5 Things To Splash Out On

I’ve never been much of a bargain hunter and I despise sale shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain like most people, but those crowds at sale time give me anxiety. I’m too polite to push and shove my way through the crowds with my eye on the prize. By the time I get there, 17 other people are already fighting over the last pair of size 8 shoes and it’s just not worth the stress. I’m a lover not a fighter!

I’ve not done a boxing day sale yet and I have no plans to. But if I stumble upon something I’ve been eyeing off for a while that’s discounted and in my size – then hell yes, I’m one happy little bargain buyer!

With 2 mortgages and 2 young kids {and a husband who keeps a tight watch on our finances} I’m not too hung up on labels and these days believe you can buy quality at places like Kmart, cotton on and target.

And while I’m happy to shop in these stores for our everyday threads, there are some things though that I will always be happy to pay good money for. Those investment pieces that season after season never let you down. They always get a good run and will give you a good cost per wear.

5 Things To Splash Out On

1. Killer Heels

Every gal needs a killer pair of heels in her wardrobe and for me, these are my Shoes of Prey. I was gifted a voucher from my lovely Mumbala for my last birthday which was awesome because expensive shoes were really not something I’d previously spend my money on. But having gone through the process of making my own shoes and seeing the quality end result, I will happily do it all over again and pay the price. The quality of these is incredible and I pretty much feel like Cinderella when I wear them, they fit that good!

2. A Winter Coat

I have a coat I bought back in Adelaide during my uni years that I wear every winter and it’s still going strong. The style is timeless and although it cost me a small fortune back then as a poor uni student, the cost per wear is pretty much non existent anymore! Check out my Love Want Need – Winter Coats post for some coat inspiration.

 3. A Watch

It’s no secret that I’m a huge accessory fan and a good quality watch is probably my all time favourite accessory.  I have 3 watches in my collection, one that I bought myself on an overseas holiday, 1 that was gifted and the other was my dear late Nanna’s. A watch is a timeless piece and if you’re like me and wear one everyday then it’s totally worth investing in a good quality one.

 4. A Leather Handbag


A good quality leather handbag will last you years and I honestly think they get better with age. I’m not keen on imitation leather and cheap fabrics. I’ve tried them but they just don’t last. Handbags need to be sturdy, strong and look the part so I’m happy to splurge on one if I know I’m going to use it lots and lots. My favourite is my Country Road tan sling bag. {Similar style here} It’s just so versatile and fits all the things I need on any given day – kids water bottles, ipad, and even my laptop if it’s a work day. I also have a smaller black leather cross body bag for days where I don’t need to lug as much stuff around.

 5. Hair Colour


After many failed attempted self hair colours as a teen, these days I will always happily pay someone to do my hair colour. I’m simply too fussy and as I have about 3 different techniques these days, it’s just too risky to DIY.

Plus, you also get a couple of child free hours, sitting in a chair sipping tea, reading magazines and then you get a lovely head massage. Totes worth all the money in my book!

What’s something you are not afraid to splash out on?

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55 thoughts on “5 Things To Splash Out On

  1. I love a good bargain too – I love sale shopping but only if it’s online, so then you avoid the crowds and can go shopping in your PJs! I’m totally with you especially on the hair and handbags. I got my first Mimco bag last birthday and the quality is the tops. PS your nails look fantabulous!

    1. Oh yes. All those things are no brainers for me. I will always spend money on travel and experiences. Although I did pass on buying madonna tickets this year. I just couldn’t do it with the wait times etc. I must be getting old! Xx

  2. I definitely agree that splashing out on hair care and colour is a good decision. I agree with needing a stylish leather bag too! Quite a few times I’ve tried to be frugal and gone with a cheaper non leather bag and I’ve always regretted it, they never last more than a year at the most where as my leather bags last forever!

    1. Couldn’t agree more Ingrid! Plus you just can’t go past the softness and feel of good quality leather! Xx

  3. I’m a huge bargain shopper myself, and an op shop fan from way back, but it is lovely to splash out every now and then! With hair, I will use DIY kits but only for dark colours. No more home bleaching! That’s for the professionals!

