Love Want Need 15: Winter Coats

LWN Logo headerSo daylight savings has ended, which means we’re on the countdown until the Winter solstice {June 20 at 22:34 in case you were wondering}.

But before then, one thing we can look forward to as the days get shorter and colder is winter fashion. I’m very much a spring/summer gal but I do love winter coats and boots. It’s the highlight of my winter!

So I’m in the market for a new winter coat and have been looking around for the perfect purchase. I’m an indecisive Libra so I’m yet to find the ‘one’, but have spotted some beauties in my travels that are too good not to share.

Love Want Need 15: Winter Coats

1. Witchery Tie Wrap Coat $399.95 

2. Forever New Lena Maxi Coat $259.99

3. H&M Cape in a wool blend $89.95

4. Roxy lofite sherpa jacket from The Iconic $99.99

5. Country Road Duffle Coat $399

6. Wish Mayfair Coat $239.95

Which one would you choose? What’s your favourite thing about Winter?





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30 thoughts on “Love Want Need 15: Winter Coats

  1. I love the cape, although having said that, I’ve always wanted a red coat! I usually buy most of my coats in the UK because there’s so much choice and they’re much cheaper, but the only thing is they’re usually a tad too heavy for our Sydney winter which is mild compared to Britain and it’s baltic temperatures!

    1. I love the Cape too but it’s just not as us a colour I juat don’t do but I fell in love with that red coat. Xx

    1. It’s the exact colour and style that I’m after Mel but I just want it a bit shorter. I’ll keep searching!! Xx

    1. I bet you will have it forever too Nicole. It’s one of the few things I don’t mind spending money on. If only I could make up my mind! ;) xx

  2. I love a good coat (and an excuse to wear my winter hat) but I won’t spend much on coats because it’s just not cold enough for long enough here each year to justify the expense.

    1. They are a big investment aren’t they! You’ve just reminded me I really want to get a winter hat this year. So much choice this year too! xx

    1. Oh yes… don’t think you’re going to need one of these V! I’m sure you will love winter up there! xx

    1. They are most definitely investment pieces aren’t they. Maybe that’s why I find it so hard to decide on one ;)

    1. They are not the most practical are they, but they do look gorgeous. Can’t wait to see some pics of your raspberry skirt coat! xx

  3. I would probably go with the coat from Iconic mainly because as gorgeous as all the others are I simply have nowhere to wear them.. I would look pretty silly at U15s footy on a Saturday morning with any of the other coats on and my joggers and trackie pants!

  4. I’ll take all of them thanks (although the 1st Witchery one is stunning!). I do love the cooler weather – if only to wear my standard wardrobe of jeans, Cons or boots and a comfy long cardigan! xx

    1. Snap.. that’s totally my winter wardrobe too. How good are longline cardi’s! That witchery coat feels super soft. I loved it.. but just wish it came in grey! xx

  5. Love that Forever New one, but I don’t find I have much use for coats up here. I’ll go a jacket or an anorak but that’s about it. But then I guess if I was catching public transport early in the morning then I might feel differently!

    1. I know.. we really could get away with not having a coat in Sydney but I’m off to tassie and adel in the middle of winter and you definitely need one for those places. The forever new one was on sale the other day and I almost bought it but it was just too long for what I want. Xx

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