The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #33


And just like that, there goes August and we’re suddenly into the back end of the year.

It’s been a week of sickness for me and I found out that tonsils really do grow back (did you know that?) But but I’m coming out of the fog just in time for Spring. Glorious spring. My favourite season and also my birthday season!

Time to think about spring cleaning… hmm, maybe next week end.

Here’s some lovely links I’ve discovered this week…

Have you heard of #wycwyc? It’s pronounced ‘wik-wik’ and it stands for “what you can, when you can.” and it all make so much sense.

How are you at staying on top of your emails? Here’s 5 tips that might help.

Nutella choc chip cookies, with sea salt? Yes please! Perhaps followed by some #wycwyc ;)

I’d love to try this cinnamon quinoa breakfast bowl.

Huge news for Instagram fans… did you hear you can now upload portrait or landscape photos direct to Insta!? OMG! Huge!

 Finally, have you entered my book week giveaway yet? I’m loving reading all your comments and its really reminded me just how special story time is!  Jump on it and enter now!

Now for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Here’s how it works…

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20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #33

    1. Haha! I would never trap you into a blonde moment :)
      That’s what the doc told me re the tonsils. She also told me not to eat chicken so not sure what to believe anymore! xx

    1. I know, it shocked me too. I’m all good now, but my little Miss now has it. Never a dull moment. Hope you had a fab wk end lovely. xx

    1. #wycwyc makes so much sense doesn’t it. Yet to play around with the new IG update but it certainly give us more flex with shooting pics and that’s exciting! xx

  1. That’s pretty freaky about tonsils. Did not know that, but I do have a spring cleaning checklist coming up later this week on the blog. It’s so pretty ;) my windows are top of the list for a clean. I don’t think we’ve ever cleaned them haha oops.

    1. Thanks for the hot tip Holly, I’ll be sure to check it out. I need all the spring cleaning help I can get! I did do my windows once and the huz got really annoyed because he couldn’t get the fly screen back on after. whoops. I’ve avoided it since then ;)
      HOpe your wk end was fab. xx

    1. haha, yes me too. Not much #wycwyc happening around these parts lately. Must change all that. Hope your wk end was lovely! xx

  2. I did know that about tonsils! Only because when I was a kid and had my appendix out, some other kids were visiting their Dad in hospital and made friends with me temporarily (because we were all kids – instant friends!) And HIS tonsils had grown back and had to be taken out again. I always wondered if my appendix would grow back but I don’t think that happens …

    1. Eek… I hope mine don’t need to be taken out again. On another note… I love how kids just make instant friends. I wish adulthood was more like that!
      Thanks for popping by Bronnie! xx

  3. Tonsils grow back? I never knew that. You too, obviously. Loving #wycwyc. Makes total sense. I like the insta changes, but I’m quite used to square photos now…and don’t think I’ll change. Hope you’re feeling better lovely. x

    1. Thanks Di. I’m on the mend now. Hoping that’s the last of the winter illness. I totally get you re the square pics… I didn’t realise how attached I was to them!

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