    1. Definitely! I’ll go dark again one day and might consider doing it myself then but for now I’m more than happy to pay. I don’t have the patience for op shopping but about a month ago I was killing time waiting for my car to be serviced and found a whole T2 tea set for $16 at vinnies. Such a good find! I really should go more often. Such treasures to be found! Xx

  4. yes, yes, yes and yes!! I splash out on hair cuts, have very recently splashed out on ridiculously amazing heels, and waiting for the postman to deliver an amazeballs new winter coat!

    1. Travel and experiences are a no brainers for me. Will always splash out on those things. Concert tickets too. I bought a good camera last year too after wanting one for years. I’m still learning how to use it but gosh I love it!xx

  5. I used to have a leather handbag but I actually found it too heavy because of the weight of leather. You can’t win sometimes haha. I really did want leather for the durability but it didn’t work out.

    1. I know what you mean. Leather is definitely heavier. I just don’t go too big so it’s not so heavy. Xx

  6. I think I would have to add to this list a good pair of jeans. I’m happy to spend a bit of money on jeans that make me not only look good but feel good. Oh, and boots, a good pair of winter boots!

  7. I used to splash out on decent clothes. Not undersinglets or plain tshirts or trousers, but nice designer stuff. I didn’t have a lot of clothes but what I had was good quality.

    Of course I’ve put a huge amount of weight on now and none of it fits, so… :-(

    1. I have some items like that too Deborah. I don’t know why I keep them. Wishful thinking I guess. I do agree though that quality over quantity is best! xx

  8. One thing I won’t spend less on is accommodation. My husband and I have a rule that we stay in 4 star plus places as we’ve had too many bad experiences from shoddy places in the past.

    1. Yes good one Bec. Once upon a time (pre-kids, backpacking days) it didn’t bother me so much, but these days nice, clean, functional accom is a must! xx

  9. I bought a gorgeous winter coat last year at the end of winter, so while it was still quite expensive, it was half the usual price, and I expect to get years out of that. I’m kind of excited for winter so I can wear it again!
    I would also rather spend money on good shoes these days. I love shoes, and I think a good pair can make you feel great.

    1. I’m excited for you too! And good on you getting it half price. I’m on the lookout for a new winter coat right now but just can’t make up my mind. Maybe by the time I do, it will be the end of winter and I’ll pick one up cheaper! ;)

    1. Could not agree more Renee! I love being in the hair chair and will always pay good money to do so!! ;)

  10. I’m the opposite, I am a crazy bargain hunter and basically buy all my fashion and homewares from op shops! I do make sure that I splash out on getting my hair done properly, but even she is super cheap. I have a mobile hairdresser who comes to my house and does my hair for half of what it would cost at the salon. And she is the best hairdresser I’ve ever had. SO MUCH WIN.

  11. I love a good bargain too. I recently managed to score some bras that were $29 marked down to $2.50. The one thing I splurge out on is getting jeans from City Chic, with a limited income they are a big hit to the hip pocket but they are so comfy and fit perfectly.

    1. Now that is one hell of a bargain Tegan! I’d be pretty happy with that! I agree, jeans are a good investment! We wear them so much, it’s totally worth splashing a bit on them! xx

  12. I love a bargain but like you can’t cope with the crowds at the sales – I’m in there though online for the US Black Friday ones as they are great. I have to admit to being a bit of a shopper but these days hair colour is a necessity! Like your style lady. x

    1. I think I need to check out the US black friday sales, I’ve heard you can nab some fab bargains! And yes, I’m with ya on the hair colour being a necessity these days! Bloody greys! ;) xx

    1. Thanks Bron. I think I could have made the list longer… so many things to splash out on. No wonder I’m always broke!! xx

  13. I’ve been trying to move from the “quantity over quality” mindset for a while now as most of the time it’s a false economy. I invest in good electronics (eg phone, computers), things like black flats or boots, a black handbag, some makeup, hair (although I have an affordable hairdresser) and pretty much everything else I go bargain, budget or thrifted!

