7 kids books you won’t mind putting on repeat + a giveaway

7 kids books you wont mind putting on repeat + a giveaway

As parents, we know that kids love repetition. As much as it can shit us to tears, repetition is important for their development. But don’t just take my word for it. My Psychologist blogger friend, Dr Sash at From the left field says…

 “For little ones, their brains and bodies are in such a rapid state of development and change- they’re taking so much in- everything is new! When it comes to learning and understanding the world around them, key things that really help are consistency and repetition. There’s comfort in knowing what happens next. Children like to know that things stay the same, or they can follow along. Each time they want the same thing over and over again, they’re picking up more from it. For us adults though, we’ve ‘been there, done that’. We’re all about variety. We’ve made all the connections, so we’re happy to move on. When we have to go back and read the same freaking book again and again and again, or listen to “Let it Go” one more time (kill me now), our automatic thought is “ugggh not again” or “I’m over this”, which in turn makes us want to go postal and reach for the closes bottle of wine. Just like we couldn’t just jump on a bike and ride perfectly straight away (well, most of us!), kids can’t be expected to be exposed to something once and then get the full gist of it Learning takes time, and repetition. It helps parents to know this, and to have a glass of vino or block of chocolate on hand to help them cope through the groundhog day of books and movies.”

Reading is so important. As parents we’re encouraged to start reading to our little ones pretty much from birth. But some stories… gah! They just do my head in. And from what Dr Sash said above, {and my wine and chocolate intake} I know I’m not alone!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love story time. It’s precious time with snuggles straight after a bath and there’s nothing better than clean kid cuddles!

But for those of us who have “been there, done that” and lost count of the number of times you’ve read the hungry caterpillar and all of the ‘That’s not my… ‘ books, I’ve raided My2Morrow’s bookshelves and put together this selection you perhaps won’t mind putting on repeat, night after night, year after year. And be sure to read on because you could win 3 of them!

7 Kids Books You Won’t Mind Putting On Repeat


1. The Day The Crayons Quit

2. Oh The Places You’ll Go 

3. The Gruffalo

4. Room On The Broom 

5. Can I Cuddle The Moon 

6. The Wonky Donkey 

7. What Makes a Rainbow


Clearly, I’m a big fan of rhyming books, and you can’t go past a bit of Dr Seuss for the nostalgic value. Are any of these books on your Kids bookshelf? If not, here’s your chance to win 3 of them!


To celebrate book week, I’d love to give away 3 of my favourite children’s books to one lucky reader so you can enjoy them with your little ones!

Just subscribe to My2Morrows by filling in the box below and then tell me in the comments below, what’s your favourite children’s book and why?  I’ll pick the best answer and the winner will be sent 3 of the above books.

Don’t forget to leave your email address so I contact you if you win.

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  • This giveaway is open to all My2Morrows readers in Australia.
    This giveaway is hosted by Shannon Morrow via My2Morrows – my2morrows.com.
  • The prize is 3 books provided by me: 1. Oh, the Places You’ll Go 2. Can I Cuddle the Moon? 3. What Makes a Rainbow? Total prize value is $44.
  • The giveaway opens on Tuesday 25th August, 2015 at 6am and closes midnight AEST on 10th September, 2015.
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52 thoughts on “7 kids books you won’t mind putting on repeat + a giveaway

    1. Thought you’d be all over most of these Zanni ;)
      Can I cuddle the moon is gorgeous. A lovely bedtime story with the most gorgeous illustrations. xx

  1. Eeek, I need to go book shopping, I only have two of the above books. I love reading the book “I love you little bear” to my little bear, it has a page where the baby bear tickles Mumma bear on the nose, so it’s a huge joke when it gets to that page and we all have to tickle our noses. It’s the one book that reminds me to take in those wee precious moments!

  2. Has to be Where the Wild Things Are – because we all want to join in the wild rumpus from time to time (as an aside, I give new babies Oh the places you’ll go – I’ve since discovered it’s often used with adults to think about anxiety – who knew?!)

    1. Haha. I’ve been given it as a farewell pressie before I went travelling as a 20 something! Something for all ages huh!
      I also love Where the wild things are! Good choice! xx

  3. Any Julia Donaldson book is fab because the words flow so beautifully. They are a pleasure to read. I also love the Dr Seuss Sleep Book. Lightning Jack is full of the most beautifully evocative poetry. Def a fave. And three that make me cry for very different reasons – Black Dog by Pamela Allen, Anh Doh’s picture book (can’t remember the name) and I love you little monster. That last one always comes out when the kids are feeling sad or scared.

    1. Oh some great ones there Kirralee. I haven’t seen Anh Doh’s picture book but I’m off to source it! Thanks for the hot tip.

    1. It is deep isn’t it.. maybe that’s why I love it so!
      The Very Cranky bear sounds fun and gotta love a rhyme that’s easy to read! xx

  4. What a great selection! I’m a bit old school, and am a sucker for the old classics. Avocado Baby is my all time favourite, I’m a sucker for Elmer the Elephant and I’ve been loving The Very Hungry Caterpillar since I was old enough to know what a book was. Some titles just never get old. When I was teaching, I was just as excited about reading those books to the kids, as I was having them read to me when I was little!

