Love Want Need 12 – The Birthday Edition


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Every year around birthday time, I hear the same thing from my huz and family… “So what do you want for your birthday? You are so hard to buy for!”

Of course, all I really need is love… but should they ask the question again, I thought I’d give them a little hint hint with a Love Want Need List – Birthday edition. You know, just to help make their lives easier ;)

Love Want Need 12

Love Want Need 12

1. Spiritual Gangster Namaste Blackout Sweatshirt Stardust $88.00

I can totally see myself wearing this to and from yoga through Spring.

2. Oxfam Shop Fair Trade Spring Flourish Cushion Cover $14.95

Did you know Oxfam work towards long term sustainable trading relationships with 136 producer groups in 38 countries, including Australia. This means they provide gorgeous hand-made fair trade gifts from skilled people all over the world. Worth checking out their website for any gifts you need to purchase. So many beautiful things just like this cushion cover!

3. Samantha Wills Amazonite Mineral Necklace $159

I used to be so into crystals and I’m finding myself drawn to their energy and in love with them once again.

4. Kikki-K 2016 Weekly Diary Large: Cute $32.95

I went back to an old school paper based planner this year and its kept the family pretty organised so far. I’m yet to decide if I’ll go with the Erin Condren Life Planner again or this cute Kikki-K diary. What do you think?

5. Morroccan Tealeidoscope Aqua Tall Cup & Saucer $32

A tea lover can never have too many pretty tea cups now can they!

So tell me, what’s on your ‘Love Want Need’ list lately?

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26 thoughts on “Love Want Need 12 – The Birthday Edition

  1. So much gorgeous right there. I love Kikki K diaries and that cup and saucer are just swoonsome. I think I have everything I love, want and need right now… except for a dog. But I’ve been loving, wanting and needing a dog since about 1976, so nothing new there then! Happy Nearly Birthday! Hope you get everything on the list! x

    1. Oh I know you will have a dog someday Sammie! I too have everything I could love, want, need but I do love looking at all these pretty things! I think I’m going to go with the Kikki-K diary for next year too! Love my EC but they are so expensive! xx

  2. Mine are probably all the same as I suspect I need very little (though my iPhone is pretty much dead!). I think I’d love some pampering treatments as I haven’t had anything like that since I finished up full-time work 3 years ago. It was something I did relatively regularly back when I had an income, but now that’s not the case I don’t feel I can justify it. (And I can’t afford it!)


    1. Oh good to know Lauren. I’m leaning towards the Kikki-k one for next year. I do love my Erin Condren, but they are quite exxy.

  3. Oh Shannon – mind if I join in with doing a similar post? With the big birthday coming up I need to put some big hints out there. I’m too old to put the “Oh you shouldn’t have (like REALLY shouldn’t have)” face on! hahaha! Of course I’m grateful… yadda yadda… but someone nail the present wish list already!! haha! Love your Samantha Wills. I got a little out of control buying her items awhile ago – very addictive!! Awesome hints – bravo xx

    1. Oh yes… go right ahead lovely. And you should totally come do a guest LWN post for me too! Let me know if that’s of interest. Would love to have you do one! And snap on the SW phase. I have so many pieces but have had to slow down on the purchasing lately. Xx

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