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Carly & Christina

I wasn’t planning to write a blog post on this, but its been over 24 hours and I’m still pumped from yesterday’s Little Blog Big workshop, so I had to jot it all down.

I’ve said it here before… this blogging community I’ve found myself part of is pretty damn amazing. Its like nothing I’ve ever experienced. In particular, the Aussie blogging community is the most friendly, non-competitive, creative, fun, inspiring environment, full of support.

Yesterday’s Little Blog Big workshop was run by two of Australia’s most awesome bloggers, Christina from blogs, Hair Romance and Mr and Mrs Romance and Carly from Smaggle.

From the minute I walked into the room, I felt inspired and knew we were in for something special. Christina and Carly were so down to earth. They greeted every one personally with a big hug. Carly even knew my blog! Yay! They were both completely authentic, exactly as I expected them to be like, from years spent reading their blogs.

They had all the details covered…there were gold foil balloons spelling out ‘BLOG’, which made for perfect piccies, a sweets table, awesome catering, goodie bags, they had even thought to cover the fluro lights so not to ruin our photos. Who even thinks to do that?!


After going around the room to introduce ourselves and give our blog elevator pitch {and work out which bloggers to stalk later} it was straight into the first session. There were 4 sessions covering:

1. Finding Your Blogging Groove
2. Getting The Most Out Of Social Media
3. Planning and Productivity With Your Blog
4. Media Kit Basics and Dealing With PRs

They covered it all and then some… taking turns to run the sessions, they shared their wisdom honestly, with energy, passion and humour. Right down to the nitty gritty day to day things they do to win at blogging the way they do so beautifully. There were many laughs along the way and lovely new connections made.

24 hours later, my mind is still boggling with all the STUFF and I’ve written an action list longer than my left arm so I don’t forget the absolute gold they taught us. It was a great follow on from the Clever Cookie School of Blog course I took last year when I first started my blog, with a bunch of new tools to now implement and build upon.

Carly and Christina have just released new dates for the next round of workshops and they’ve also updated the content so you’re in for a real treat!

  • Melbourne, October 10
  • Brisbane, November 7
  • Canberra, November 14
  • Sydney, November 28

Click here for more info and to book. I can’t recommend it highly enough. (In fact, I loved it so much I’ve become a proud affiliate which means that if you book via this link I earn a little commission but you don’t pay any extra).







40 thoughts on “Little Blog Big Workshop

    1. Oh you must go Jen! Run…Don’t walk and get yourself a ticket.
      Promise you will love it! And there’s some awesome Adelaide bloggers out there.. hopefully they will all go and you’ll meet an incredible network of bloggy peeps. Xx

  1. My head is still spinning. Quick kids, back to school, I’ve got lots of ‘bloogy’ things to attend to. Totally agree it was such an amazing day with such practical tips! And as an added bonus a great chance to catch up with some Clever Cookies!

    1. Yes! Gotta love the clever cookie contingent! So lovely to share it with our CC buddies. It really helps to not be so overwhelmed with it all, meeting new people, etc. Enjoy attending to all those bloggy things and putting your learnings into practice! Xx

    1. Thank you lovely! The party pockets are the most comfy pants I’ve ever worn. Never want to take them off! We wished you could have been there too! Xx

    1. I hope they do too Kerri! Hopefully the demand is there for another one. Such a great day I hope you do get to experience it! Xx

    1. You totally should Di! Or cross your toes and fingers and hope that Carly and Christina do another sydney one in the future! Xx

    1. You got the nail on the head there Lauren re people who totally just get you!
      So great to meet you too! Glad you made the trip to Syd! X

  2. Damn Damn!! Now I’m even more disappointed I missed it! So glad you had such a good time and yes, we are all very lucky to have such a wonderful community to be part of :)

    1. Thanks Christina! It’s a pretty special community isn’t it!
      So supportive and I just love how willing you gals are to share your wisdom with us newbys! Have a fab week and good luck with the Adelaide workshop! X

    1. Fingers crossed for you Vanessa! If the demand is there, it’s highly likely! They certainly have an incredible knowledge on everything to do with blogging. So lucky to learn from them both. Xx

  3. Yes do that Tash! So many fab bloggers in Perth, I’m sure the demand would be there!
    And yes, hanging out with fellow bloggers who just get you is pretty spesh! Xx

    1. Thanks Kylie! You are so right… There’s something quite special about hanging out with other like-minded bloggers who just get you and share the same challenges and wins. Definitely check it out! Thanks for popping by! Xx

  4. Seems you had such a nice time! I totally agree aussie bloggers rock. I don’t say that french bloggers are not nice people. Some are of course. But I can’t find the same positive energy. So i’m totally going to go on with my aussie bloggers mate even if you are so far away!!! xx cathy

    1. We’ve adopted you as an honourary Aussie Cathy! Hope we get to meet you in real life one of these days! Xx

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