6 Best Kept Travel Tips

Buenos Aires

One of my favourite things about travel is the great unknown. From the moment your plane takes off, you don’t know who you’re going to meet, what impact they will have on your life and what life lessons you will pick up along the way.


When you travel, you not only learn a lot about yourself and the world, you also learn plenty of travel tips and hacks along the way. I’ve picked up a few gems over the years, so today I wanted to share my 6 best kept travel tips.

1. Wear your socks inside out

We did a Contiki trip through Europe a few years back and as we set off leaving London, each person had to introduce themselves and either share a joke or a travel tip. Besides why did the chicken cross the road, I just do not remember jokes, ever. So I knew I’d be sharing a travel tip and pulled out this one; Wear your socks inside out.


It’s so much more comfortable. No seams poking into your tootsies, just soft cushiony goodness. When trekking the Inca trail or walking around a European city with cobblestone streets for hours on end… you’ve gotta have foot comfort! Give it a shot and come back and tell me what you think.

2. Buy a new perfume

“Perfume is the most intense form of memory” –Jean Paul Guerlain

I love to buy a new perfume before a big overseas trip. Usually duty free at the airport, because who doesn’t love a duty free shop before you take off. Plus you have so much time to kill! Wear your new perfume the whole time you’re away and when you’re home from your adventure, trying madly to hang onto that holiday feeling, a spritz of your holiday perfume can take you right back. Even years later!

buy a new perfume

Just like my wedding perfume reminds me of that magical day, so too with travel… Issy Miyake reminds me of our first overseas trip together as a couple to Thailand. Angel takes me back to Europe and Daisy always takes me back to our Vietnam honeymoon.

I choose the fragrance type based on where I’m going, think tropical and light for somewhere like Hawaii and something with heavier notes and a little more drama for somewhere like Rome. Which brings me to my next tip…

 3. When in Rome

You’ve heard this saying a gazillion times, but do you actually do it? It’s all about doing as the locals do.

download (1)

Start by talking to the locals, even if they don’t speak your language (that’s half the fun right there) and ask them where they recommend for a meal. Shop where they shop, do a local cooking class. Immerse yourself in the culture. There are organised tours that offer cooking classes and visits to local villages and schools which can be fabulous. But even better is when these things happen organically.

You may find yourself invited to someone’s home for a meal, or in a super cool local’s only underground bar with a secret door knock in Barcelona {true story}. Or you might be introduced to the most authentic pizza restaurant in Naples.

Another great way to do this is to ditch the hotel and ‘live like a local’ by finding your accom via AirBnB. Not sure where to start? This post has some great tips.

 4. Be alert not alarmed

There’s no doubt travel can have its scary moments. The great unknown, whilst super exciting can also be scary at times. Like the time we were held up at the boarder of Paraguay and had to hand over all our cash. But the best tip in these situations is to just be alert not alarmed.

download (3)

Find those eyes in the back of your head and tune into your intuition. When you’re far from home, you tend to do things you perhaps wouldn’t normally do, and us Aussies can be way too trusting.

There are scammers and pickpockets everywhere and you may be so captivated by the sights and getting that one great photo that you forget about your surroundings for a brief moment, which can leave you vulnerable.

Don’t be so scared that you never leave your hotel, just be alert to everything going on around you, only take what you need out for the day and think “would I do this at home”.

5. The Playlist

Music can also trigger memories in a powerful way and really is the soundtrack to your life. So every epic trip needs its own curated playlist.


They are so easy to compile these days with music streaming services like spotify, and you can download to play it offline too. I put together my playlist’s to suit the destination, like this chilled one for our Hawaii trip. Or you can simply search and find gold like this one, perfect for a trip to France. You could also pick a theme song for the trip and listen to it regularly while you are away. In years to come, every time you listen to that playlist or song, you will instantly be transported back to that wonderful time and place.

