Dear Miss Seven

dear miss seven

Dear Miss Seven,

I was just getting used to having a six year old, then you went and turned 7! Time really is flying, but watching you navigate the world is just such a pleasure and my biggest joy in life. Seven is just sunshine and rainbows. It’s such a lovely, sweet age.

You are so smart, a little bit stubborn {you totally get that from Daddy}, ever so sweet and simply stunning!

You love swimming, ballet, jazz, and your friends have become super important to you this past year. It’s so lovely to see you nurture your friendships. You are so loyal and such a good friend.

You challenge us… so much! You are quite head strong and although that can be frustrating for a mumma, I know that will serve you well in life.

Here’s a few of your favourite things… Aged 7.

Favourite colour? Blue
Favourite toy? Shopkins
Favourite snack? Pretzels
Favourite TV show? Henry danger
Favourite movie? Tinkerbell
Favourite thing to eat for lunch? Croissant
Favourite outfit? Jazz dance outfit
Favourite game? Uno
Favourite fruit? Apples
Favourite animal? Dolphin
Favourite song? Jungle gym (Jack Johnson)
Favourite book? Billie brown books
Best friend? Tiana
Favourite cereal? Porridge
Favourite thing to do outside? Jump on the trampoline
Favourite drink? Sunkist
Favourite treat? Lollipop
Favourite holiday? Seaworld
Fave thing to take to bed at night? Spot (ladybug)
Favourite thing to eat for breakfast? Pancakes
Favourite thing for dinner? Mexican pizza
What do you want to be when you grow up? Nail lady
Favourite thing about dad?  Bounces me on the trampoline
Favourite thing about mum? She gets up nice and early and she gives us ice blocks.
Favourite thing about your brother? That he plays with me and likes my games
Favourite sport? Gymnastics

Every single day you make me proud to be your mum.

Happy 7 my sweet girl, my sunshine!

Love Mumma x






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