Taking Stock – September


Inspired by fave blogger Mrs Woog who was inspired by the fabulous Pip from Meet me at Mikes, I thought I’d give Taking Stock September a crack.

It’s a new season and although it doesn’t really feel like it yet in Sydney, a new season brings new beginnings and is a great opportunity to check in with where you’re at, where you’re going and what your coveting, buying, listening to and drinking!

Have a read, then it’s your turn my lovelies!

Making : Time for me. Ashtanga yoga class yesterday, one of my fave things in the world!

Cooking : Urghh… Not a fan

Drinking : Geisen – Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc or Green Tea

Reading: My new bloggy friends blogs

Wanting: World peace

Looking: Forward to being in the hairdressers chair today and considering going back to blonde, or should I keep hedging my bets and stick with the balyage?

Playing: Mean mummy. Didn’t let miss 5 wear her Elsa dress to the shops yesterday. Melt down!

Deciding: Arghh, decisions are my weakness. Typical libra. Always indecisive!

Wishing: Hubby didn’t work ridiculous hours.

Enjoying: Friday = mummy and kids day

Waiting: For Christmas holidays

Liking: Spring

Wondering: How humans can be so violent. Wtf is going on in the world?!

Loving: Clever cookie school of blog course and never want it to end

Pondering: Whether to pour another glass of wine or not?

Considering: Buying new dining chairs. You like?

Watching: Becoming the Beatles doco

Hoping: Miss 5 takes to wearing her new glasses ok

Marvelling: At how it can be possible that my first born starts school next year!

Needing: My chiro

Smelling: My kids after a bath

Wearing: My new überkate Uberbanner freshly engraved

Following: My new Clever Cookie bloggy friends blogs lifeloveandlattescreatebakemakesimplejoysandsilverlinings and about a hundred more

Noticing: How much wine I drink!!

Knowing: That there’s always more to know and learn

Thinking: About what my next blog post will be. Suggestions welcome!

Admiring: The strength of a dear friend after losing her husband suddenly 3 months ago

Sorting: Kitchen cupboards… One at a time

Buying: If hubby is reading this… nothing. If not, a new wish dress

Getting: Inspired by the Clever Cookie School of Blog course

Bookmarking: Arinna Huffington’s book ‘thrive’

Disliking: The threat to our way of life in Australia

Opening: My iPad cover

Giggling: At miss 5 calling a huntsman spider  ‘a husband’

Feeling: Tired. All the time, tired!

Snacking: Tim tam bites and wishing I never discovered them!

Coveting: Besides the dining chairs… ShoesShoes and shoes

Wishing : I could see my interstate family more often

Helping: Master 3 drift off to sleep singing John Lennon’s ‘beautiful boy’

Hearing: My new yoga playlist

And a blank list for you below.

I‘d love to hear how you are taking stock in September.

Leave yours in the comments below.

All or just pick a few.

Go on, don’t be shy!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


0 thoughts on “Taking Stock – September

  1. Making : a mess of my babies bed time habits.
    Cooking : Michelle bridges recipes everyday from old print outs
    Drinking : milo as a reward for forgoing alcohol tonight.
    Reading: who magazine aloud as if it’s a children’s book to get bubba to sleep
    Wanting: my baby to sleep so I can have some time for myself.
    Looking: forward to real life work next week as opposed to just being a SAHM
    Playing: poker on my iPhone a lot – and words with friends
    Deciding: whether to go back to work 3 days a week
    Wishing: for a house with a garden, a bath tub and a dinner table wailing distance to the beach!
    Enjoying: today’s sunshine
    Waiting: for my babies hair to grow and her personality to develop. Soooo exciting.
    Liking: my husbands hands! No longer a plumber he now has soft hands and clean finger nails for the first time in 9 years!!
    Wondering: whether to sign up to isagenix or if it’s another weight loss plan I’ll be crap at!
    Loving: my beautiful friend Shannon’s blogs
    Pondering: whether jan 1st is too soon to try for another baby
    Considering: waiting a bit longer to build the bank balance
    Watching: orange is the new black season 2. So good!
    Hoping: we can get my 8 month old to sleep through the night. It has been so long and we have formed some bad bad habits! No more
    Marvelling: at shannon for getting up and finding the time to do something she loves! Good on you!!!
    Needing: a full night of uninterrupted sleep
    Smelling: delicious coconut sunscreen from the states
    Wearing: my heart on my sleeve everyday
    Following: Shans blog!
    Noticing: babies babies everywhere
    Knowing: it will all be over too soon
    Thinking: time is running out
    Admiring: my babies eye lashes! One of the things I wished for her to get from my hubby and she did!
    Sorting: taxes – eventually! And wedding photos!
    Buying: sexy new clothes for my hubbies new office role. Just wish he’d stop mismatching them and wearing them with hush puppies for Christ sake!
    Getting: RSI in my thumbs from too much scrolling through Facebook.
    Bookmarking: pages on isagenix to make up my mind
    Disliking: my lack of commitment to a diet
    Giggling: at silly texts sent by parents – just had me in stitches
    Snacking: Ben and Jerry’s double scoop cone today!
    Coveting: my child
    Wishing: for her future
    Hearing: someone’s having a party in our block and I feel like a nana being in bed early on a

    P.s I love you Shan xxx

  2. As promised my gorgeous friend xxx

    Making: a mess.. See below ;)
    Cooking : lasagne in an attempt to making pre made dinner on weekend for the week!
    Drinking : cheeky white wine before bed
    Reading: hunger games part 2…. An easy read but wish I would read something more mature and inspirational!
    Wanting: a full night sleep!
    Looking: at my toenails.. I will repaint tomorrow night!!
    Playing: recently… Taylor swift “Shake it off” – great to get some positive vibes in the car
    Deciding: where to go to in Europe after our German holiday
    Wishing: I didn’t have to have the surgery
    Enjoying: the sun today
    Waiting: for my son… At dinner, at the shops, to brush his teeth!!!
    Liking: the warmth in the air that signals summer around the corner
    Wondering: what to wear to a celeb event coming up! #alexperry??!!
    Loving: how Benji puts my face in his hands and says I love you
    Pondering: what to do for my birthday
    Considering: whether I should go to gym or be lazy tomorrow morning
    Watching: this iPhone screen
    Hoping: for more positivity
    Marvelling: at my son and how he grows every day
    Needing: a cuddle
    Smelling: nothing

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