The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #41

ultimate rabbit hole

Oh boy, its struggle city here lately as we get back into the swing of things after our Gold Coast Mini break. We had such a great time and I’m officially all theme parked out (but more to come on that in a post soon!)

Did you watch The Bachelorette finale this week? Thank god Sam chose Sasha! Although I’m still sad Ritchie wasn’t the last man standing #Ritchieforthenextbachelor

We have a busy weekend ahead, the school fair and fireworks spectacular is on tomorrow and I’ll be on duty in the crazy hair tent. Then there’s ballet and nippers and a catch up with my lovely Mother’s Group gals. Fun times ahead!

Right now, it’s time for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole, and I’ve found some gems for you this week so let’s jump right on down…

 First up, Carly from Smaggle shared this piece of advice… If you’re still thinking about it you should do it.

 Imagine if our money looked like this!

 Cinnamon is one of my all time favourite flavours so I had to share these easy apple cinnamon rolls.

 A free 30 minute let it go yoga workout with my girl crush Tara Stiles. Yes please!

 Summer means G&T season these 12 G&T garnishes will be getting a run at my place soon.

 I seriously need to work off the holiday breakfast buffet and this jump rope workout would be a good start.

 What’s your fave G&T garnish?  Who do you think should be on our Aussie notes?


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29 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #41

    1. Oh Im sorry to hear that Raychael. I hope it’s not too painful. Let me know if you do give the yoga a go. Go easy though! Xx

  1. I know what you mean about being over the theme parks, we live on the Gold Coast so thankfully don’t have to do them all in a few days, we get the drag out the ‘fun’ every week! I’m thinking of getting into yoga so might give this one a go!

    1. Let me know how you go with the yoga lovely. How fun to actually be able to go to the theme parks whenever you want… and avoid those damn crowds! Xx

  2. I will be checking out that Yoga session. I love Yoga but haven’t been to a class for such a long do to timetable classes. It’s not the same just doing a few poses on your own at home – there is no one to push you.

    1. I totally agree… doing yoga at home is tough. I much prefer to go to a class too. But yes it is hard to get there! Xx

  3. I’m so glad you had great holiday.
    It’s so hard coming back isn’t it, it’s like you need a holiday from the holiday unpacking, washing and just blah.

    I’m not into the bachelor but I was into the bachelorette I think because it was Sam and she was so screwed over last time I kinda felt really sorry for her. I’m glad she found here spark in Sasha. Although he is not my cup of tea, you could see that she found her one.
    My daughter would watch it with me and she would ask why she wouldn’t choose Michael and I said he may tick all the boxes and like the ‘idea’ of him at the end of the day love is something you cant see or explain, you just know.
    It’s not the easiest to explain to a 7yr old. lol

    Happy weekend lovely.xx

    1. Oh wow. That is tough to explain to a kid. I’m so glad Sam is happy. Major withdrawals this week though with it all being over. Xx

  4. The level of detail on those bank notes is wonderful. Down to the barely legible script lyrics of our modern poetry, “Khe Sanh” and “Never Tear Us Apart”. My only issue is with Corey Worthington getting a mention. We should not still know who that chump is!

  5. My husband and the kids do a jump rope workout each Sunday and as soon as I’m better I’m going to be joining in. Skipping is supposed to do wonderful things to do the butt! Enjoy the fireworks. x

    1. It’s such a fun way to get that exercise in. Reminds me of being a school kid. Hope you are feeling better this week lovely xx

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