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10 on 10 August

Have I mentioned that I have the best husband? He’s funny, smart, handsome and loyal, and for Mother’s Day, my present was 24 hours off! AND… it also included a massage and degustation dinner with three of my gorgeous girlfriends! I know… he’s a keeper right!

I’m not sure who or how they came up with the idea… but our boys all got together, {probably over football and beers} and decided that we all deserved a whole 24 hours off…  no kids, no husbands, no mundane household chores. Yep, they’re all keepers!

They had every detail planned and even secretly organised with my lovely Mumbala for us to stay in her cottage for the night. After our heavenly massage, we arrived at the cottage to this…

cheese platter
Thanks mum, but I don’t think we’re going to need that stopper somehow!

Then as we walked into the dining area, we were greeted with this…

owmygawd! A white fluffy towel… with my name on it!

A white fluffy towel each, embroided with our name and the most beautiful card and goodie bags containing special little treasures to help us de-stress.

white fluffy towel



We didn’t speak for about 5 minutes, just taking in the view and the peace and quiet… until the champas started to hit, then you couldn’t shut us up.

view from deck

Pretty sure we would have stayed right there on that deck all night, if it weren’t for dinner reservations at The Cottage Point Inn, one of Sydney’s most stunning waterside locations.

So with cheese and champas in our bellies, off we went to our degustation dinner.

Unlike our fellow guests, we didn’t arrive by boat, however we still felt pretty spesh. It’s not often us Mumma’s get to go out together for a bit of fine dining!

And this was desert… no words!


The next morning we woke, and off we went back to the reality of snotty noses, bedtime stories, mount washmore and kiddy cuddles. We missed our little families but gosh we needed those 24 hours off.

Ladies, next time you’re asked what you want for your birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or Christmas… I highly recommend you ask for 24 hours off. The massage and dinner were really the icing on top!

Now pop on over to see Veronica from Mum of Five Girls and see what she’s been up to, then follow the circle until you get back to me.








27 thoughts on “24 hours off

  1. Perfection! How lucky are you?! I loved the photos and enjoyed the narration. He he. What a great idea your guys had! Xox

    1. Thanks lovely girl. We felt very spoilt. And yes, I’d love to see the #24hoursoff movement! I think every mum/wife deserves 24 hours off.
      The boys have set the bar high now… not sure how they will ever out-do this gift! xx

  2. Oh lord!!! 24 hours off is the best present ever!! Not that I can complain because I’m getting 4 days off for Problogger!!! Awesome photos and now I want dessert!!! x

    1. haha… I’am curious how it all came about and I’m still in shock that you managed to talk him into parting with that kinda cash :)

    1. It really was so dreamy Cathy. Our boys did so well!
      The desert was a lemon meringue thingo. With mini meringue’s… so so good! xx

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