The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #53

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Hello Hello,

How was your first week of February?

We’re well and truly back into it work wise and school wise. But we did manage a date night this week and went to Twilight at Taronga to see the John Butler Trio. Is there a better back drop to see a live gig? This is hard to beat! Gosh I  you Sydney!

Twilight at Taronga

I hope you’re all set for a fab weekend. Aren’t weekends just the absolute best! Here’s some fab reads to get you started, with a bit of a wellbeing theme {and some nutella thrown in, because you know… all things in moderation right?!}

I’m loving Karin’s Mummy Soul Sessions every Thursday. Here’s the lastest one – 5 simple steps to stress less.

I loved these 10 things to keep yourself feeling happy healthy & magical from Gala Darling!

Remember paper tickets, having to get film developed and carrying CD’s with you when you travelled?! This list of how travel has changed was a bit of a trip down memory lane.

I’m determined to make mornings run smoother around these parts, so l loved this post on why you need to set positive morning rituals and how to do it!

If you’re a Nutella freak like me, you must check out these 19 mouth watering Nutella recipes. OMG… which one to try first??!

 I love Yoga and I love Boxing so I’m dying to try one of these classes! I’ll need it after all that Nutella!

And finally, I read this piece of gold from Mark Manson over the holidays re goals v’s habits. My Huz and I just sat down and set some health & fitness goals {habits} so it’s timely reading.

Are you a Nutella freak? Are you a goal setter? Do your mornings run smoothly?


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21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #53

  1. For once I feel just on the perfect time!!! Guess why? We re just on the same continent !!! Yeah!!! And on the train right now to see some animals ! Guess who is excited ! Xx cathy

    1. Good on you for doing the public transport thing. I love that were in the same timezone! And very soon we will be in the same room. Have a fab week lovely xx

  2. I’m loving Karin’s mummy soul sessions too! I’m definitely a morning-routine kind of person but that being said I have been slacking a little lately. It’s absolutely a priority this year because it makes the biggest difference to how the whole day flows. Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. That’s the crazy thing… it doesn’t seem that long ago doeS it! I can’t believe in lugged all those books and cds around. crazy! Xx

  3. Is it just me or do you feel like there is so much magic in the air at the moment? We are all talking about it, feeling it and acting on it and I for one think it is sooo awesome. Off to check out these magical links. Thanks gorgeous girl for sharing your finds with us. It is so good to be back reading blogs and catching up with everyone. Ive missed you guys xx

    1. Oh it’s so so good to have you back adding to that ‘magic’ lovely. We all missed you!
      And yes… definitely feeling the magic of Sweet 2016! xx

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