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a good approach there Beth! You have a knack for picking up some super stylish bargains too! xx

  14. I ama bargain hunter, I love a sales rack!! But, I’m with you on all of these things you’ve listed. I’m sitting in the hairdresser in foils right now!!! Anything you’re going to wear to death is a potential big spend, boots, jeans & bathers for me. x

    1. Oh yes, swimmers are another one! Nothing worse than flimsy material that doesn’t last. Although they can be so pricey for such a small piece of fabric cant they!
      Enjoy your new hair lovely! Such a great feeling! xx

  15. I am very similar to you in what I splurge on. Hair for sure but I still go to a friend who looks after it a bit cheaper. I need a new watch for sure, just can’t commit. Those heels are so awesome. Still as stunning as the first time I saw them.

    1. Thanks chick! Would you believe I’m yet to properly wear them! I need to splash out on an actual night out so I can wear the damn shoes!! ;)
      I loved your Horse watch! You should totes splash out on that! It’s stunning! xx

  16. Yes to these EXCEPT the watch. I stopped wearing one when I worked in a library, the magnetic security system (to stop people pinching books and stuff) played havoc with watches and the batteries didn’t last long, so I gave up. Now I just can’t SEE what the time is on the darn thing unless I get out my glasses too – it’s just quicker and easier to check my phone. Most of the time I’m sitting in front of a computer with the time on it anyways.

    1. Yes I agree its probably much easier to just look at your phone or computer. But I do find the days I forget to wear my watch, that I’m constantly looking at my wrist. Such a habit! xx

    1. Luckily we have our phones pretty much glued to us these days, so no need to really wear a watch anymore. Although I find I still look at my wrist all the time when I forget to wear my watch. Such a habit! xx

  17. Killer hills. Check!
    Winter coat … that’s something I need.
    Watch … also something I need because I’ve taken to just relying on my phone.
    Leather handbag. Check!
    Hair colour. Check!

    3/5 ain’t bad? Better remedy the rest

    1. That’s pretty good Leanne! I really want a new w!inter coat too. I just can’t find one I like! xx

  18. Sometimes you just gotta splurge hey! Anything I fall in love with from Country Road is a winner as that lasts and lasts!!! I’m not a bargain hunter myself – these stylie peeps that find clothes in op shops? How do they do it? All I see is a room full of old musty clothes. Shoes! Gotta spend money on shoes – especially boots! Hair cut yes – when I make the appointment. I’m well overdue which is a good excuse to head to Perth and catchup with the girls :)
    ps. I’m loving your Samantha Wills ring. I have the same but as a necklace. I must get a new chain on it and wear it – it’s so divine. Loved your post Shan. Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow lovely xx

    1. So cool that we have matching SW jewellery! The gatsby ring is one of my fave pieces! I’m with ya on the op shop thing… I never seem to find the gold, just the musty stinky stuff. Hope you had a fab mothers day too hun xx

  19. I am the Queen of ‘investment’ purchasing…long ago I decided less is more and I really stick to buying quality items (like all the ones you have listed) to mix in with High Street garments (K’Mart has great offerings at the moment don’t they…). My big splurge is Vintage – silk Kimono’s and Hermes silk scarves….not too often though.xxx

    1. I’m with you Monique… high street mixed with investment pieces is the way to go for sure! One day, I will own a Hermes silk scarf! One day! ;)

  20. I am with you on the coat. A good winter coat is always worth spending a bit of money on. And bras. I am coming to realise now after two kids that spending a bit extra on a decent bra really does make all the difference (and having someone who knows what they are doing and fits you properly also makes it worth the money in my book).

    1. Oh yes… bras! good one Kylie! Definitely worthwhile splashing out on a good one! I do hate spending money on Bras though! But something we wear every day really should be the very best quality shouldn’t it!

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