Taking Stock: August 2015


I know I say this every month, but geez… can this year fly by any faster!

I’m feeling the need to slow down and press pause, but we all know that’s impossible. It won’t be long before Jingle Bells will be playing in the shops and a whole new level of crazy will hit. The Chris Cray! Brace yourselves my friends.

So instead of pressing pause, it’s time to take stock once again, inspired by Pip from Meet Me At Mikes and also done recently by bloggers here and here.

It’s such a great way to look back at the month that was, breathe it all in and brace for the crazy months ahead. Here we go…

Taking Stock: August 2015

Making : So many playdates for my2morrows. Their social life is my social life!

Cooking: Beef Strogonoff in the slow cooker.

Drinking : Actually less wine than usual thanks to recent illness.

Reading: Unlock your Style gifted to me and personally signed by Nikki Parkinson herself!

Wanting: Converse leather sneakers.

Looking: Forward to daylight savings!

Playing: Bad cop a lot lately with the kids which does not make me happy at all, but disclipline!

Deciding: What to spend my bonus on. Hubby wants to save it, I want to spend it! Story of our lives! I think a bonus should be spent don’t you, it is a ‘bonus’ after all.

Wishing: These minor illnesses would bugger off. I’ve lost count of how many cycles we’ve been through this winter!

Enjoying: Spring Spring Spring! My favourite season of all. With wine according to my friend Jen from Love Wednesday!

Waiting: For our Gold Coast family holiday in October with our besties, like I really just cannot wait! It’s so needed!

Liking: That spring has sprung!

Wondering: What to buy the Huz for Father’s Day. He’s so hard to buy for. Any tips greatly appreciated.

Loving: Shan from Forty Up’s Bachelor Fashion posts.

Pondering: What spring fashion will bring… all the pretties I’m sure!

Considering: Going back to blonde, I think I’m over the ballyage thing, as easy as it is.

Buying: Just groceries lately. How boring is that!

Watching: The Bachelor and I’am Cait.

Hoping: We’ve seen the last cold snap.

Marvelling: At how much talent Jimmy Fallon has.

Cringing: At that spider clip I saw on facebook the other day… you know the one with the spider in the cleavage! Eek!

Needing: A wife!

Questioning: Is it really September already? Really?

Smelling: Friday’s flowers! One of the best things you can do for yourself is buy yourself some flowers. Go on, do it!

Wearing: PJ’s.

Following: All the incredible bloggers that link up to The Ultimate Rabbit Hole (our blog link up party) each and every week!

Noticing: How tall my2morrows are getting. Both have had big growth spurts lately.

Knowing: That I need to slow down. A bout of minor illness is always a good reminder of that!

Thinking: About all the things I want to accomplish in Spring. Excersise, walks, bike rides, yoga, road trips and lazy afternoons in the back yard watching my2morrows play. Its all about the simple things.

Admiring: The strength of Julia Watson . I cried like a baby watching this on 60 minutes the other night.

Sorting: Wills and insurances – something that’s been on the list for years is now finally done! Big effing tick!

Getting: Over my strep throat infection. Ouch!

Bookmarking: This recipe. It had me at ‘Nutella’!

Coveting: New Spring shoes. Can you tell yet that I’m excited about Spring!

Disliking: That my tonsils are growing back!

Opening: Periscope! Have you scoped yet?

Giggling: At everything that comes out of Master 4’s mouth lately.  When he’s frustrated he says “I’m so cross about you Mummy”. Too cute.

Feeling: All inspired post Pro Blogger and wishing I could do it all over again.

Snacking: On a Kit Kat. A classic but a goodie and awesome when you just can’t decide if you want a biscuit or chocolate.

Helping: Out at Miss 6’s school doing literacy groups. I love seeing her in the classroom do her thing. Proud Mumma moments!

Hearing: All the recorded Pro Blogger sessions that I missed and learning lots.

So how are you taking stock this month?

Pick a couple from the above list and share in the comments below.

Or play along – here’s a blank list for you…


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28 thoughts on “Taking Stock: August 2015

    1. Julia’s story completely broke me! I’ll go have a read of your taking stock shortly! Such a great thing to do isnt it! Happy spring! xx

    1. The will was on my list for 6 years Sammie! 6 long years… so happy to now have it signed and sealed!
      Yay for weekly flowers! xx

    1. Yep, and Dad’s usually the good guy ;)
      I’m off to check out your taking stock now… such a great thing to do isnt it! xx

  1. Great taking stock!! I am LOVING spring too and totally need new shoes :) You could keep your bonus and do some spring shopping on the Gold Coast. And yep I can’t believe it is September. Seriously it was Easter last week. Hope your sickness is all over very soon. Rest up xox

    1. haha… re Easter, I was just thinking hot cross buns will be available in the shops again soon!
      Spring shopping on the Goldie sounds perfect! I shall do that! xx

  2. Hey! Love your take stock – I took stock on Sunday too! I’m agreeing with so many things you’ve said here. Your trip to the GC with your besties sound fun. Can’t wait til ours have stop having babies for us to venture out and have some FUUUUUN!!!
    Will! Thanks for the reminder, been on the list forever, sobbed watching 60 minutes – loved that outlook on life!!! I have too much to agree with here. I’d say add a bottle or 2 of wine and we’ll be talking non stop for hours!!! Haha! Nice one Shan x

  3. Oh I so need a wife too, I’ve had au pairs int he past, but what I really need is a proper wife!

    Maybe we could both get a wife and then do a wife swap!?? I’m wearing… Ugg boots, still! The mornings are still too nippy and the electric blanket is still on at night.

    1. oh yes to a wife swap! haha! And yes, mornings and evenings are still a bit chilly aren’t they! Wont be long and we will be complaining about the heat! ha! Hope your wk end was fab. xx

    1. I know Bron, me too! I was in a bit of shock when the doc told me. She said they can grow back as its basically tissue and you can never fully get rid of it all without doing major damage. I had mine out at 16 and have not had the really really sore throats for years… until recently, which explains the growing back bit! Let’s hope yours don’t! xx

    1. Well.. I’m not yet at the Google stalking stage, but now that you mention it! Oh and I got the leather converse and they are the best! Karin from calm to conniption told me to… I blame her! xx

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