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Satur-Yay! Finally!

In exciting news this week, our house was scouted by the location manager from Home & Away! But the next day we found out that we didn’t get the gig, it went to a house around the corner so we’re feeling a tad rejected. Well, not really, but I had pretty much already spent the nice location fee in my head. Plus it would have added to our houses resume with Better Homes & Gardens having shot here previously (they built a shade sail). Oh well!

No matter how in denial I am that its actually November… I’m realising that it’s well and truly the time of year where things get a tad cray. Our December is full already and the back end of November is almost choccas too. There’s ballet, school and kindy concerts, a Kris Kringle BBQ, work Christmas parties, catch ups with Neighbours and the usual weekend sport, kids parties, etc. Gah.. I need a lie down just thinking about all that. But it’s so fun.

I think I need to do some online Christmas shopping this year as I’m not sure when I’ll find time to actually get to the shops and who wants to battle those crowds anyway!

Anyway, enough about me… here’s some weekend reading from around the traps…

What do you do with your hands when you get your photo taken? Do you put your hand on your hip, behind you, around someone else, bunny ears?? Well, here’s some great tips. 

How cool are these unexpected things to do with Balloons?!

You know those books you have in your book shelf that you go back to time and time again? Karin shared her’s this week and they are awesome! I’ve got my eye on the photography book!

I’ve never attempted a gingerbread house, but gosh I’d love to give it a crack with the help of these tips! Or maybe I should just stick to making the Cookie House (image 10). Much more my style :)

I loved this post from Sir Richard Branson on listening to children. I particular this line… “It’s easy to get weighed down in the stresses of adulthood, and deliberately dismiss the energy of children – but this is a big mistake. Not only should we listen more to children, we should also act more like them.”

Do you do your Christmas shopping online or do you brave the shops? 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for something super exciting from The Ultimate Rabbit Hole Girls! I can’t wait to share it with you all!


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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #44

  1. I love that quote from Richard especially the bit about being more like children.
    I usually go to the shops, but this year I’ll definitely be buying online as all the presents need to be sent to Sydney and we’ll have no room in the car.
    I better add that to my list of things to do.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I was so excited for you about the Home and Away gig – what a shame! I love the gingerbread house post, and how cute are those little cookie houses too? I always make a gingerbread house but it’s usually weighed down with so much candy that it looks like it’s got subsidance! Have a great weekend lovely xx

  3. I have started my Christmas shopping online already – its just a shame my postman isn’t a little cuter, he is basically delivering something each day :P I just keep an eye out for free shipping and sales, its so much better than battling it out at the shops – finding a park, talking to snooty sales assistants and then lugging it back to the car! It is a crazy time of year, I am so looking forward to some time off at Chrissie x

    1. Oh me too Ashlea… time off cannot come soon enough! I’m on a first name basis with my delivery guy too!
      Happy shopping! xx

  4. Bummer about missing out on the location fee! Even though I haven’t watched Home & Away for about 20 years, I’d be forever trying to get my head in front of the camera (ultimate goal, saying the line “rack off, ya mole!”) My aunt and uncle had their house in an episode of Stingers once, they put in a big fake glass picture window and shot it – looked pretty spectacular!

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