Miss 5’s Frozen Party



Miss 5 chose to have a Frozen party to celebrate her 5th Birthday this year. It was right around the time the DVD was released and the whole wide world was in a complete Frozen Frenzy, with Frozen merchandise harder to find than gold.

Luckily we were able to buy a few things in Hawaii, but the one thing I couldn’t find was the Elsa Dress {the only thing she wanted for her birthday} so I had to buy on ebay where of course I paid through the roof. The things we do for our children huh!

Thankfully the cost per wear on said Elsa dress must now be close to zero, she has had that many Frozen parties this year. Seem’s no one’s letting it go just yet ;)



Elsa and Anna came along thanks to the wonderful people at Fairy Crystal & Friends. Well… originally only Elsa was invited, however every single kid accepted the invitation, and with over 25 kids, we had to get an extra entertainer. {Note to self and new parents – 10% drop out rule when planning events does not apply to kids parties! Budget for 100% acceptance!} Can’t believe it has taken me 5 years to figure that out!


Food was kept pretty simple and thanks to Pinterest a few cute Frozen touches were added. My gosh, how on earth did our parents plan parties back in the day without Pinterest?

4 (1) 5 6 7





As the cake is always my biggest stress, I outsourced… again. Luckily I have a very talented friend who has her own catering business, Sydney based {Something from Kate} and happens to specialise in creating amazing cakes. Once again, Kate did an incredible job.

8 9 10




The usual party games were played, little faces were painted and the absolute highlights were a snowball fight with Elsa and Anna and one hell of an epic ‘Let It go’ sing-a-long with Queen Elsa which left one kindy mum saying “That one will go down in history”.



Of course no party is complete without a cracking Kids Party Playlist. One can only put up with some much ‘Let it Go’ and ‘Do you Want To Build a Snowman’. You gotta throw in some ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘I like to move it move it’.

13 14 15





Of course Master 3 had to be part of the Frozen Frenzy, because FOMO!

It was an amazing day and one Miss 5 wont ever forget.

She’s already planning her big 6 birthday. At this stage she wants a ‘craft party’, but I’m sure that will change 67 times in the next 7 months!

So how many Frozen parties have you been to this year?



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16 thoughts on “Miss 5’s Frozen Party

  1. Love all your ideas Shannon. Looks like a beautiful party. The little princess looked so cute too.

  2. What a fabulous party. I haven’t been to any frozen parties but my girlfriends with little girls have been to so many. One even hosted one for her kindy friends. They would agree with you on getting their money’s worth for the dress ups. Gorgeous!! Jx

  3. The cake! The dress! The cookies! I love it all! I might just have to rent-a-kid just so I can go to a Frozen party. We’re talking serious FOMO. It’s such a great movie and now I’ve read your post, I’m going to be singing Let it Go all day long. I bet this is one birthday party your girl will never forget!

  4. I managed to get away with not seeing Frozen until recently. I have, however, seen many, many Elsa’s out and about. It’s all about the dress!

    1. Oh wow Mel. How did you get away with not seeing it for so long?
      The good thing about the Elsa dress is that it’s got little girls interested in a colour other than pink! Thanks for popping by! X

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