Crazy Town

Crazy Town

It seems that life has been crazy for so many of us lately and it’s only going to get more insane as the silly season approaches. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Sonia talks about it here and Fleur also touches on it here.

Like so many of you, my days are spent running here there and everywhere, barely stopping to take a breath. School drop off, school pick up {where 6 hours flies by in what seems like only 3}. There’s 3 days of work per week which at this time of year is more like 4 days, plus some interstate work travel. And I’ve just started a 6 week future marketer course at work. Which I’m excited about but the time commitment… Ahh!

Then there’s the grocery shopping, swimming lessons, errands, canteen duty, literacy groups, kids parties, housework, oh and class parent duties! {because there just wasn’t enough on my plate}.

Weekends are filled with the kids sport commitments and we’re about to kiss goodbye any chance of a Sunday sleep in when nippers starts soon. Hang on, who am I kidding… there’s no such thing as a Sunday sleep in! But I do remain hopeful!

And then there’s this blog of mine which is an absolute labour of love but time consuming.

I actually crashed and burned the other week, I caught the kids bug and spent 18 straight hours in bed. Just couldn’t soldier on. Not sure I’ve ever spent that long in bed before -well maybe I have but it was the 90s and self inflicted so doesn’t count.

It was at that point mum said to me…

“Darling, perhaps you’re doing a little too much!”

Mum’s always know best don’t they! Yep, perhaps I’ am doing a little too much, and I know I need to slow down. But you can’t just jump off a moving train can you? You can’t just press pause. Sure, you can start to say no to some things, which I’m slowly getting better at doing, but this is the pace now. Life is this way for so many of us.

So you can’t just stop, but you can make an effort to slow things down a little, and I’ve decided that even though the next few months will send us further towards crazy town, I’m going to bring back some of the simple things that make me the happiest me…

 Reading the Sunday paper, actually on Sunday, curled up with hot cup of tea

 Going to the movies (it’s been months and I don’t remember the last movie I saw)

 Going for family bike rides

 Walking the dog in the mornings

 Taking a hot bath

 Playing tunes at home, other than what Miss 6 demands

 Lazy afternoons at the playground

 Impromptu drinks with friends

 Frisbee in the park

 Pedi’s with my girls

 Baking with My2Morrows

 Colouring in

Get myself to more yoga classes

 Taking the dog for a swim

 Losing myself in a book – an actual paper book

 Laying on the grass looking up at the clouds

 Taking the time to make green juices/smoothies again – I found it challenging to do this in winter!

 Burning my ‘good’ candles

 Getting my 10,000 steps per day

All these things are totally possible, most don’t even cost anything. It’s just up to me to commit and just do them!

Are you living in Crazy Town too? What are some things you’re craving right now?

PS. I’ve joined Chantelle’s Good Life Gang on Facebook. A gorgeous group of people from all over the world who just want to better their lives in their own way. We’re inspiring each other and I’m already feeling more motivated and inspired. Charge up your fitbit’s and come and join us!





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53 thoughts on “Crazy Town

  1. I’m hearing you lovely! LOUD AND CLEAR! I’m trying to implement a little more ME into the routine. We definitely need it. Don’t we! And here’s to joining you on actually reading the paper on Sunday. I did it last weekend, and it was good. X

  2. YES! I’ve been working hard to get my 10,000 steps a day and have been borrowing a couple of books from the library each week to let myself ‘escape’ for awhile. I hope you are well and truly over your nasty bug and things slow down a little for you soon x

    1. Thank you lovely, we have had a good week on the health front and I’m working in some slow time finally. Good on you with the 10,000 steps and you’ve inspired me to get to the library! xx

    1. Thanks Son. I’m working through the list slowly but determined to do more of the simple things that make me happy. Hope you are having a fab week and look forward to joining you for happy hour soon. xx

    1. Oh I know Toni… its been years since I’ve had a hot bath too! Its on the list though, so that means its going to happen soon!
      And I totally get what you mean about not knowing how to not be busy! Hoping you get some slow time too. xx

  3. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit… This post just reminded me that the silly season is closer than we think and time for the crazy to get crazier… if you need me I’ll be in my underground bunker until January.

  4. I’m the opposite and don’t have a lot on but I have in the past had to pull back and focus on only what I HAVE to do and what I want to do.

    I think working out what makes you happy and prioritising that is very important!

  5. That’s a cracking list and I’m trying to do more of the same. I’m back on the Green Smoothie Train (and loving it) smashing the 10,000 steps and doing more than my share of cloud spotting. It’s so important to take time out before we burn out, isn’t it? That said, I’m craving some colouring in time and I’d like to finish the book that I started (last) Christmas! How good is that gang?!

    1. Loving the gang. I’ve been walking to school, eating better, getting my step count in and I just feel really motivated across the board… all because of that wonderful group. So glad you’ve been getting some cloud gazing in and I bet you’ll finish that book you started by the end of the year! xx

  6. I can’t believe it’s nearly silly season again! Awesome list, make sure you tick a few things off and look after yourself. I’m exhausted just reading everything in your schedule!

