The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #55

Ultimate rabbit hole

Hello All,

How has your week been?

We had a wonderful time at our Bloggers get together last weekend baking some yummy French goodies and cocktails with Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande. It was so so good to meet her and I thank the bloggy gods for bringing us all together. We’ve got ourselves some lifelong friendships of that I’m sure.

So homework started this week for Miss 6, at work we’re planning for next financial year and suddenly the year is in full swing. Schedules are full and weekend’s become so precious. Time to relax with the fam and get lost in some reading…

Speaking of homework… using Lego to explain Maths… pure genius!

I loved this post on how to be great! This is all there is to it… Buy educational material, practice and most important… give yourself permission to be bad.

 You know from this post last year how much I love a good invention! Well check out the 20 most terrific things invented in the last year.

 These 26 pictures will bring you some peace.  OCD much?

  Have you heard of kin-keeping? I hadn’t, but this post on the invisible burden that leaves Mum’s drained had me nodding the whole way through. It’s a mummy must read!

And finally, my fellow colour-in-er-ers will love this colouring for mindful living series, with a new colouring sheet free to download each month!

Are you a kin-keeper too?  Seen any incredible inventions lately?


Now for the Ultimate Rabbit Hole! Here’s how it works…

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16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #55

  1. Must remember that Lego trick for helping my boys learn about maths in future. Must say I’m not looking forward to the homework days that will be starting for us next year, life will surely change a lot then. Unfortunately two of your links aren’t working so dtill font know what a kin keeper is & couldn’t see the calming images either. Both saying page could not be found… Anyhoo hope you have a relaxing weekend & enjoy some family time x

    1. OH thank you so so much for letting me know. Not sure what happened there but I think I’ve fixed it. Give it a shot now lovely and let me know if you still cant see the links. Thank you again and have a fab wk end. xx

  2. Oh really we didn’t have enough time to chat! Next time we definitly have to spare some time together! I’m so happy about this blogging friendship, I met such gorgeous and lovely ladies. That’s blogging magic!
    xx cathy

  3. I totally agree! I love the lego concept for maths! We had those little wooden (or plastic) blocks at school and for someone who learns visually I absolutely loved them. Totally made sense! I just assumed that was still how it was taught…I feel like I’m going to get a shock when my wee man is school aged!

    Hope you had a lovely week! xx

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