The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #19

Ultimate Rabbit Hole (2)

Hello Hello,

Its been a bit of a mixed bag this week. Work has been madness and on the home front, my2morrows have both been sick and we’re back into the vicious circle of winter sickness and waking through the night. Just when you think you’ve turned a corner, wham… and we’re right back in the trenches!

Speaking of my2morrows, their birthdays are fast approaching {3 weeks apart!}. So I’m in full party planning mode, one of my favourite modes to be in! Thank god for Pinterest huh! But more on the party stuff in the weeks to come!

So with a mixed bag of a week comes a mixed bag of links for your reading enjoyment. Pop the kettle on…

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconThe father daughter relationship sure is a special one, so I loved this advice from Mandy at Barbie Bieber and Beyond - 10 things dads can teach their daughters.

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconBecause New York is always a good idea! And speaking of New York, I absolutely loved Paula Joye’s life lessons from Carrie Bradshaw. I now want to wear a black bra under everything and start ending my blog posts with “I couldn’t help but wonder… “. God I miss that show!

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconI really want to try this experiment with the kids.


My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconThis post from A beautiful Mess has me wanting to paint the walls white, paint the inside of my kitchen cupboards, paint my upholstery AND decorate my washing machine with washi tape!

My2Morrows_Transparent_Black-FaviconAnd finally, some cool as shit mantras for when things get tough. Number 1 and 2 are my faves and I think we’d all be quite familiar with number 5!

Happy Weekend all!

Now for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Here’s how it works…

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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #19

    1. Haha! Yes me too! Layering up on these crisp cool days.
      How good was SATC! I don’t think any TV series will ever come close to that level of awesomeness! Xx

  1. Hi Shannon.

    Hope everyone in your household is starting to feel better now.

    I love the yellow chairs in the post from A Beautiful Mess. Some people are just so perfectly creative, and just manage to throw something together with the right look.

    1. Thank you Gael. Kidlets are on the mend, now I’ve got it ;(
      I wish I was half as clever as those peeps! And I wish I more hours in the day to even think about taking on a DIY project like that! Thanks for popping by! X

    1. I love their stuff too! Some very clever peeps out there!
      Wish I had more time for some crafty DIY stuff! Hope your wk end was fab too! xx

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