8 Ways To Stay Well This Winter

It’s inevitable as a parent that every time your kids get sick, you go down too. {I’m talking minor illness like colds, coughs gastro etc}

But I realised the other day that in almost 7 years of parenting, the last couple of times My2Morrows have been sick… I haven’t! Pop the champagne, now that’s a milestone to celebrate!

So I started wondering… well what’s been keeping me healthy?? It’s certainly not the amount of sleep I get, {I’m a night owl and completely failed my sleep promise new years resolution last year}.

I believe in all things in moderation and pretty much live by the 80/20 rule. But I worked out that it’s these 8 things I’ve been doing consistently that when combined, must contribute to keeping me healthy, and will hopefully help me stay that way throughout Winter. {One can hope anyway!}



My favourite multi is the Swisse Women’s Ultivite. But I really hate swallowing pills and these are huge. So I’ve switched to these ones, which are more like gummy lollies and much easier to take consistently every day.


I can thank my veggie head hubby for this one. We always always have veggies with every dinner meal. If not fresh veggies, we use the steam fresh frozen veggies… a working parents saving grace.


My friend Rach got me onto this about 6 months ago and I’ve had one every morning since then {apart from maybe a couple of days here and there} and I really feel like it makes a big difference and is keeping me well. Rach’s recipe is 2 lemons squeezed, mixed with a heaped tea spoon of Manuka honey {pure Manuka, not the supermarket stuff}. You then pop a dash in a mug, fill a third with cold water and top up with boiling water and drink up the goodness. The rest of the mixture will keep in the fridge and last you about 2-3 days. Sometimes I add some grated ginger too!


I first got into essential oils as a teen with my trusty oil burner and a bunch of probably very fake cheap fragrances. I then re-discovered them when planning for labour. JuJu Sundin’s Birth Skills book was my birthing bible and one of her labour techniques was to use a citrus essential oil on a tissue to help you focus and breathe through the contractions. I now use them daily in so many different ways. I could write a whole post on this topic, and probably will soon but my favourite way to use essential oils and experience the benefits is by diffusing them. There are so many combinations that I love and I switch them around based on my mood, time of day, etc. I feel like I breathe deeper when I use them and they just make me happy!


This is one I do struggle with a little with consistency. Ideally I’d like to have one every day, but I’m just not organised enough, run out of time or ingredients.  But I do have them a couple of times a week and feel like they really do make a big difference. My fave combo is kale, mango and banana but now that mango season is over I’m enjoying spinach apple and kiwi too. Simple Green Smoothies have some awesome recipes too and it’s worth checking out the Green Smoothie challenges they run regularly to help get you in the habit of making them.


This one is a bit gross I know, but I swear there’s something in it. Tongue cleaning with a tongue cleaner like this one apparently removes toxins and blah blah. You can read more about the benefits here better than I can explain them. I do it a few times a week and it feels really good. Gross I know but give it a go and let me know what you think.


I struggle with consistently going to the gym, or going for runs, but my Friday morning yoga class is locked in, non negotiable and if I miss it for whatever reason, I’m really shitty! Ideally I’d love to do a class 3-4 times per week but it’s really hard to get to a class that fits into the crazy work/kids schedule, creche opening hours, etc. But for now, I know even just 1 class per week really does contribute to my overall health.


I sip on green or herbal tea all day. Drinking green tea has so many benefits, it counts as part of my water intake and it just calms me.

Do you do any of these things? I would love love to hear what little things you swear by to stay healthy.

Leave me a comment below with any tips you have. 

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25 thoughts on “8 Ways To Stay Well This Winter

  1. We’ve really improved our sleep hygiene, drink loads more water and eating a lot more veggies, and plant based food in general. We’re also big fans of green smoothies (hubster’s breakfast of choice, go figure!) and have started to swap English breakfast tea with milk for herbal varieties! I love the idea of the honey drink, I’m totally going to try that out and as soon as I get me some moolah, I’m going to get one of those diffuser thingys! Looking forward to the essential oil post!

    1. Good one you re the herbals! What’s hubby’s fave green smoothie recipe? I’m always looking for new ones to try! xx

  2. Lemon and manuka honey drink sounds like a super simple thing to add to your day to keep healthy! Will pop manuka honey on my shopping list for next week :) I love our oil burner too but admit I haven’t used it as much as I would like. I’d love to read more about your favourite essential oils and combinations you use, I tend to stick with my faves of citrus, lavender or peppermint.

    1. They are my faves too Emma! Along with Frankincense. Loving that one insanely right now! The manuka honey/lemon drink is super easy and I’m surprised at how good I’ve been at keeping it up every day. Let me know how you go with it! xx

    1. I sweat the multi makes a big difference! I’d love to hear what you think of Yoga once you get into it! Enjoy! xx

  3. Tongue cleaning – I have heard of it for ages but I was completely grossed out when I realised at friend’s house that they SHARED a cleaner….I just …yeah I can’t stomach even thinking about it ever again. That was probably a decade ago and I feel queasy now!

    1. I’m the same Claire! Sometimes its just so hard to actually get to class but once I’m there all is right with the world! xx

    1. The tongue cleaning is highly addictive! Really! I’m slack with the water intake too… tea on the other hand! xx

  4. What a helpful post and good on you for all of the ways you are caring for yourself. I see so many people using the doterra (sp) essential oils but am never sure of their purpose. I would appreciate a post about it. Thanks Shannon! Denyse x

    1. Thanks Denyse. So glad you found it helpful. I shall work up some ideas for an Essential Oils post. So many different uses and benefits as I’m discovering. xx

  5. I am trying to increase my plain water intake as opposed to pretending that my 15 cups of tea a day are actually water lol. I really want to invest in some of the doterra aromatherapy but it just isn’t in the budget at the moment. Sleep is really important to me lots of sleep to help.

    I love this list I am sure I will refer back more than once this winter. And tongue cleaning I am intrigued off to investigate now!

    1. So glad you found the post helpful. Doterra is not cheap, but worth every cent! And tea totally counts as part of your water intake. I think so anyway ;) xx

  6. Can I be a total yoga hippy and suggest you also add a neti pot to your list?! You’re already up on tongue scraping so you’re already half way there! It’s amazing for your sinuses, especially during the winter months. Google it. xx

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