The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #40

the ultimate rabbit hole

Greetings from the sunny Gold Coast!

We’re here on our mini break with our family of friends. We plan to do a few of the ‘worlds’, swim, eat, drink & celebrate a certain someone’s 30 something birthday!

I feel so lucky to be here in the sunshine, celebrating another year with some of my all time favourite people. Life is good people, life is really good!

I’m hoping for some lazy time by the pool while the kids are in the kids club to read a book, sip a cocktail and of course catch up on The Ultimate Rabbit Hole reading. I absolutely love reading all your fabulous posts each weekend. Thank you so much for linking up with us.

Here’s what I’ve discovered around the place this week…

 First up, speaking of birthdays, these readings are always so spot on.

 It’s only 10 weeks until Christmas. Can you believe that! That means it’s time to start planning those Elf on the shelf ideas! Here’s some hilarious ideas to get you started.

I love skipping for fitness and this jump rope workout will have me working up a sweat in no time!

Do you have those movies you can watch over and over again? I loved this list from Smaggle. I’d add to the list Christmas Vacation, Chasing Amy and Grease!

I feel exhausted ALL. THE. TIME lately, but I  think I need to stop saying “I’m so exhausted” and ask myself this one question.

What’s your ultimate feel good movie? Do you do Elf on the shelf?


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23 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #40

  1. Happy Holiyays! I hope you have a glorious time! I’m a weirdo, my favourite feel good movie is “50:50″ with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Because phwoar. It’s a comedy stroke tearjerker but it always leaves me with a spring in my step. Loved the horoscopes too. I guess I’m going to pea green with envy over everyone’s elves on the shelves again this year. Le sigh! Have an sunny fun filled weekend!

    1. Sammie you must get an elf on the shelf this year! I swear we have more fun with it than the kids do. Hope you had a fab wkend xx

  2. So happy the Gold Coast has shown you the goods with the weather today! If you are wanting some relaxed summer vibes, pop down to my neighbourhood – Currumbin has setup market stalls and buskers playing live music all weekend right on the creeks edge. Should be alot of fun! Enjoy your getaway x

    1. The weather has been incredible Ashleigh. Is it like this all the time? I just wish we had a car and some more time to be able to get out and explore more. Your neck of the woods looks gorgeous! Xx

    1. Oh yes Vicki. definitely jump on the elf on he shelf thing. So much fun. I’ve just bought some little costumes for our elf and cannot wait to debut them! Bring on the silly season xx

    1. Love actually is a fave in our house too Shan! Goldie was fabulous but its back to reality now! Hope your week has been fab xx

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