Questions Kids Ask


Kids.. Inquisitive little beings aren’t they?!

Over the last couple of years the questions from Miss 5 have gone from the ‘but why is the sky blue?’ type to the more in-depth, hard to answer without a huge explanation, and often quite hilarious questions.

And they are always, ALWAYS asked right at bedtime. Why is that? No doubt a mix of their little brains boggling from the days activities and yet another tactic to delay the inevitable… bedtime!

By that time of day my patience is wearing quite thin. Please tell me I’m not the only one! All I want to do is tell the kids to GTFTS and go pour myself a bottle of wine. But no, it’s Q&A time mummy!

Seeing as daddy C says that he ‘knows everything’ my answer to these questions is usually “ask daddy in the morning, go to sleep” but sometimes they need to be tackled then and there, which often results in even more of life’s big questions being asked, a cranky mum and a late bedtime.

Here’s a selection of some of the crackers we’ve been asked recently:

  • How do you fall in love?
  • What are boobies for?
  • Do bush turkeys fly?
  • How do you put a baby in your tummy?
  • When are you going to die mummy?
  • When people die, do they live in houses?
  • Why do hunters kill animals?

Bit of a death theme lately which is interesting as we’ve recently experienced the loss of two people near and dear to us, and although we still haven’t told the kids about either of them (just haven’t found the best way or moment to explain it yet) we know Miss 5 senses it. Smart little cookie she is.

She is off to school next year so it won’t be long before she thinks she knows everything. So for now I’ll try to make more of a conscious effort to find some patience and answer these questions as best I can and find joy in the funny ones.

The wine will always be there chilling in the fridge.


So, what’s the funniest question you’ve been asked by a kid?

And how did you tackle the ‘baby in the tummy’ question?

I’d love to hear.


0 thoughts on “Questions Kids Ask

  1. I’ve always thought of it as public hair too after my son announced to a supermarket queue that “Mummy has black hair on her bottom” and when I didn’t say anything he just said it LOUDER. Tonight we had to go in to a detailed explanation of sperm after some microscopic imagery on SBS television. In case you were wondering, they are strange looking fish. He’s 4 and gullible and I’m NOT ready for that discussion yet :-)

  2. Great post! Fortunately (or unfortunately) my youngest is now 13. Her questions have changed from general – how does this work/what does this do type questions to extremely personal ones e.g. do tampons hurt? Did you ever smoke? I’m sure they will just get better and better x

  3. I have all of this ahead of me in the not too distant future…. Just as well I am armed with some good advice from my2morrows!!!!

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