In the midst of chaos of the Sydney storm {which saw us without power or hot water for 5 days} my huz C turned forty!

Over the hill! Which is completely crazy because I swear he just turned thirty? And gosh, I remember my parents turning forty! Now I’m married to a forty year old, and only a couple of years off forty myself!

It took him a while to decide how he wanted to celebrate. He’d had a big party for his 30th so he didn’t want to do that again. Dinners and big nights out are tricky and  waking up to kids when you’re hungover is freakin torture. So in the end, he decided he wanted to shout his best mates a surfing lesson followed by brunch, so that’s exactly what we did.

The morning of, I was just not into it. Almost 5 days without power or hot water had sent me into a frenzy. Not to mention, the day prior as I was getting organised for the birthday celebration, I locked my keys inside C’s parents apartment where C’s personalised chocolate mud cake was chilling in the fridge. And his parents were away for 5 weeks! Shocker of a week!

But cake drama’s aside, the morning was picture perfect. Manly had turned it on… the water was super clear and the sun was shining, so I took two Panadeine, pulled myself out of my funk and off we went to Manly Surf School where we poured ourselves our wetsuits and hit the waves.

Unfortunately there are no photos to show you of the surfing fun, cause we were all in the water, so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say I totes looked like this…



Kidding! I wish!

Luckily our friends had their Go Pro and managed to capture some of our perfect morning. Thanks Billy & Shaz! {That’s me with the blue board and C with the Yellow board.}

I did manage to stand up which I was pretty stoked with {totes up with the surf talk now} as did the rest of the crew. It was a super fun morning and not only was my headache cured, I felt completely cleansed of all my worries. Salt water therapy! I highly recommend it! After the surf, it was time to fuel up with brunch with our fave people.

All in all, it was a perfect way to celebrate C turning forty!

Happy 40th Birthday to the King of Our Castle, my rock, my reflection. You inspire me everyday and I can’t wait to spend the next 80+ years by your side. x





2015-04-26 06.56.10

Are you over the hill yet? How did you celebrate? Have you ever had a surfing lesson?






10 thoughts on “Forty

  1. I’ve had the best fun since I was 40! I got a bus load of mates and we went on a day trip to the Hunter Valley and had a big fat knees up at a local bar when we got back in the evening. It was such fun! I’m love looking at the ocean, but don’t like being in it, so I wouldn’t have a surf lesson but I’d happily be the official photographer! I loved the video – sounds like you all had an ace day! Your love turned 40 and it was fabulous! Your turn next, lady!

    1. Thanks lovely… your 40th sounds perfect! I’ll definitely be embracing it when its my turn. Life just gets better at 40 huh! xx

  2. Haha I am way over that hill and having fun.
    The joke is I can’t wait to be fifty so I can paddle with the GRAND masters in Dragon boating.
    I am too young for some events .
    I’ve never tried surfing and I prefer calmer waters with 19 other paddlers and a sweep in a 10m boat with paddles.

    1. Sounds fabulous Trish! Go you!
      So glad you are way over the hill and still having fun! Thanks for popping by! xx

  3. I escaped with Mum, Dad, Hubby, kids, Sister, Bro in Law, niece and nephews to Lord Howe Island for my 40th. Gorgeous! The littlest boys (one of mine and one of much sister’s) were still only bubs though so we were kind of in that sleep deprived state. By 50 however I will have an 11 and a 14 year old. Maybe a trip to New York will be in order? X

    1. New York is always a good idea Ellen!
      Lord HOwe sounds fab. I think I need to start planning mine now. it will be here before we know it! xx

    1. Thanks lovely. I think I’m going to like 40! Better start planning the celebration now I think.. .it will be here before we know it! xx

  4. Happy birthday to C! Sounds like he had a great day! You know 40’s is the new 30’s. It’s an awesome decade to be in! And I can’t swim to save my own life so unlikely to have a surfing lesson anytime soon.

    1. Everyone I speak to about their 40’s says the same Steph. I think I’ll embrace it when its my turn! xx

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