The Link List 5

The Link List

Hi you lovely people!

Happy Sunday and hello May!

Thankfully we are back on the grid this week after the Sydney Storm left us without power or hot water for 5 days! I know we’re one of the lucky ones and I’ve been feeling extra grateful for all that we have. And you can’t be be grateful without being mindful…  I’m absolutely loving Mindful in May so far! Registrations have been extended until Mother’s Day so it’s not too late to join! {search potential psychology peeps to join our team}.

I’ve never been one to base my health and fitness of my weight alone so this post from James Anderson was a welcome read!  Guilt ruins Gains people!!

My huz just turned 40 and although I’m still a couple of years off, this post gave me lots to think about. Visiting another country is probably one of my most favourite pieces of advice ever!

This post from Barbie Bieber and Beyond managed to convey exactly why I want my daughter to be beautiful.

And this post from Sam at The Annoyed Thyroid expressed what no doubt we are all feeling after a such a heavy week. One of my most fave posts ever! Do you have an emotional raincoat?

Happy Sunday!






6 thoughts on “The Link List 5

  1. Such a great list and thank you for including my post. Even though I wrote it last year, and wanted to write it long before that, I revisit it often. My emotional raincoat is definitely my best accessory! I loved that 40 post, I didn’t manage to tick them all off before I got to 40 but I’ve certainly made a good attempt since the big four oh! Maybe it’s true what they say about life beginning at 40! Hope you’re feeling the power this weekend xx

    1. My pleasure lovely. I loved that post! And I love that you are still ticking off the 40 list! So I’ve got 2 years… best get cracking! :)

    1. Glad you like the list lovely and its not too late to join Mindful in May! Registrations are open until the 10th! Come and join our team! xx

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