Holding Onto That Holiday Feeling

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No matter how hard you try to hang onto that holiday feeling, it just fades so quickly once you’re back into the usual routine. So I thought I’d re-live it by sharing some of my fave 10 holiday photos for this month’s 10 on 10 photography circle.

10 on 10 February 2016 – That Holiday Feeling

plane shot
Flying into my hometown
Port Lincoln town jetty. The town was a buzz with a ship in port for the day. Tourists gallore!
jetty shot
Glassy perfection! And about 39 degrees!
Another beautiful South Australian sunset!
I fell in love with this mosaic couch plonked in the town centre
With matching mosaic scrabble board. How cool are those words!
Port Lincoln town jetty, with the original decking I remember as a kid!
The perfect spot for farewell drinks with my girlfriends… and a couple of seagulls
boat house
Back in Sydney to finish off our holiday and we finally got ourselves to the Boathouse at Shelley Beach.
So pretty… and right by the seaside!

How do you hold onto that holiday feeling? 

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25 thoughts on “Holding Onto That Holiday Feeling

  1. Oh your hometown is full of pretty! I especially love the jetty and the sunsets seem uber magical in South Australia. A visit to the Boathouse is always a treat, isn’t it? I cheat and hold onto the holiday feeling by booking or planning another one upon my return!

    1. funny you should say that… I put my leave in the first day back to work! Gotta have something to look forward to huh! xx

  2. It seems such a quite town. Where it is? Your pics remind me mine from Sweden (but only 18 degrees haha). We had lunch at the Boat house at Shelley beach yesterday with Astrid! Loving all the Boat houses !!! You live in such a great place! It’s like kids paradise. xx cathy

    1. I’m so glad you got to the boathouse! Isn’t it so pretty!
      My home town is called Port Lincoln in South Australia. Its a coastal country town, famous for the great white sharks and aquaculture industry. Seafood capital of the world! It’s small but beautiful and still has a big part of my heart! xx

  3. Good old South Australia – they love a jetty don’t they!!?? I think I have a wedding in Port Lincoln next year, or is there another Port town in SA??……. better check that out! ;)

    1. haha… there’s a few Shan. Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Port Neil… but Port Lincoln is by far the prettiest! xx

  4. What a beautiful holiday! That couch is AMAZING! I could think of a couple of spots to put it in my backyard ;)

    As for hanging on to the holiday feeling, I tend to do it through photos and afternoon cocktails ;)

    1. Oh how I’d love a mosaic couch in my back yard! And I love your recipe for hanging onto that holiday feeling. Cocktails always help! xx

  5. Just stunning Shannon! I love South Australia, we’ve headed over twice for school holidays in the last two years from Victoria and we’ll definitely be going back. Great sunsets, great food and great wine! Love it! xx

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