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Love Want Need 4

Well…it’s officially the silly season. The Swarovski Christmas tree is up in the QVB building in Sydney, I’ve ordered an…

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Guest Post – Meet Krissy from Pretty Wee Things Blog

As I’ve mentioned a few times now… the thing I’m loving the most about this whole new bloggy world is…

Maddi home

The Circle Of Life: Part 2 – Maddi’s Daddy.

I’ve never been one to wish time away. I try to always live in the present moment, but I have…


Love Want Need 3

Happy Fri-yay! Happy Halloween! Do you get into Halloween? It seems every year it gets bigger and bigger in Australia…


Liebster Blog Award

The thing I’m loving the most about this whole bloggy thing is the amazing community. It’s completely blown me away…

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The Circle of Life, Part 1: Scotty

I’ve never been one to wish time away. I try to always live in the present moment, but I have…


Love Want Need 2

Hello Hello! Hope you all had a happy, sun shiny weekend. Here’s a few things currently on the ‘Love Want…


Dear Miss 5

Dear Miss 5, So you’re 5 and a bit now. Five. Snakes alive! Such a milestone age. I remember being five.…

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Clever Cookie School Of Blog – Freshly Baked Graduate

School my be out, but this little blogging adventure has just begun!


I Heart Music: The Melancholy Playlist

Music. Besides love, I don’t think there is anything in this world quite as powerful, that has the ability to connect people. No matter who you are or how old you are, it’s a language we can all understand.


Taking Stock – September

Inspired by fave blogger Mrs Woog who was inspired by the fabulous Pip from Meet me at Mikes, I thought I’d give Taking…

Questions kids ask 360 x 360

Questions Kids Ask

Kids. Inquisitive little beings aren’t they?!

Over the last couple of years the questions from miss 5 have gone from the ‘but why is the sky blue?’ type to the more in-depth, hard to answer without a huge explanation, and often quite hilarious questions.

And they are always, ALWAYS asked right at bedtime. Why is that? No doubt a mix of their little brains boggling from the days activities and yet another tactic to delay the inevitable… bedtime!


Love Want Need 1

A few fabulous finds from around the web…

Strive to Thrive

Strive to thrive

Yesterday: Ferrying the kids to swimming lessons, doing laundry, grocery shopping, wiping small bottoms. Today: Breakfast function with Arianna Huffington…