Love Want Need 14 – The Christmas Wishlist

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Hubby and I love everything about Christmas (which you may have read about herehere and here) and a big part of the magic of Christmas for us is finding the perfect gift for each other.

I’m super organised this year and have already bought & hidden gifts in various places around the house for him but he needs a bit of help , as I found out when he asked me the other day “so, what do you want for Christmas?”.

So I thought I’d be a good wifey and make his life a little easier with a Love Want Need List – The Christmas edition! A gift guide of sorts! If you have a girlfriend or sister to buy for, you might find something suitable here…

Love Want Need 14 – The Christmas Wishlist

Love want need 14 the christmas edition


  1. Violet Grey Heart Chakra Charm $44-$49

  2. Peter Alexander PomPom Couture Slippers $39.95

  3. Acqua Long Sleeve Zip Rashie $179

  4. Nike Free 5.0 – Black / White / Dark Grey $160

  5. Freedom Brandon Bar Stool $129

  6. Saltwater Sandals from The Iconic^ $85

  7. Forever New Anya Frilled Bardot Loose Dress $79.99

  8. Dhamra Bums Tribal Dance Yoga Legging – 7/8 $85

  9. T2 Autumn Tea $13.50

  10. Darrell Lea Christmas Nougat Pudding 

So tell me, what’s on your Christmas ‘Love Want Need’ list?

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 ^Affiliate link which means that I earn a little commission from the sale but you pay no extra.

I will only ever recommend products I’d happily buy myself that I think you’d also love.

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22 thoughts on “Love Want Need 14 – The Christmas Wishlist

  1. Love, want, need…mmmm that’s a cool approach Shannon! Right now, I am happy with what I have…I know! We stopped doing Christmas gifts to each other (and to our adult kids) years ago. However, we do ‘get to buy’ a love/want/need item or three throughout the year. Merry Christmas and thanks for your kind support over at Rabbit Hole! Denyse xx #teamIBOT

    1. I think we will end up at that place too Denyse. Most of our gifts to each other these days are for the house anyway! thanks for your support on #teamIBOt and for linking up at the rabbit hole. Has been wonderful getting to know you better this year! xx

  2. We don’t just share the same first name! I think we may actually be the same person. I NEED THOSE POM POM SLIPPERS! (I may just email Mr Day this post…. hint hint, nudge, nudge.)
    And the lovely delivery man just dropped off my yellow Saltwater Sandals yesterday. I now want them in all the colours of the rainbow. Have you seen the floral ones? Gasp!!

    1. Oh wow… we could totes be the same person! Except you are WAY more creative than me and I just hope you’re more decisive than me!
      Did you hear there will be a rose gold salt water sandal next year! trying to decide if I get the gold now or wait for the rose gold next year! #firstworldproblem

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