I Heart Music: So Frenchy

Music. Besides love, I don’t think there is anything in this world quite as powerful, that has the ability to connect people. No matter who you are or how old you are, it’s a language we can all understand. That feeling when you meet someone who loves your fave artist or song as much as you do = Instant human connection.

I love how we all consume music in different ways.

For me it’s about being taken to a different place whilst on my morning city commute, it’s solitude when flying, it’s company whilst cooking dinner, it’s a sing-a-long disco with my kids, it’s background during a yoga class and every now and then when we can get a babysitter, it’s the live experience or festival.

However you choose to listen, music is an escape for us all in some way!

I Heart Music: So Frenchy

I Heart Music  is a series where I regularly share playlists across all genres that are on high rotation, or playlists that just spark something and provide that escape!

And today we’re talking world music, in particular French music and I have two awesome playlists to share with you. Oui Oui!

Somewhere in the blogosphere I stumbled upon this French Chic playlist…

And I have absolutely thrashed it. I love it so much. It’s perfect for cooking dinner with a glass of wine in one hand, or for when friends visit and you want something chic in the background.

I shared it with my French friend, Cathy who visited Sydney recently. We were organising a French Baking Class while she was here and we needed some French tunes. She checked it out and said there were a few classics missing, so she threw together a new playlist just for us and she’s such a generous soul, she’s agreed to let me share it with you all.

There’s a few familiar tunes, but mostly I have no idea what’s what and who’s who. But that doesn’t matter one bit, because… it just makes me happy.

Like me, I have no doubt you’ll want to go buy a baguette, scrub up on your French phrases and start reading How to be Parisian after listening to these tunes.

You can read Cathy’s wrap on the French Cooking afternoon here, and be sure to sign up to her site to receive her gorgeous recipe cards – the recipes we made on the day. {And trust me, you’ll want her cocktail and nougat recipes}

Happy listening! Au Revoir!

*To listen you need a Spotify account which is free or you can subscribe to Spotify Premium. Once you  have a Spotify account, just click on any song above (you can scroll through), then be sure to follow the playlists so you can listen at any time.

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24 thoughts on “I Heart Music: So Frenchy

  1. I don’t listen to as much music as I like. It’s usually on in the car and I’ve only just started to listen in bed using ear phones. I love music, so I’ve really missed it. I really want to find all the classic pieces I used to listen to in Music class.

    1. I was the same when my2morrows were little Bec. I literally stopped listening to music for a good couple of years. It’s been so great re-discovering it again. xx

    1. Thanks Natalie! I feel exactly the same. I spent pretty much 2 whole years only listening to Justine Clarke and The Wiggles. But it’s been so great to re-discover my old faves and some new stuff too. Enjoy the playlists lovely! xx

  2. I livestream radio on the ipod while I work – my fave stations are Awesome 80s and Light 80s. Yes I’m a complete 80s tragic. I also enjoy a bit of SBS Chill to unwind at night. Can’t say I’ve ever gotten into French music … except Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi Ce Soir … that was popular in the early 80s!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  3. It’s funny but I have also stopped listening to music like Bec. I too stopped doing that when the children were small. I found that I needed the quiet in the house because they made enough noise all on their own. My son has now begun to be interested in music so it’s coming back into the house. Thankfully I can tolerate his 14 year old boy choices so far. :)

    1. Haha. Yes I forgot to mention there arw tunes spanning all genres! So glad you are enjoying it hun. Nit sure how I ever lived without Spotify! X

    1. July? What’s happening in July? I need to get onto the kids playlist. Will do in the next couple of weeks as it’s school holidays here now. Xx

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