The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #42

Ultimate rabbit hole


Hello & Happy Halloween!

Do you celebrate it? With an American Mum, we certainly do and my2morrows are very excited to dress up and go trick or treating. I think I’ll be rationing lollies until Easter!

I had a wonderful week. It was busy with work as we had another 2 events. But its always more fun when you get to enjoy it with a friend and my gorgeous guest at the NSW Telstra Business Women’s Awards Dinner was none other than my Ultimate Rabbit Hole buddy Sammie from The Annoyed Thyroid. We were uber inspired and had a great night!

This weekend, I’m looking forward to spending some time in the hair chair, one of my fave places to be and I’m also looking forward to immersing myself in the Rabbit Hole, reading all your fabulous posts. So let’s get this linky party started. Here’s some bits I’ve spotted around the place this week…

 As I head into another busy week, I’ll try and remember that every little bit counts.

 Christmas countdown is on! tells me its only 54 days away! EEK… I’m not yet feeling festive, but when I’am, I think I’ll give these Christmas tree napkins a try.

 Remember those best friend necklaces where you wear half and your bf wears the other half? Check out this cool new take on those.

We eat lots of avocado’s in this house and I loved this kids avocado craft idea from the clever Shannon at Oh Creative Day.

I do love a good parenting hack & number 4 cracked me up.

Every wondered why we hate the sound of our own voice?

A beach umbrella is on my Christmas wish list and I love this selection. Beats the cheap plastic kind that always get blown away in the wind!

Will you be trick or treating? Do you love being in the hair chair too?


Now for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Here’s how it works…

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15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #42

  1. Sounds like an exciting week & a bonus sharing a special event with a friend! We sometimes go to Halloween parties. Today is one just for the kids. Have never been trick or treating though. Maybe next year when Lily is almost 4. Enjoy your night!

  2. Thank you for the share, lovely lady! I will never look at an avocado in the same way again. In fact, every time I open the veggie crisper now, I see a world of craft opportunity ;)
    I always remember the debate about who would be “BE FRI” and who would be “ST ENDS”….!!
    Hope you and your 2morrows have a wonderful Halloween. We don’t really celebrate in our household, but I feel like it’s a wasted craft opportunity… maybe next year ;)
    How cool that you and Sammie got to hang out?!

    1. Oh yes… you would rock at the Halloween craft Shan! My little lady wanted to make some spiders but we ran out of time.
      And yes, I totally remember arguing over which half of the best friends pendant I wanted! fun times. Happy week ahead! xx

  3. Aaarhghhh Christmas seems to sneak up on us faster every year!! Better get myself Organised quick smart. We didn’t go trick or treating this year but I think we will next when bub is a bit older. We did get a lot of trick or treaters to our door though so it’s nice to know people do it in our neighborhood (we only moved here earlier this year)

    1. It is a nice way to get to know your neighbours isnt it. Hope you are settling in well to the new neighbourhood! Good luck getting organised for Christmas too! It will be here before we know it! xx

  4. It was so fun to see you this week and thank you so much for inviting me! It was such a great night! Hair chair is one of my favourite places too although I’m not a big fan of Halloween but I never say no to the candy! Love those beach umbrellas, so much pretty! Hope you’re feeling loads better, lovely xx

    1. We are up to our ears in candy! I’m sneaking bits n pieces helping the cause ;)
      Hope you are enjoying the outlaws stay so far! xx

  5. We trick or treated and it was AWESOME! It was our first time and it was so much fun. Ari is still exhausted from a big weekend. I hope you had a tonne of fun. Love the hair chair but I get a bit fidgety. I normally book beauty treatments for my developing time so I have something going on. :) xx

    1. So glad you enjoyed the trick or treating. Its so fun isnt it… seeing the joy on the little ones faces!
      Good thinking re booking the beauty treatments, will remember that next time! Killing 2 birds, love it! xx

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