Adventure Awaits: Gold Coast 2015

adventure awaits

I’m officially all theme parked out!

We just spent 5 adventure filled days on the Gold Coast with our besties and it was fabulous. I ticked over another year while we were there and had such a great birthday. It was so fun to spend my special day with my special peeps.

I thought we’d need more than 5 days, you know to unwind a bit but I have to say I’m done for now and happy to be home and back into our normal routine, as crazy as it is. Yep, Dorothy was right… there’s no place like home!

12 months ago we bought a deal online from Cudo and locked in the trip with our mates. We stayed at SeaWorld Resort and I can’t really fault it. It’s so wonderful for families, especially with the age our kids are.


Let me start with the most important thing… The Food! We ate in the shoreline restaurant for brekkie and most dinners. It was buffet with all you can eat oysters, prawns, crabs and bugs Saturday and Sunday nights. I was in heaven!

As was the little Mr who said the buffet was his favourite thing about the whole trip! I think he ate his body weight in pancakes, but he was happy! And the cost was $1 for each year of age so we paid $10 for both kids per meal. And our meals were 2 for 1. How good is that!

Cocktails were also 2 for 1 so of course we indulged in a few of those pool side.

cocktails by the pool

We did one child free dinner at Glass just down the road at the marina while the kids were in the evening session at the kids club (included free with our deal) and it was fabulous. The kids were fed and had a ball playing mini Olympics and we got our much needed time out.

We also took the kids to Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant in the resort complex for  Teppanyaki which was such a fun experience and 25% off (also included in our deal).


There was a Nickelodeon character meet and greet every morning in the hotel foyer and a SpongeBob Splash Bash Water and Light Show  every night which the kids loved!

Nickelodeon meet and greet

There were Life guards at the pool. Of course we still had to watch the kids like a hawk but having the lifeguards there did give us a little peace of mind.

I had a combo facial and massage, my birthday pressie from C which was absolute bliss.

And we had full access to SeaWorld,  MovieWorld and Wet n Wild  for 5 days. We didn’t do Wet n Wild this time, just thought it would be a bit hectic with such young kids but will definitely do it again next time!

SeaWorld was where we spent the most time, given we were staying right next door. Nickelodeon Land  recently opened and the kids loved it. Perfect for our kids ages and the lines never got too crazy. Hate to think what school holidays would be like though!

Nickelodeon Land

PA170213 PA170228 PA170206

And we got the worst parents in the world award for this…

seaworld ride

They do a Dolphin Discovery Presentation just for resort guests where you get a behind the scenes sneak peak at a Dolphin training session. I’m always torn on these kinds of things. Part of me hates it and part of me knows they are so well looked after.


We also saw the Seal show, the Jet Ski show, the Sharks, Tortoises, Ninja Turtles Show, Rays that you can pat and the polar bear  was such a highlight. On our first visit he was asleep on a rock but the second visit he was swimming doing flips right up against the glass which was mesmerising. Again, I have very mixed feelings about a bear that big being stuck in an enclosure but I know he’s very well looked after.

polar bear

We spent an afternoon at the SeaWorld water park  and went on the big slide.

The Viking flume ride was a fave and for adults the storm and jet rescue rides were a laugh.

I’m not one for roller coasters but as it was my birthday (and as I have some very pushy friends) and a small case of fomo, I thought why the hell not, just do it and I’m so glad I did. It was SO much fun!

storm ride

After we’d had enough of SeaWorld, we ventured to MovieWorld for a day and I have to say the change of scenery was great. Similar to Nickelodeon land, they too have a kids area which was spot on for our kids and the Junior Driving School was a fave, especially with our car crazy little Mr. He could not get enough.

learner driving school


kids in capes

We saw the stunt show which was lots of fun, then the big brave adults went on the superman and batman rides and I opted to err umm… watch the kids. These rides looked hardcore and with a half hour wait I just couldn’t be bothered. That was my excuse anyway.


I did go on the Scooby Dooby ride with the girls, which was like a roller coaster in the dark and it was so fun!

And once again we got the worst parent award for taking the little Mr on the Wild West boat ride. He did forgive us a bit later. What can I say, just helping build his resilience!


On the whole, the kids were so well behaved and travelled really well.

I would have loved a 2 week holiday with some more time to really unwind as we all came home pretty tired. Travelling with kids is exhausting, especially when you go from theme park to pool to dinner to light show.

So now I’m having buffet withdrawals and still struggling to cook for the fam but so grateful for our getaway. We hadn’t had any kind of family break all year, so it’s exactly what we needed to help get us through the slog until the Christmas break.

While we were there, the same Cudo deal came up again so we snapped one up and we’ve already booked to go back next year with our friends. So I have a year to work up the courage to give those hard core rides a go!

Have you done the Gold Coast theme parks? Do you love or hate roller coasters?









19 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits: Gold Coast 2015

    1. Nickelodeon land is awesome. We practically lived there. The kids could not get enough. Your little guy would love it! xx

  1. I didn’t know Seaward Resort was so cool with all the extra things. Hmm, might have to check it out when we are looking for a getaway. How good are kids clubs!?! Ari is keen as mustard for them, only a few more years and I can pop them both in. ;) Scooby Doo is my favourite rollercoaster too.

    1. Kids clubs are the best arent they! Its the first time we’ve made use of it.. In Hawaii the little Mr was too young by 2 days and his big sis wouldn’t go in without him. Seaworld was amazing value, definitely worth checking out. you are so close too! xx

    1. It was great value Christine! And yes, I totally wish we had a couple of days of down time. We came home needing a holiday from our holiday! xx

    1. Its funny how scared we get as we get older. I was the same as a kid… loved all kinds of rides, now I’m much more cautious! xx

    1. Oh that’s so lovely to hear you enjoyed it too! Such great value wasn’t it! taking a friend is a great idea too… maybe when ours are a bit older. xx

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