And If The Music Is Good You Mosh

For Valentines day my hubby relaxed his No More Tickets rule and bought us tickets to see a favourite band of ours, 90s Irish Alternative rock band, Ash.  Considering we don’t do Valentines day, I was pleasantly surprised!

We bonded over their music during our early dating days and saw them live after just a couple of months together. One of their songs was on our Wedding Album, so we were pretty excited to re-live this happy time in our lives.

We dropped our2morrows off for a sleep over at their grandparents and off we went on our date night, starting at the Opera Bar for cocktails, then moving on to dinner, before arriving at the venue just before 9pm. The tickets stated 8pm start time so we thought we’d catch a bit of the support band before Ash came on.

But there was no one around, not a soul. We wondered if we had the right venue. Turns out we did, and the girl on the front door told us that the support band didn’t start until after 9pm, with Ash not due to start until after 10:15pm. We were un-fashionably early.

So off we went to the local pub to kill some time and perk ourselves up with a few drinks. I could have really done with a pot of chamomile tea and a nanna blankie over my knees at this point in time, but there was a cool muso at the pub, playing some classic rock on his guitar taking requests which was fun and killed a bit of time.

We finally got back to the gig and found a place to perch near the bar with a good view of the stage. We ordered our drinks, beer in a can of course. Just like old times.

The crowd started to turn up with an average age of about 35. Awesome, we felt right at home.

Then Ash started playing and the crowd went crazy and it was hilarious! Late 30s & 40 somethings let loose for the first time in years. But it was seriously the nicest crowd I’ve ever seen at a rock gig. They cleared a bit of space when you walked through the crowd and there were ladies in their late 30s moshing with very lady like handbags on their shoulders.

The band then played one of our wedding songs and hubby who by this stage had consumed many more beers in a can than I had, dragged me up the front and before I knew it we too were moshing! And it was so much fun!

It was the safest I’ve ever felt in a mosh pit ever. Last time we moshed properly was at the big day out where hubby got bitten on the shoulder by a crazy chick during Metallica’s set. Classy!

There was no shoulder biting going on here thank god. Although hubby did get bourbon spilled on his shirt and my shoes stuck to the sticky bourbon covered floor. Yep, just like old times.

But the music was good, so we moshed!

And for a brief moment, we were in our early 20s again.

And it was fun.

Oh so fun.

Then it finished, and we rushed to beat the queue and get a cab.

And my ears were ringing.

And they were still ringing most of Sunday as we navigated the Sunday hungover… with kids.

And suddenly it was back to reality. We’re not 20 somethings anymore… and I’m glad we’re not. But damn it was fun pretending we were again. Just for a short time.

If the music is good, you mosh!





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25 thoughts on “And If The Music Is Good You Mosh

  1. I used to love Ash! I still love going to gigs but these days I’m such a nana, I like to sit down. Heaven forbid, I should have to stand, let alone mosh! I can’t believe they didn’t come on stage until 10, I would have been in Sleepy Town. It sounds like a great night though and what a fun trip down Memory Lane. Hopefully hubby enjoyed it so much he will want to keep the No Ticket Rule permanently relaxed!

    1. Oh let’s hope so. I think it should be permanently relaxed cause that’s really living! Your gig sounded amazing too… and totes agree re the sitting thing. Willing to pay more for sitting tickets these days ;)

  2. Sounds like loads of fun Shannon! It’s been years since I went to a concert of any description, the last one was Bon Jovi 5 years ago while pregnant with my first son! Laughed at your mention of preferring a tea and a blanket! LOL #TeamIBOT

    1. Oh that’s a huge effort going to a big concert when pregnant. I hope you had seats! It is harder to do these types of things once the kids come along but it makes it even more special when you do I think. Xx

  3. OMG Ash are still going! How awesome is that!? I have their breakthrough album, and like to throw it on whenever I want to feel like a teenager again. It’s gold.

    1. Haha. Oh so romantic… especially the bit where we were killing time at the pub watching the footy.. me trying to stay awake . Totes romance ;)

  4. That sounds awesome!!! What an epic date night out like old times. I can’t quite remember Ash, but if I listened to their music I’m sure I will. I’m glad you had a fun time.

    1. I’m sure you’d recognising them Renee. Pop it on before you clean the house and let me know what you think. Xx

  5. Shannon

    This sounds like so much fun! The last time Hubby and I went to a gig was before I had our twins! That is nearly 11 years ago!

    I badly wanted to see Hunters and Collectors when they recently re-formed but I was too sick. Another band I would love to see is The Break it is a collaboration between a couple of Oils members and Femmes members. They do only instrumental surf music like Bombora. They are truly awesome!

    How I miss the old days of mosh pits and pub gigs!

    1. Oh cool. Off to check them out Cat! Thanks for the tip. I too miss the pub days… but I don’t miss coming home smelling like cigarette smoke! Xx

  6. How good is it to let your hair down! That’s awesome. I would have spewed when I found out that they weren’t coming on until 10:15!! I would have been with you and the blanket idea. Glad it was worth it and how good are grandparents!!

  7. 1977 was on high rotation in my room in the 90s. Oh Yeah and Girl From Mars – so many memories! It was around the time Handy Hubby and I first started dating too. The mid 90s was such a great time for music. I used to go to every gig in town, mosh my little heart out and collect set lists (I still have a few of them!). These days I’m more selective about which gigs I go to but like to think I still have just as much fun (even more so with a crowd of 30 and 40 somethings who are there to appreciate the music). Waking up to the kids with your ears ringing and severely lacking a sleep is the hard part :)

    1. Oh you’re a 90s girl after my own heart Tash! Girl from Mars is a cracker! Keep that set list collection. Very precious! Xx

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