Love Want Need 9: Fest Fash

LWN logoFest Fash (festival fashion) is one of my all time fave looks. I just love the boho vibe…

Think aviators, fringing, layered jewels, denim, leather, prints galore, top knots and flower head pieces – sometimes all at once.

Coachella particulaly excites me! Run over two week-ends, it’s the first on the overseas festival calendar, and it’s totally on my bucket list!

If it wasn’t for the corporate world, I’d bring some Coachella fest fash into my every day life for sure! For now, its mainly reserved for the week-ends. Plus, unless it’s tight and/or short The Huz just doesn’t get the whole boho thing! What is with that?!

In the midst of the Sydney Storm this week, I’ve been dreaming of sunshine and blue skies, so I thought I’d put together a Coachella Fest Fash inspired ‘Love Want Need’ list.



1. Mimco Savanna Boots $299
I’ve been eye-ing these off big time. I love the cut out detail and the buckle.

2. Spell and The Gypsy Collective Fleetwood Mini Dress $239
How cool are these sleeves? Spell Byron Bay is also one of my fave insta accounts!

3. Boholani Bohorocker Leather Fringe Purse $495
Oh yes! Boho rocker indeed! Love Love this… if only the budget would allow!

4. Samantha Wills Band Of Outsiders Cuff $169
I’ve been a long time fan of Samantha Wills. The perfect accessory to complete the Fest Fash look!

5. Sportsgirl Alessia Garland $14.95 (currently on sale $6.97)
Because music festival = flowers in your hair!

6. Camilla Stitch of the Condor Playsuit $399
I couldn’t have a boho inspired Love Want Need list without including Camilla! My dream is to go crazy in this store! One day!

Are you a fan of the Boho thing?

Do you wear things your significant other just doesn’t get?






14 thoughts on “Love Want Need 9: Fest Fash

    1. Oh you gorgeous thing, you’d fit right in!
      I love people watching too. If I ever did go to Coachella Id totally feel like a grandma!
      Such pretty young things and I think some of them forget that it’s actually a music festival ;)

    1. Thanks Sammie, glad you enjoyed it.
      I’m totally Gaga over those boots too! The colour, the detail, everything!

    1. I know, aren’t they awesome! And you could totes pull off the boho thing. But I do love your style! So much pretty! Xx

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