10 on 10 Photography Circle: The Quirky Nursery

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The school holidays can be crazy chaotic when you’re a working parent. I’m lucky I work 3 days per week, as I get to spend 2 days per week with my little Miss while she’s off school, without having to take time off work.

This day during school holidays, we met some friends for an arvo cuppa at a local nursery, one I’d never been to before but it’s now become my favourite {and we have about 5 in our local area}.

The New Leaf Nursery make sustainability fun for the whole family.  It’s a cool, quirky place that offers so much more than just selling plants. The kids had a ball collecting hidden golf balls in a bucket all around the nursery. They got to hold fluffy chickens, even a pink one! They played a piano in the middle of the nursery. And they shot hoops whilst the mums sipped hot tea and admired our peaceful surroundings. And all this… 10 minutes drive from our front door.  I had no idea!

10 on 10 Photograpy Circle: The Quirky Nursery

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Have you visited a nursery lately? 

Now don’t forget to follow the photography circle and pop on over to see what my gorgeous French Friend Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande has been up to. Her photos are always Ahh-mazing!

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26 thoughts on “10 on 10 Photography Circle: The Quirky Nursery

  1. Wow!!! this is exactly where we should go to have your kids and family shooting session. It’s absolutly brilliant! Of course my fav is the old stove! haha!

  2. What am amazing place. Touches kids’ imaginations and let’s them play free. Fun photo opprtunity too. A great discovery and some fun photos. I was a bit concerned about the guy in the loo. Ha Ha

  3. Oh wow! How cool is this place?!! I know my kids would love it too! So much better than a plastic looking playground hey! Love those fluffy chickens, how adorable and the toilet guy – he would get all the laughs xx

    1. You should have seen the pink chicken. Super cool! And yes, it was refreshing not to have the usual plastic play area and let the kids roam free a bit. xx

  4. So fun! Love the pics. Will have to revisit this post when the kids get home so I can show them the toilet picture! They’ll think it’s hilarious. #teamIBOT

    1. haha. My scardey cat son was a bit scared of toilet guy at first look. I had to explain that it’s not a real person ;)

  5. Oh wow! What a great place! While we make our way to the big box stores most of the time, our favorite nursery has some fun – including a big ol’ fat alligator in the back. Not nearly as fantastic as the place you have found. Great captures!

    1. the big fat alligator sounds so fun! The big box stores are definitely taking over these days, we’re lucky to still have some fabulous nurserys near us to visit! xx

    1. They had a ball! Cant wait to take them back again soon. Wish there were more places like this everywhere! xx

  6. So kitchy cute! I haven’t been to a nursury lately but was actually searching for one today that has a good range of garden “sculptures”. Basically I keep killing plants so I am going to put something made of cement in the spot instead. :) x

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