  7. I loved this post because it pretty much exactly sums up how I feel at the moment. I feel like I’m on a moving train at the moment and am very stressed about it, but don’t know how to get off. That’s some great advice there. I hadn’t heard about Chantelle’s group. I’ll have to join. Thanks :)

    1. Yes Renee come and join… its so motivating. I’ve been walking the kids to school instead of driving, getting my step count in and eating better. its so motivating. I totally get what you mean about the moving train. Hoping it slows down for you lovely. xx

  8. After a bout of Whooping Cough felled me a few months ago I have been making an effort to cut out the extra ‘stuff’. The things that I feel I should be doing rather than the fun, relaxing and mindful activities which are so important for the whole family. I hope you are back to 100% soon. Xx

    1. Oh Monique, Whopping cough is horrible. I had it when I was 10 weeks pregnant with my first. Not fun at all. Glad it’s helped you re-focus on what’s important though. Enjoy your wk end! xx

  9. Yep im living in crazy town at the moment too! Two weeks of sickness, tonsillitis and germs in our household has gotten the better of me! Definitely my body saying slow down! I am treating myself to acupuncture after work tonight, which I am looking forward to. Its hard to remember to look after yourself sometimes, so I am trying to slow down and do just that! Have a god weekend x

    1. Oh not you too Ashlea! Enjoy the acupuncture and I hope you are on the mend soon. See you down the rabbit hole on the weekend. xx

  10. It’s definitely crazy . . . feels like it’s been nothing, nothing, nothing for three months than boom – September arrives and suddenly I’m double booking and going from one thing to the other and the calendar for the rest of the year is filling up fast. At least we’re all healthy and my daughter is too young to be instigating many activities or events!

    1. Oh yes Beth.. the calendar is out of control and booking up until Christmas. So glad your little one is healthy! Have a fab wk end xx

  11. I hear you! It isn’t until things come to a sudden halt that we realise how much we are doing. I hope you recovered well and enjoyed burning your ‘good’ candles. I also just started delegating, by hiring a cleaner. Best decision I have made to date. It’s amazing how much more ‘on top of things’ I feel just from one small action.

    Great tips lovely! I am definitely saving these tips for the next crazy day! x

    1. Oh yay for the cleaner. Best money you will ever spend for sure! Hope you manage to stay in control lovely. If not… there’s always candles to burn and clouds to watch! xx

  12. I definitely think it must be in the planets at the moment because so many people are crashing out. For the past two weeks I have been out of it. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and basically burnt out. I finally admitted it to myself yesterday and kind of hit the very bottom of the spiral. This morning I woke up inspired and full of action. I hope you get to do some of the things on your list soon. Fill your cup xx

  13. Go go go – I feel like I’m constantly under the pump too! I go through 3 month cycles where everything builds up until I crash and then tell myself to slow down. I do, for a moment, until it all starts to build up again. I have a couple of short holidays coming up so that will help me recharge before the silly season. I hope you manage to maintain your slowing down Shannon – your happy list looks perfect. And I think as long as we have young kids, we’ll forever be in crazy town. I have a print at home that simple says “The kids are making memories… please excuse the mess.” Sums up our house perfectly :)

    1. I think I need one of those prints… sounds perfect! And you are right re the 3 month cycles, very similar for us too. I hope you manage to slow things down too lovely. Your mini breaks sound wonderful! xx

    1. I just read your post Raychael. My gosh, you really are in crazy town aren’t you. The sleep factor makes it all much worse too doesn’t it. Maybe try a few things on my list… I always find the simple things can be the most effective! Hope it eases for you soon. xx

  14. YES!!! I love your happy things! I always have a candle burning whenever I’m home. I just love them!! And yes, I don’t know what it is at the moment, but it’s SO crazy busy already. What on earth will December be like!!!!

  15. Oh hun – I hear you. Crazy town is a place I am very familiar with but I am so happy to see you are taking the steps to regain a little balance chick. Getting back to basics and the simple things always works for me too. Soaking up the family grounds me the most, they always put everything into perspective for me. Take care lovely lady – ok! xx

  16. Oh hun – I hear you. Crazy town is a place I am very familiar with but I am so happy to see you are taking the steps to regain a little balance chick. Getting back to basics and the simple things always works for me too. Soaking up the family grounds me the most, they always put everything into perspective for me. Take care lovely lady – ok! xx

  17. I was living in Crazy Town. Then I injured my back and have spent nearly 6 months with medical issues, the bulk of which can be put down to doing too much and being under too much stress.

    We put ourselves last way too often and wear ourselves down. Never again.

  18. I love your list of luxuries. When my kids were young and I was doing all that running around I used to think there would be times for those little luxuries when they grew up and my nest was empty. Hate to tell you but Crazy Town doesn’t go away. You barely have time to catch your breath and the grandkids arrive with all their love and babysitting duties. Your grown children still need help from time to time and you’re still working and cleaning and doing all that – but a little bit slower, so time flies by. I wish I’d done what you are doing and MADE some time for the little luxuries of life. That way I would be good at it now, instead of just learning. :)

    1. Oh I can only imagine Crazy Town as a Grandparent. I do hope you are making some time for those little luxuries now.
      Thanks so much for stopping by xx

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