids had a ball decorating cookies. I’ll be bookmarking this idea for future parties for sure!

Photo 6-06-2015 11 13 25 pm Photo 6-06-2015 11 13 40 pm Photo 6-06-2015 11 13 52 pm

And finally, the Huz took the kids to see his beloved Manly Sea Eagles play and apparently its a rite of passage to slide down the back of the Oval. They came home with grass stains a plenty, but look at the joy on their little faces!

Photo 6-06-2015 11 15 44 pm Photo 6-06-2015 11 15 27 pm Photo 6-06-2015 11 15 06 pm Photo 6-06-2015 11 14 41 pm

Now pop on over and see what the lovely Lauren from The Thud has been up to. Her pics and words are always fabulous. Then continue to follow the circle leaving some comment love as you go. You’ll know you’re at the end of the circle when you get back to me.









45 thoughts on “10 on 10 June

    1. Oh how funny. Matching names and matching 4 year old boys! Such grown up little things now aren’t they! A bit sad but such a cute age too. xx

  1. That’s a lot of partying! Lucky ducks! I could totally jump into that milk arrowroot decorating pic and make one for myself! It would be covered in bananas and pink musk life savers. Great work on the Spiderman theme too. Jen x

    1. Thanks Jen. Thankfully he chose a pretty easy theme this year! No shortage of Spideman party ‘stuff’ out there. I even found pin the spider on spiderman game! I did sneak a few banana lollies during the cookie decorating… my faves! xx

  2. That picture of the little man blowing out his candles? So great! Decorating cookies is a great idea – we were at a friend’s baby’s birthday party where they set up an ice cream sundae bar. So much fun…if a little overwhelming.

    1. wow, that is huge for a baby’s birthday party but super cool too! Thanks for your lovely comments Jen! xx

  3. Great pictures! My little man is Spiderman obsessed at the moment too and I love the cookie decorating idea too! I’m going to use that one for a party one day for sure!

    1. Its a good one isnt it! The kids absolutely went nuts over it and tried to cram on as many lollies as possible! Lots of fun.
      Spider man is certainly flavour of the month in our household! Luckily it was an easy party to hold, lots of spiderman things out there for parties! xx

  4. Oh my god I love a good hill slide! They need to take a cardboard box next time so they can go even faster!

    How funny there were so many birthdays this month. I think half the posts are about birthdays! That spiderman cake is amazing and I love the biscuit decorating idea. I’ll be stealing that one too. Great pics Shannon! xxxx

    1. Ahh yes, cardboard box would mean less grass stains too! Great idea!
      So many birthdays, I love it! They make for the best photos don’t they! xx

  5. Oh my, four year old boys and superheroes! My eldest did the same. My little guy turns four later in the year and I don’t think he’s going down the superhero path. He’s a bit different that way.

    I love the shot with Spiderman in the background and making birthday cookies looks like great fun. Very cute little Sea Eagles you’ve got there too. xx

    1. Thanks Ellen! C is quite proud of his little sea Eagles haha! He’s brainwashed them well :)
      I think its great your little guy isnt so much into superhero’s! Such a cute age 3-4 isnt it! xx

  6. How cute are your cherubs!! What a lovely birthday party! And birthday season by the looks of it. I can totes empathise with you- my ladies’ birthdays are 10 days apart and my biggest lady is born on the same day as one of her close friends- alongside with other family birthdays on either side of their birthdays. It’s nuts! Good to knock them out of the way though! Great pics x

    1. Thanks lovely. 10 Days! OMG! That would stress me big time! But you are right… good to get them out of the way, but gosh they come around too quickly year after year! xx

  7. Oooooo! What a cool party! My boys were ogling over the cool birthday cake! Love the biscuit decorating idea. You’ve inspired me to go all out for my upcoming 5 year old’s birthday in a few months. 5!?!? That sounds so old. Love the hill slide tradition, the smiles on their faces – so infectious x

    1. 5 is a big milestone isn’t it! Cant wait to see what you do for your little Mr.
      I wasn’t at all happy with the grass stains from the hill slides, but the smiles on their little faces made that not matter so much ;)

    1. Thanks Fleur. The kids went completely nuts over the cookie decorating, cramming on as many lollies as they could. So fun. Xx

    1. Oh Lauren, you’d be awesome doing the party cookie decorating idea! I want an invite to that party! haha!

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