Last Day Of School Blues

last day of school blues

I didn’t expect to be emotional on her last day of school. The first day, yes of course… I braced for it for weeks, and yes there were tears (as you can read about here) but the last day of school blues really took me by surprise.

I expected a feeling of relief. We made it, woohoo. No more school lunches to make! Instead I was a bit of a mess which continued for a couple of days after too.

The  class had a farewell party in the afternoon and Miss 6’s teacher invited all the parents to join in and bring a plate. I think all the parents felt the same with comments like “I just can’t believe it’s the end of their first year of school”.  And “I hope they will be in the same class next year”. I feel like we were just getting into a routine, getting to know the kids in her class and their parents. And such lovely group they were too. And now that’s all going to change.

Maybe that’s why it’s so emotional, it’s been a big year of change. For all of us. With daycare, not that much really changes. But with school.. so… much…change! A new teacher, new classmates, more independence and new expectations. Is it going to be this emotional every year or is it just because this was her very first year of school? That big milestone now complete.

I’m all for change but it does bring more worry for parents.  Is she’s going to be in a class with her friends next year? Will her teacher be just as fabulous as her first one? Will she adjust ok?

Her teacher gave her this poem on the last day and I couldn’t even bring myself to read it until a day later and it still brings me to tears reading it now.

teachers note

I remember my first ever school teacher fondly and I’m still best of friends with the girl I met on my first ever day of school. Now Miss 6 is experiencing all of that and it’s just so lovely.

She’s achieved so much this year, it just blows us away. She can read fluently, she loves and excelled at maths (definitely doesn’t get that from me), she received numerous awards and to see her confidence soar has been incredible.

So as the year comes to a close, we’re reflecting on all that she’s accomplished as we start to prepare her for year 1 and all the new and fun things it will bring. Continued friendships, new friendships, a new teacher, a new classroom, more confidence and more wonderful experiences.

We’re you emotional the last day of school too? Any advice for this emotional mumma bear?







8 thoughts on “Last Day Of School Blues

  1. What a lovely teacher – even I got a bit emo reading that poem! That first year of school is so important, and how wonderful that your girl has gotten off to such a great start! I know change can be scary, but I’m sure next school year will be just as awesome as this one, only more awesome! And just for the record, small people really are adaptable, sometimes much more than their parents :)

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