I Heart Music: 90’s Gold

iheart music 90s gold

Starting high school in 1990 meant that the 90’s were my decade.

The decade I became a teen, learnt to drive, got my first job, my first car, got grounded, finished high school, moved to the big smoke to go to uni, turned 18, turned 21 and basically had a tonne load of fun.

I love that we grew up before mobile phones and social media (especially youtube). Things were just less complicated back then.

 I remember calling my besties every night, from a phone with a cord, and we’d talk for hours, even though we had just spent the whole day together at school.

 We’d jump off the town jetty in our uniforms after school in summer, not a care in the world.

 We knew every word to every Madonna/Nirvana/Salt n Pepa song.

  Eps of Neighbours and H&A and later on Melrose Place (#Tuesday’sabitch), Beverly Hills  90210 and Friends were our appointment TV viewing.

  School social outfits were planned months in advance, especially the one with a choreographed routine to Baby Got Back (yet another reason I’m glad YouTube didn’t exist back then!)

  We would drive around town with our P plates and mixed tape blaring from the tape deck. Yes, tape deck! If you were really lucky you had a Pioneer CD player!

Simple, easy, fun times… ahh youth!

And of course, who could forget 90’s fashion – Levis 501’s, crop tops, body suits, check shirts, doc martins, grunge grunge grunge and those fringes!

90s gold
Pass the hairspray!

But a big part of the 90’s for me was of course the music. From pop to rock, r&b and everything in between. I listened to it all. So I’ve poured over my 100% hits and hit machine CD’s and my triple J hottest 100 library to come up with this epic 90’s gold playlist, the next in my I heart music series. Over 26 hours of all the stuff we listened to, from the early 90’s, through the grunge era to the late 90’s where I pretty much listened to Triple J religiously (after waking up to Recovery on ABC).

So, if you’re up for it… strike a pose, bust a move, jump around, chase waterfalls, get jiggy wit it, lose your religion, go down in a blaze of glory, pump up the jam, come out and play, burn to shine. If you don’t want to miss a thing… then, you outa know that this is the playlist for you. Ha! (Ok, I could go on but I’ll stop now!)

Go and grab a West Coast Cooler, and reminisce with me. Then share in the comments below what defined the 90’s for you! I’d love to hear!

I heart Music: 90’s Gold

*To listen you need a Spotify account which is free or you can subscribe to Spotify Premium. Once you  have a Spotify account, just click on any song above, then be sure to follow the playlist so you can listen at any time.

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18 thoughts on “I Heart Music: 90’s Gold

  1. We must be close to the same age; I started Year 8 in 91 so the 90s are totally my glory days. I heard Wonderwall played on the classic rock station the other day and didn’t know whether to be pleased or devastated! It was all about Home & Away, BH90210, Degrassi (although 80s it was still repeated) and my all-time favourite, Press Gang. I’ve just written a post today about my return to Blue Light fashion! http://www.almostposh.com/2015/11/what-i-wore-denim-skirts.html

    1. Oh wow, we are very close in age! And gosh I loved Degrassi… now I’ve got that song in my head (everybody want something they never give up!) haha!
      Off to read your post now. xx

  2. I’m a 1990’s high school starter too :) 90’s music is still my favourite music. When I hear it being played on a ‘retro’ station it just makes no sense at all to me. The 90’s were only a couple of years ago, right?

    For me it was all about Salt’n’Peppa, Bon Jovi, Madonna, George Michael (90’s George, not 80’s George, he was too cheesy), the Spice Girls, East 17 (remember them??), Mr Big, Sir Mix A Lot, Pearl Jam, Hunters and Collectors and Sinead O’Connor. Off to play my favourite playlist now! x

    1. Oh yes… all those artists are on my playlist too! And totes agree re 90’s George.
      I’m loving hearing 90s songs on the radio lately too… those mashups they do are awesome! xx

  3. I freaking LOVE every one of those songs. I work at a school, managing the sports department, and we have a killer sound system in the stadium we play fun pop songs on for the kids to listen to while playing crazy games like Dodgeball and Red Rover. I think it’s time I curated the ultimate 90’s songlist and gave those kids some REAL music to listen to… so pretty much recreate the setlist from all those Blue Light Discos, and yes I wore flannel shirts, jeans and Rollers to those too!

    1. That is Awesome Katy! And yes jeans and rollers were the go weren’t they! Definitely show those kids some real music!
      Thanks so much for popping by. xx

    1. Oh yes… makes me think of that Angry Anderson song from Scott and Charlene’s wedding! And cassettes… we still have a few around here but no way to play them! Thanks for popping by Jules! xx

  4. I love a good trip down memory lane – especially a musical one! The 90s are probably still my favourite decade in music – so many awesome songs and memories of high school, uni days and meeting Handy Hubby. “90s Alternative” is my favourite Pandora station and gets a regular workout. REM, Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Weezer, Garbage, Soundgarden, Baby Animals, Superjesus – I could go on and on. Better add in a bit of Young MC, Sonia Dada and Extreme just to show I enjoyed a bit of cheese too :) xx

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