And my final travel tip…

6. Just go!


If you have itchy feet or just need a local weekend break, just do whatever it takes and go. Give up your daily coffee’s, move back in with the folks to save money. Just go! I promise you won’t regret it.

Do you have any random travel tips? Share in the comments below.

This post is my entry to the Virgin Australia competition. Wish me luck!

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45 thoughts on “6 Best Kept Travel Tips

    1. Thanks Kirralee!
      You can buy those long skinny, compact spray or roll on perfumes from Sephora which are great for travel. Enjoy the playlists! Xx

    1. I thought the same the first time I went to Bali. The traffic, the hagglers. It is very overwhelming isn’t it, but just part of the charm of the place once you get to know it. xx

  1. Once upon a time I travelled o/s a bit for work and I used to do the perfume thing. I never took any but I’d buy some enroute. It means that (to this day) Hypnotic Poison reminds me of the hotel room I stayed in while in Fiji etc…

    1. haha. Me too Shan… the huz just doesn’t get it! He’s all like… “what do you need another perfume for”. ;)
      And yes… music is a must! xx

  2. I’ve read a lot of these posts and you’ve came up with two really unique suggestions – the socks and the scent! It’s interesting what you say about Aussies being too trusting as well – that would totally be me! Naive little thing that I am.

    1. That’s so cool Malinda! Especially that its your hubby the perfume triggers the memory for! Glad you liked the list. xx

  3. The socks!! What a tip! I so needed that on our European trek ha ha! Some great ideas here, love it. I did buy perfume from Harrods, that was actually my wedding day perfume and for some reason it smells completely different! Which is kinda cool because now it serves a dual memory! Good luck lovely! x

    1. A dual memory.. that is really cool Sash. Give the sock tip a shot, would love to hear your thoughts! Can you still see your toes though? ;)

  4. LOL when I read “wear your socks inside out”, I thought you meant you could get a second wear out of them before washings … mmm might be a bit smelly! I do wish I’d read these tips before we went to Europe in May – especially the perfume one! We stayed in a little studio flat in London, through Air BnB, our landlord lived in the flat below; we felt like “real” Londoners as we caught the tube and came back to our own little flat!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. haha Janet! That’s too funny. Maybe back in the backpacking days I could have been guilty of a second wear before washings… but definitely not these days! Your studio flat in London sounds fab. Our besties have just spent 3 months travelling Europe with their 4 and 7 year olds and have Air BnB’d it the whole way… the places they have stayed look amazing so we will definitely be doing it this way next trip… when ever that may be! Thanks so much for popping by. xx

  5. I loved buying perfume too until a bottle smashed in my case (on the flip side, I really did come up smelling of roses!) I can’t recommend Air BnB highly enough, we’ve tried it at home and abroad, and wherever we stay we always enjoy living like a local. Great tips!

    1. Oh no… yes, that’s the only downside is that you need to pack it carefully, or buy one of those compact roll ons like they sell in Sephora.
      Could be worse things to spill in your luggage though I guess.
      Great to hear you’ve had good Air BnB experiences. Its really changed the whole industry and shaken things up hasn’t it! xx

    1. It was Lauren… I pretty much held my breath the whole time until they let us go and we got to the airport safely.
      Glad you liked the tips. xx

    1. You’ve got it Bec re the crowded cafe of locals!
      And I do the sock thing at home too. Went for a run today and it’s so so much better! Xx

  6. The sock tip is genius! My sock seam bugged the bejayzus out of my little toe all along the West Highland Way and to think it could so easily have been avoided. Gah! x

    1. It’s a winner Bron. I do it all the time now. The huz thought I was a bit strange at first but he’s converted now too! Xx

  7. i love the sock tip Shannon! I should have done this when I worked because you’re so right the sole lining is better than the outer. I also buy perfume but never thought to buy a new fragrance for the journey! Such a great idea!

    1. Thanks Bec. Glad you like the tips! And yes, I do the sock thing all the time, not just when travelling. So much better! xx

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