5 things in wellness I’m loving

5 things in wellness

Since the last bout of sickness that seemed to last all of Winter and well into Spring, I’m determined to do everything in my power to keep those damn bugs away. I’ve been getting super organised and since this post, I’ve been making much more of an effort to look after myself and the family.

So today I thought I’d share 5 things in wellness I’m loving, doing and using right now.

5 Things in Wellness I’m Loving

1. Lorna Jane MNB Diary

mnb diary

2016 Diaries have hit the shelves and as a true Libra, I can’t decide which one to go for. I’ve used an Erin Condren life planner this year, but I’m now considering this cute Kikki-K number. Then just when I thought I’d made up my mind, I stumbled across this Lorna Jane one. It has the weekly and monthly views which are a must for me, as well as motivational mantras, healthy recipes and positive quotes so I could be swayed to get this one! I will make up my mind one day!

2. Free 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Simple Green Smoothies


I’ve dabbled here and there in the green smoothie thing. I absolutely love them, but find it hard to stay organised and always have fresh produce in the house. But after seeing Jadah speak at Pro-blogger this year (and becoming a fan girl) I signed up to the Simple Green Smoothies 30 day challenge which started Oct 1. And I’ve had one everyday so far, except when I was away for work, but I’m planning to make up for it on the other side of the month. The challenge is free and you receive shopping lists and recipes via email . I’m loving trying some new recipes I wouldn’t have otherwise tried and I also bought the recipe cards just so I have them on hand.

3. The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle $44.95


I’m so into eBooks and this was one bundle I just could’t go past.  It includes over 35 eBooks from Australia’s favourite healthy living experts like The MerryMaker Sisters and Cassandra from Live It Do It just to name a couple.  Packed with healthy recipes, lunch box ideas, meal ideas, fitness tips, healthy habits and happiness, its valued at over $450, but it’s yours for only $44.95. Available only until 16th Oct 2015! ^

4. Kayla Itsines Foam Roller 


My yoga teacher told me the other week that I should be rolling! I’ve seen people doing this at the gym and have long wondered what it was all about. So I did some investigating and tried it at the gym and damn it felt good! I’ve now got my eye on this one, so I can roll at home while watching The Bachelorette!

5. 180 Nutrition – 180 Natural Protein Superfood Coconut


I’ve been using this for a couple of years now. A sprinkle on my oats, a scoop in my green smoothies and a couple of scoops in my bliss balls.  You can pretty much put it in anything! With 100% natural ingredients, including Almond meal, chia seeds and so much more! It saves me adding all those things separately and it has a subtle coconut flavour which I love! Also comes in chocolate and vegan.

What wellness things are you into right now? Do you roll? Do you use a diary?

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22 thoughts on “5 things in wellness I’m loving

  1. That wellness bundle is well cool! I’ve seen it advertised on social media, what great value! I have a paper diary, a a paper calendar and my Google calendar, sometimes it’s hard to keep up! We’re not doing the challenge but we are back on the Green Smoothie train and it’s such a healthy and delicious way to start the day! Let me know if and where you get your roller, I’ve been wanting one for like, forever!

    1. I will do Sammie. I was just debating whether to get a longer one so I can lay on it and stretch or get this one. I bought the wellness bundle… its awesome! And I do the paper diary, paper calendar for the family and outlook calendar for work too. xx

    1. I hadn’t either and were wondering what the hell all these crazy people were doing at the gym… now I know and its awesome! xx

  2. I’m so tempted by that bundle, but as part of my wellness and living more intentionally I’ve decided to cut down on spending. It has been a bit of a crutch and the words “sale” would have me salivating. I’m so glad you’ve found these things to help you on your path. I do really want the ebooks, but know I would not be able to find the time to read them at present. Zoe xx

    1. I know what you mean Zoe… time is one thing I don’t have but I figure they are there and I can take my sweet time reading them. Good on you cutting down on the spending! xx

  3. I have seen people with those rollers but no clue about them. Will investigate.

    I admit I could wait no longer and splurged at kikki k already for a new diary. I went with the large turquoise/teal Filofax style diary and added an extra tabs and paper pack which meant I started it October 1 (love love love it) . I am a huge fan of kikki k.

    1. That diary sounds awesome Deb. And good colour choice too. Great that you can start it in October. That’s the hardest thing about buying a new one now, I want to use it straight away! xx

  4. I always have diary envy for the Lorna Jayne one. There was a spiral bound edition a couple of years back which was awesome!! I’m all for a spiral. Great list. We have a roller here but I have never used it. It sits in our lounge room looking at me. x

    1. Well.. go and get rolling lovely and tell me what you think!
      I remember the spiral diary, my friend had it. It was awesome but a bit bulky for my liking. I think I’m going to go Kikki-K!

    1. I have different diaries and calendars too Son… one for me, one for the family and outlook calendar for work. No wonder I feel like I’m going crazy half the time! Hope your having a fab week! xx

  5. What a fantastic list! From point 1. I was like ah-huh yep that’s me!! I’m loving the idea of 30 green smoothie options. I have a kale one and I do tend to get over the taste after a while! I found your site through Sonia’s weekend rewind link-up at Life Love and Hiccups. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. Oh welcome Ruthie! Thanks so much for popping by and commenting! So glad you liked the link list. We do it every Saturday so pop back in for some more week end reading! My fave green smoothie at the moment is Kale, Mango, Coconut Water & Banana! Loving it! xx

    1. The Smoothie challenge has been so motivating. I’ve fallen off a few days here and there but mostly sticking to it. xx

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