5 Favourite Watches

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a thing for watches and I’ve owned and loved a few over the years… the Swatch, the Baby G, the Ice watch, a Fossil watch, a Jag watch, a Mimco watch, and my current faves that I rotate evenly, a Michael Kors watch I bought in Hawaii, and my late Nanna’s watch.

With our phones always within arm’s reach, you could argue that don’t really need to wear a watch these days, but I do feel naked when I forget to put one on. It’s just such a habit to look down at my wrist to tell the time, and it’s much easier than getting the phone out every time.

It’s also a personal and sentimental thing with each watch telling a story. Especially a heirloom. My mum has her late Father’s Gold Tiffany’s watch given to him by his employer, Bloomingdale’s when he hit a big service milestone and it’s one of her most treasured possessions. As is my Nanna’s watch to me. Knowing she wore it for all those years makes me think of her when I wear it as I go about my life, and that makes me happy.

They make such gorgeous accessories and you have to appreciate the craftsmanship, and the mechanics that goes into making them. So I thought I’d share 5 gorgeous watches from some of my fave stores…

1. Mimco Sportivo Timepeace $349

2. Witchery Willow Mesh Watch $129.95 (also comes in gold, rose gold & silver)

3. Sportsgirl White Marble Face Watch $39.95

4. Michael Kors Bryn Rose Gold-Toned stainless steel and acetate Watch from The Iconic^ $449

5. Kate Spade Gramercy Watch from The Iconic^ $379


Are you a watch person too? Do you feel naked without one? What kind of watch do you wear? Do you have any precious heirloom watches?

^Affiliate link which means that I earn a little commission from the sale but you pay no extra. I will only ever recommend products I’d happily buy myself that I think you would also love.






16 thoughts on “5 Favourite Watches

  1. I have to be very specific with my watch selection so I usually just wear the same one every day until it fails. As I’m dyscalculaic, I have trouble telling the time on an analogue watch so I need one with all the numbers on it (even Roman numbers don’t work for me). I have super spindly wrists so I need a small face and usually an elasticated band or strap that can do up tightly. Currently wearing a rose gold elasticated Skagen that I still really like, although it would be nice to swap between ones as my outfit dictates!

    1. I like the band tight too Beth! And it would be so nice to change them up for every outfit… I get stuck in a watch rut and wear the same one for months on end. xx

    1. Oh will check them out.. thanks! I stopped wearing all jewellery when I had bubbas too. Plus my wedding rings didn’t fit me for months after anyway ;)

  2. I feel very naked without my watch – even though I have my phone on me ALL of the time! I’ve got my great Nan’s watch which is one of my most prized possessions, and I love to wear it on special occasions – although I certainly wouldn’t say no to one of these gorgeous watches!

  3. I totally get your love of watches, I had a swatch and a fossil watch! I also wore my Nan’s watch the day got married. Timepieces are special, it’s a memory keeper x
    Ps. Love the Michael Kors!

    1. That’s so special you wore your Nan’s watch on your wedding day. How sweet. I wish I kept my swatch to give to my Miss 6! I remember it so clearly, it had navy and white stripes and red hands. Gosh I loved it! xx

  4. Nowadays I just wear my Fitbit and I’ve got a fancy DKNY one for special occasions. I got the most gorgeous watch on my wedding day but it only has four numbers and I have no idea what time it is! I’m a bit special and need a watch with all 12 numbers! Love your picks – especially those rose gold ones, just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks lovely. I like to have all numbers too. So much easier! I hope they bring out a gorgeous looking fitbit soon! xx

  5. Sadly no precious heirloom watches for me however Handy Hubby does have his grandfather’s watch which is very special. My Fitbit is not exactly the most stylish accessory so I’ll take that Michael Kors rose gold watch thanks :) xx

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