The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #56

the ultimate rabbit hole

Hello Hello,

Happy Saturday! Ahh the weekend. Big sigh of relief. It’s been an intense week in these parts. It’s been super hot and as much as I love Summer, I’m ready for Autumn to hit. The in-between seasons in Sydney are my absolute favourites!

So many great reads this week that I wanted to share. Let’s hop straight into it shall we…

If there’s nothing else you read this weekend, make sure you read this - 40 words for emotions you’ve felt but couldn’t explain.  This is everything!

Feeling about 100 years old after reading these slang terms decoded for confused middle aged parents.  Be careful next time you ask someone if they wanna ‘Netflix & chill’.

TripAdvisor has named the top 10 beaches around the world and in Australia.  More to add to the bucket list!

If you want to hone your photography skills, here’s the 5 best free websites to learn photography skills easily. Bookmarking this for sure!

Speaking of photography, these 27 photos to take of your kid before they reach their tweens were a big reminder that I need to get the big camera out more often!

Whatever you are up to this weekend, just make sure you find time to dance like no-one’s watching like this dude!

And let me leave you with these hunks from 90’s bands and where they are now!

Who was your fave 90’s hunk?  What’s your favourite beach in the world?


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14 thoughts on “The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #56

  1. Oh thanks for the decoding of some of the terms these young ones use these days. I knew a few of them but also learnt quite a few too! I love the photos to capture of your kids & to be honest I’ve taken most of them already of my eldest, but my game is skipping for my youngest, must remedy that!

  2. I’ve checked out the beaches, I’ve been to none overseas, so I better get packing, I will have to definitely put a few of them on my bucket list. I do have a soft spot for Manly and Shelley beaches on the oz list.
    Happy weekend lovely lady xx

    1. Manly & Shelley are our local hangouts. I’ve been there every sunday morning since October for Nippers and today was the last one. I love being up and out at the beach early, but gosh I’ll be happy to have my Sunday mornings back! Happy week ahead lovely xx

  3. LOL at the slang words. I said to my mum that I would be ‘down’ with a holiday to NZ over Christmas and she was like ‘does that mean you want to go, or you don’t’. Eeeeek. Haha.

    Lot’s of awesome reading to do this week! xxx

  4. I was in my teens during the 90s so prime hunk time. On my walls I had Dieter Brummer and Les Hill from Home & Way, Edward Furlong, Whitfield Crane from Ugly Kid Joe, Billy Joe Armstrong, East 17, Jason Priestley and Luke Perry, River Phoenix, Eddie Vedder, Michael Tunn and swooned for Dexter Fletcher in Press Gang.

    1. OMG Beth.. you could be me! I often wonder where Tunny is these days! And I’m still heartbroken about River.

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