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This post is part of the monthly 10 on 10 photography circle I’m part of with a group of awesome blogging friends. 

10 photos, shared on the 10th day of the month with a link to the next person in the circle, who links to the next person and so on. Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the post and follow it around until you get back to me.

10 on 10 September – ProBlogger 2015 in Pictures

So ProBlogger happened! It was almost a month ago now, but I haven’t yet written about it. Actually I am yet to even open my notebook and look back at all the notes I took. I just needed some space to absorb it all. Because it was EPIC!

So I thought I’d tell the story through pictures. But first, what did I actually learn? Too much to summarise here, but here’s some key take outs.

  1. That I need to re-establish my ‘why’ because this guides everything we do. (something I’m still working on).
  2. I learnt that personal blogging is not dead… because we each have our own story to tell in our own unique voice and as humans we’re all drawn to stories.
  3. I learnt that it’s okay to change direction, to pivot.
  4. I learnt to take imperfect action.
  5. I learnt to take my camera off auto for the first time ever! (Thanks Olympus)
  6. And I learnt (actually I already knew) that the blogging community I’ve found myself a part of is amazing, inspiring and beyond anything I ever imagined.

So enough words, here’s some pics…

Of course any epic adventure needs to start with the obligatory airport selfie… With Kirralee from Escape with Kids, Wendy from Beach Style Mum, Seana from Sydney Kids Food & Travel and Leanne from Getaway Guru

problogger view
The Sunny Gold Coast. View from my room.

With Danielle from Zamamabakes, Lucy from Bake Play Smile, Bec from The Plumbette with the adorable Phoebe, Lauren from Create Bake Make and Steph from Steph’s Joy

Getting our shine on at the shine party – Lauren from The Thud, Kim from Land of Zonkt and Krissy from Pretty Wee Things

Shine Shine Shine, With Fleur from Our Urban Box, Jess from A Little Part Of The World, Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim, Sam from The Annoyed Thyroid, Jo from You Had Us At Hello, Me & Krissy from Pretty Wee Things.

My favourite quote from my favourite speaker at ProBlogger – Jadha @ Simple Green Smoothies

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The Ultimate Rabbit Hole girls L-R, me, Sammie from The Annoyed Thyroid, Jess from A Little Part of the World and Karin from Calm to Conniption.

the ultimate rabbit hole girls

We ate like queens all weekend! Thanks RACV Royal Pines!

We ate like queens all weekend!

I met so many wonderful bloggers at PB including the gorgeous Jenny from Love Wednesday and guess what… she just so happens to be next in the photo circle. So go check out what she’s been up to, then follow the circle until you get back to me. Enjoy!

And if you’re interested in reading more about ProBlogger, here’s some great posts:








46 thoughts on “ProBlogger 2015 in Pictures

    1. haha Steph… it was more like cramming at the last minute for this month. Need to get out and about with my new camera for next month! xx

  1. Great summary of your experience Shannon. I enjoyed checking out all the cookies and of course had my mouth hung open at the yummy food pics! he he PS: I love that quote too :)

    1. you’ll always have the fun memories Sammie… sometimes its good to take it all in and not spend the whole time taking photos. xx

    1. Thanks Ellen. I was thinking as I put the post together that I didn’t have any photos with you in them. I’m sure there was one taken at dinner but couldn’t find it! xx

    1. It was pretty cool Son jumping into a Limo with 10 people, and only 1 I had met previously. Lots of fun and the champas to break the ice was perfect! xx

  2. Love your snaps! So glad you took a limo, gotta ride in style! Everyone looked so glam and gorgeous in their sequins. So many envy. Must start saving for tickets / flights for next year!

  3. Holy crap dude, you really worked that wall! I was a total Howard Hughes type weirdo who managed to avoid getting my photograph taken, though I did get roped into one group shot with some of the parenting bloggers. LOL.

    1. haha.. yes the wall did get a workout! How on earth did you avoid getting your photo taken! Genius!
      next time, i’ll make it my mission to find you and get a selfie together :)

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