    1. You are so right Sammie, the classics are classics for good reason. Gotta love them and the nostalgic value too! Miss 6 is loving Cuddle Pot & Snuggle Pie lately and its taken me right back to when mum used to read it to me. All the feels! xx

    1. Oh that’s adorable Amy! Is there anything sweeter than a Rudie Nudie after a bath. THey just love it don’t they! Very sweet. Thanks for sharing. xx

  5. My favourite kids book is Tiddler the story telling fish. We no longer have it because it fell apart after being read so many times, but I just loved it because it’s fun and it rhymes cleverly. Plus Tiddler is cheeky and likeable, and I relate to his constant getting lost in a story way of living. :)

    1. Now that’s a sign of a well loved book! We have a few that have been sticky taped up numerous times and are just hanging in there. Well loved & adored just like Tiddler who sounds adorable. Must look that one up too! xx

  6. What great books! Anything by Julia Donaldson is a winner in our house too (especially The Gruffalo). My absolute favourite which I never tire of is ‘Hooray For Fish!’. I love the bright and bold illustrations by Lucy Cousins (of Maisy fame) plus I always get sloppy kisses from my tornadoes at the end of the book as the last page says “Kiss kiss kiss, hooray for fish”.

    1. Aww that is adorable Tash! Sloppy kisses and all!
      We have a stack of Lucy Cousins books (my miss 6 is Maisie) and both my kids love them. Master 4 particularly loves Maisy, Charlie and the wobbly tooth at the moment so that’s on high rotation. Thanks for sharing your faves! xx

  7. Great selection of books Shannon! I remember being told to read to your baby from birth. I read that Spot book that many times it fell apart in the end. I knew it word for word and W-man loved it! Such a precious time we spent together reading it before bed :) He still loooooves books, so does his little bro. They are hooked on the classics at the moment. Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

    1. Can’t go wrong with the classics Jo! I love that kids these days still love them even with ipads and apps and all the things. We had a spot book that got completely trashed too! Sign of a damn good book! Xx

  8. Too many favourite books to choose from! Our bookshelf is overflowing! And now the boys are enjoying chapter books too. I love rhyming books as well. We love Julia Donaldson, Pamela Allen, Maisy books and Hairy MacClary. “Giraffes Can’t Dance” is lovely and a book from my childhood “Me and Clara and Snuffy the Dog”. I can still remember my mum in stitches reading this too us!

  9. We love Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey. Actually any of his books!
    And anything by Oliver Jeffers.
    And my little one is having a love affair with a book called Black Cat, White Cat by Silvia Borado.
    Actually we just love all books!
    A top selection up there xxx

  10. That makes so much sense. We’ve got some books that I’m reading on tepeat for tje third time sround now. All three of my kids have LOVED “There’s a monster under ducks bed”. All the gruffalo ones have been very popular too. Never heard of the quitting crayons, must have a look for it :))

    1. third time round.. I love that all your kids have the exact same books, that’s precious.
      The Day the crayons quit is My Miss 6’s fave, she loves it! Definitely check it out. xx

  11. Our current favourite that is on constant repeat here is “Dear Zoo”. My 19 month old son can’t resist the different animals and the lift the flap fun!

    1. Oh that’s a good one Kate! Any book about animals is a winner in my eyes! Enjoy those precious moments and thanks for popping by. xx

  12. Wanted! Have You Seen This Alligator? had just the right amount of toilet humour to amuse my son and not make me cringe! I also loved reading Nighty Night to my kids every night. It was the perfect routine to finish off the day and put them happily to sleep.

    1. Oh don’t boys just love the toilet humour Ingrid! Nighty Night sounds like a winner too. I love those kind of books that help them drift off straight away. xx

  13. All fantastic books . The lorax has been a big favourite in our house lately but all dr Seuss books are loved and have been passed down over the years with well worn pages and loving inscriptions in the front or back covers x

  14. This looks a lot like my own favourites list! My favourite of all time is Fox in Socks. Because I loved it when I was little, and nothing beats nostalgia; because my kids love it too, and try to say the tongue twisters after I do; and because 33 years into my life, I STILL can’t say the Ben and Bim’s bendy brooms bit! AARGH!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway x

    1. Fox in Socks is such a good one Em and you are right, you really can’t beat nostalgia. I get so excited when my kids like the classics that I love, whether that’s books or movies. Good luck perfecting those tongue twisters! xx

  15. My kids are now in the Mr Men series, and we’ve been going through (more than once) the books, and having a good laugh at each of their antics. It’s fun, entertaining, and I am happy that they are in this phase. I don’t have a couple of the books you’ve listed, so would love to have them in the kids’ book shelf too!

    1. Oh the Mr Men books are a fave of my Master 4 at the moment too! He loves looking at all the titles on the back and saying their names. Its nostalgic for me too reading them! Such a fun series! Thanks for popping by Sandra! xx

  16. Great list! ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ is on high rotation here right now. I also love ‘The PaperBag Princess’ by Robert Munsch. A great story where the Princess actually rescues the Price for a change. Also has a nice message about what you wear not being important, and even though you might look good – you can still be ‘a bum!’

    1. Sounds like my kinda book Rebel… gotta love a kids book with a good life lesson thrown in! Must check it out.

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