6 online stores for cool kids clothing

6 online stores for cool kids clothing tiny

One of the many things I love about being a parent is the super cool clothes you can buy for your little people. And the variety, choice and quality seems to just get better.

When Miss 6 was a baby, I think I spent more on her clothes than I did on myself, which was silly really, given how quickly she grew. Some things she only wore once or twice before she grew out of them. I’m completely envious that kids get almost a whole new wardrobe every season.

So by the time Master 4 came along, I’d become a lot more practical, mostly buying their clothes from Target, Cotton On Kids and Bonds. But now that my2morrows are slightly older, and their rate of growth has slowed a little, I’m on the look out for some super cool kids threads.

So here’s my round-up of 6 awesome online stores for cool kids clothing.

1. Sweet Child Of Mine

sweet child of mine

Designed in Australia and made in Indonesia, Sweet Child of Mine’s brand ethos is ‘a little bit bohemian, a little bit rock and roll, a whole lotta style.’ I love that they collaborate with artists, designers and skateboarders to produce exclusive prints for their range. I’ve bought a few pieces from Sweet Child Of Mine which Miss 6 has loved!

2. Children of the Tribe

children of the tribe

With their roots in Byron Bay, Children of The Tribe {as stated on their website} “create quality, timeless, stylish clothing for free-spirited little people who love to roam in the sand dunes, daydream in treetops, and run barefoot through long grass.” Oh so dreamy! Be sure to check out their gorgeous blog too.

3. Kaftan Kids  

kaftan kids

This is one I discovered a few years ago and Miss 6 has had a few sweet kaftans over the years. So easy in summer to throw on after a trip to the beach. They also sell cool harem pants for girls 1-14yrs and right now there’s a 50% off sale!

4. Little Pinwheel

little pinwheel

Stocking clothing brands: Littlehorn, Munster, Tutu Du Monde and many others, along with shoes and cool accessories, Little Pinwheel is full of cool threads for your little people. And they ship internationally! They are also currently having a sale!

5. Tiny Style

tiny style

Stocking Sweet Child of Mine and Children of the Tribe as well as brands we know and love like Converse, Minti and so many others and some are currently on sale!

6. Chi Khi by Natalie Bassingwaithe

chi khi

Cool unisex designs for your little Miss’ and Misters with eco friendly bamboo and cotton for sensitive skin. I love that every piece has extra length to allow for those growth spurts. The AW Mini collection includes gorgeous slouch pants, rompers, tees and an awesome slouch beanie I think I need to order!

So there’s 6 cool online stores for Children’s clothing. I think I need to get the credit card out… so many amazing sales on at the moment!

So where you buy your kids clothes from? Any other cool online stores I should know about?








23 thoughts on “6 online stores for cool kids clothing

    1. Thanks Nicole! Glad you like them. My little Miss pretty much refuses to wear anything I pick out. Can be so frustrating but gotta let them find their own way :)

    1. Oh I know Cathy! My daughter has a better wardrobe than i do! But then refuses to wear the good stuff and picks out her own things clashing prints and crazy mis-matched outfits. It can be pretty funny leaving the house sometimes with some of her choices. xx

  1. great finds Shannon! Love the first one – will be checking that out for sure! I love Cotton On, Country Road, Seed and Witchery for the kids. On sale though! Cotton on can be a bit hit and miss with quality though. I love buying kids clothes. Miss soon to be 4’s wardrobe is the winner in our house. She has quite the collection going on x

    1. Glad you liked them Fleur. I love all those you’ve suggested too.. but yes, definitely on sale! Seed is such good quality isnt it!
      If only we could fit into our little Miss’ clothes huh! xx

  2. My kids are better dressed than I am! I’m a little bit jealous of their wardrobes.
    Was just about to hit the Target site for some kids’ clothes, but I think I shall peruse these instead! Thanks for enabling my kids-clothes-buying-habit! xx

    1. YOu are so welcome Shannon! Just dont send me your credit card bill :)
      I love target kids clothes too. They wash really well and have some pretty cool things.
      Happy shopping! xx

    1. haha. Nothing wrong with a shameless plug Son! And I LOVE DTLL for all the super cool kids things. I have to hold myself back with every email newsletter I receive ;)

    1. me too Shari. I was late to the party with discovering Chi Khi but love it. Such a great idea unisex clothing isnt it!

    1. Oh I know what you mean Vicki. I cant really pick out MIss 6’s clothes anymore.. she’s super opinionated and has the whole clashing prints thing going on. Very cute though. xx

  3. Love this! I shop for my kids way more than myself, I love Little Pinwheel & Children of the Tribe. Oaks is turning 8 this year & she’s already so opinionated about what she wears it won’t be long until she’s turning the stuff away that I buy her, sob!! X

    1. I know what you mean Shan. My Miss 6 is already starting to dress herself and ignores my suggestions. Have lost count of the gorgeous things I’ve bought her that she’s only worn once or twice. Such a shame!

        1. Good idea. She will realise one day soon how cool her mum is and that the clothes you buy her are really rad! Xx

    1. me too Karin. I read this interesting article at work the other day and shared to my linkedin.. all about how instagram is taking retail by storm and how its the future of retail, etc. Interesting stuff (for a marketing nerd like me) ha! xx

  4. I’ve just launched a brand new clothing line you might like – its based around gender neutral and unisex designs, so the focus is on a wide variety of clothes that are suitable and appealing to both boys and girls. Hope you head along for a visit :-)

    1. Oh thanks Kelly. I’ll check it out.
      I’d like to do these types of posts occasionally so will definitely keep it in mind for the next one!

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