The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #39

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Hello lovely ones,

Ahh a short working week. Extra short for me being a 3 day-a-week-er with a Monday public holiday. Loving it!

We had the best long week end, once I recovered from my red eye flight home from Darwin. It was hot hot hot in Sydney and we kicked off BBQ season with a grand final BBQ with the crew.  The sprinkler and kiddie pool got a run and all was well with the world. It really was. Backyard full of people we love, kids running around having a great time, food and wine… yep, that’s what it’s all about.

Then the next day, this happened…

Daddy broke the trampoline… but sticky tape should fix it!

So we’re hoping Santa is feeling extra kind this year!

The week ahead is a wee bit exciting. I’m of to Adelaide for work, my old stomping ground. I get back mid week then pack the suitcase again and we’re off to the Gold Coast for our much needed mini getaway. There’s 6 adults and 5 kids in total and a kids club!! Yay!

I hope you have a fab weekend planned. Here’s some light reading to get it started…

 Check out these celebrity mini-me’s.

This is so completely fascinating. I will never look at sand the same again.

Are you too polite? I definitely am and can relate to pretty much all of these!

Did you know there were this many uses for salt!

I know I totally need to break this morning habbit.

Are you too polite? Got any habits you want to break? Got a good trampoline recommendation?


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25 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #39

  1. Oops! I remember my cousins trampoline breaking while we were on it as kids. Scariest thing ever haha hopefully Santa has a spare on in the workshop

    1. Oh gosh, it does sound scary Holly. I’m just glad it happened to hubby and not the kids and that there were no injuries! xx

    1. The only thing about short weeks is that there’s so much to catch up on after! Hope your having a good one this week lovely xx

  2. Oh my, that’s not good about the trampoline – how cute are those two and the sticky tape though! What little darlings! I think I am too polite and often is leaves you feeling unappreciated and worn out – must put a stop to that! :) Have a fun weekend x

    1. I’m the same Ashlea… its exhausting isn’t it! Hope you are having a fab week! see you down the rabbit hole on the wk end! xx

    1. Thanks Emily! I’m too polite too! It can be exhausting can’t it! Hope you are having a fab week! See you down the rabbit hole soon xx

    1. Thanks Sally I’ll look that one up. Our (now broken one) could carry Adult weight but it just got old and run down. I think we will spend a bit more and get a better quality one next time. xx

    1. He as bouncing with the kids, heard a big pop sound and next thing he’s standing on the grass! And the kids were like “Daddy what happened?”
      Pretty funny really considering no injuries :)

  3. The “Are you too polite?” article made me laugh! I could relate to every single point. I’ve had so many bad haircuts because I was to polite to say anything. lol

    1. Thanks so much Lydia, that’s lovely to hear. And yes, we are being really really good in the hope that Santa brings us a new trampoline! Thanks for popping by and have a lovely week! xx

    1. It was a goodie wasn’t it… but still not sure I could change that habit.. no everyday anyway. Have a fab rest of the week and see you down the rabbit hole xx

  4. Oh, I just adore that sticky tape shot on the trampoline…. priceless.
    That’s one for the memory box.
    Have a fabulous mini break, I love those ever since Bridget Jones bought them to my attention.

    1. Thanks lovely! Hanging out for the new Bridget Jones movie too!
      Hope you are having a fab week. See you down the rabbit hole soon xx

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