Dear Master Five

“Mummy if you don’t let me, I’ll put you in the bin an put a lock on it.”

Ahh such is life with a four year old.

A four year old who is four no longer, because yesterday my sweet boy you turned five.

How can it be that my baby is five?

I can hardly believe it. Because it feels like you just turned 4.

The baby who came along and completely stole my heart from the first moment I saw him, is now 5!

Dear Master Five,

You completely rock my world. If there were such a thing as the favourite child {which there totes isn’t, but if there was…} well let’s just say you would be a very likely candidate little man.

A friend told me before you arrived that little boys are just so special. She couldn’t really explain it any further than that, but I now get it. And you…. you are just a joy. Pure joy. Always happy. And everyone says so.

Except for this moment. #worstparentsintheworld

You make me laugh like no other person on earth.

“Mummy, is the yoghurt on or off?”
“Mummy can you give me a massage on my soldiers? {shoulders}”

You are lego obsessed and insisted on having a lego themed party this year.

I’m in awe at how you sit, sometimes for hours on end.. constructing lego. Following the instructions all by yourself with no adult help at all.

You are so obsessed, that I need to make you take breaks and go outside to bounce on the trampoline.

Your sister is even missing you, because “Mummy all he does is lego”. You haven’t even touched your matchbox cars since you got that first big boy lego set for Christmas. And you were so obsessed with them.

You’re growing, you’re learning. You’re thriving!

You’re imagination astounds me everyday. And you talk… non stop!

ALL DAY! About anything and everything.

“Mummy did you know…..” and off you go with your wild imagination.

And I love that everything has rocket boosters.

Mummy, see this bird… it has rocket boosters!


And I still love that you are a little scardey cat. The most harmless bugs freak you out and you come running to mumma.

I know it won’t last forever so I’m lapping it up!

So we can always remember this beautiful age, we asked you some questions…

Fave colour? Orange

Fave toy? Cars, lego

Fave snack? Fruit bars

Fave TV show? Blaze and the monster machines

Fave movie? Lego movie

Fave thing to eat for lunch? Croissants

Fave outfit? Iron man T shirt

Fave Game? Pass the parcel

Fave fruit? Strawberry’s

Fave Animal? Pig

Fave Song? Gangnam style

Fave book? Lego City book

Book best friend? George

Fave Cereal? Porridge

Fave Thing to do outside? Jump on the trampoline

Fave Drink? Orange juice

Fave treat? Easter eggs

Fave holiday? Port Lincoln

Fave thing to take to bed at night? Darth Vador soft toy

Fave thing to eat for breakfast? Pancakes

Fave thing for dinner? Bow pasta

What do you want to be when you grow up? Policeman

Favourite thing about dad?  He bounces me on the trampoline

Favourite thing about mum? How you say I love you everyday

Favourite thing about your sister? She lets me play with her

Fave sport? Soccer

A month ago, I was thinking that there’s no way you would be ready for school next year, but just in the last month alone you have started taking an interest in writing, sounds and things you had little interest in previously. You’re even asking for homework so you can be just like your big sister. So I know you will be ready for big school come January. And I know I totally won’t be! Gosh, I got teary taking in your enrolment form this week!

I treasure the days we have together, just you and me. My little buddy and our Tuesday routine… swimming lessons, grocery shopping and our sushi date for lunch. I can see that time we have together, just you and me, running out and that makes me sad, but excited at the same time for what lies ahead for you when you go off to big school next year.

You have your little crew of besties who you adore and you’re such a loyal friend.

You started soccer this year and although it hasn’t exactly clicked for you yet {you spend most of the game looking at the sky, mucking around with your team mates or doing handstands}, the most important part for you is just being with your little mates.

You’re off training wheels on your bike and you beat your sister to it, which made you so proud and her more determined.

Captain Chaos is still your nickname 5 years on {chaos for short}… and you still live up to that name. And you love it too!

So my little Chaos. Happy 5th birthday. Thanks for being our little bubble of joy and letting me drown you in kisses.

I love you BIG!

Mumma xoxo






8 thoughts on “Dear Master Five

    1. Aww thank you lovely. I hope he appreciates this when he’s older. Little boys are so special aren’t they! xx

  1. Love this, still haven’t started with my kids. I really have to do it!
    Ok Shannon dear, I have the french alter ego of your master 5 with me. And I bring him in Sydney so you’ll have to bring legos and we’ll have a very lego party!
    xx cathy

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